Planning a Trip to Chennai? Follow This Guide for What to Buy in Chennai (2019)

Planning a Trip to Chennai? Follow This Guide for What to Buy in Chennai (2019)

The destination of your next trip is final and its Chennai! You couldn't have chosen a better destination. Chennai is a paradise for all kinds of travelers, be it young, middle-aged, or oldies. Are you confused about what to bring back from this historic town? We are here to help you with a comprehensive list of all the things you can bring back. Tip: Keep a note-pad handy!

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Why Visit Chennai for Your Next Shopping Trip?

You can never know a city well unless you have experienced its shopping culture as well as its top attractions! The ancient city of Chennai has a lot to offer to every tourist visiting - it has a rich cultural heritage as well as a contemporary streak.

The city is completely booming with IT, diverse culture and some of the most amazing spots for shopping. This place offers everything unique from different cultures of India. Some of the market areas like Anna Nagar and Pondy Bazaar are great for cheap shopping. Before starting on your shopping spree, look into these tips.

For the busy streets like Ranganathan street we suggest taking the public transport or roaming around the area by walking. Don’t just be lured with the big shopping places, try the smaller shops to explore the city to its fullest. If you want to avoid crowd, start at around 7 A.M. One of the key benefits of shopping at this hour is the low prices and the good discounts as you will be their beginner's luck.

Top Places to Shop in Chennai

Theagaraya Nagar – A Shopping Haunt


T-Nagar as it is popularly known is a renowned shopping district. Here, you will find gold jewelry, and most of the shops sell everything that you are looking for! Commonly found products include cosmetics, footwear, cutlery, crockery, silk sarees, and toiletries. This place is a hub of many products. The price range varies from product to product. You need to have bargaining skills to find your way out as some of the products are expensive.

Walk by the road, and you will find stalls where you will get a good stock of products, but you should have excellent bargaining skills to get the product at the best price. During the festive season, the place is extremely crowded. The quality of the products is outstanding. You will find some good quality eateries where you can stop and eat delicious food. Going to shop in this place can be an extremely hectic day, so be ready for that.

Pondy – The Mecca of Shopping

You can call this place "Mecca" of shopping in Chennai. Adjacent to T Nagar, it is among the busiest commercial place. Even if your shopping list is long, you are in the right place. You can get products like CDs, DVDs, household items, clothes, toys, fragrances, jewelry items, appliances, shoes, and many things. You will find retail showrooms of top brands like Fastrack, Raymond, LEE, Nike in this market.

Additionally, there are numerous other opportunities to buy local stuff in this market. Just dive in and experience the crazy shopping vibes of Chennai.

Parry's Corner

Situated in Godown Street, this market is among the oldest in the city dating its origins to almost 200 years ago. Though the area initially focused on textiles and had wholesale dealers, today they have evolved to become the cheapest shopping destination for all sorts of products that cater to both wholesale and retail buyers. You get around 30 to 40% discounts on all the products. These products are from China and Taiwan. The roads are narrow and winding so be careful. Also carry water and a good pair of shoes.

Ritchie Street

This Street is famous and known for electronic items and gadgets. You will find a range of cheap and affordable electronics at this commercial complex. However there are chances you won't be able to get the bill and warranty card of the products, so buy at your own risk.

Cheap electronic items are always a tricky purchase as they might or might not work! If you are a first-time shopper, then you should take the help of local to understand the market better and do not fall prey to the shop owners.

Khader Nawaz Khan Road


A newly prominent shopping destination in Nungambakkam, this expensive retail area has an exclusive atmosphere. You will find retail outlets of global luxury brands such as Adidas Originals, Calvin Klein. There are numerous stores of designers and brand shops plus niche local labels like Silkworm Boutique . With the range of designer stores, it is the ultimate destination to choose the best clothes.

What to Buy in Chennai?

Chennai is known for its artistic beauty and natural authenticity. The ancient culture displays all the beautiful traditions that they follow, Chennai is known for its ancient roots.

Here is a list of things you can buy in Chennai. This list will give you a clear idea of what to buy in Chennai and will check on all the things off your bucket list.

Silk Sarees

The beauty of Indian women in a silk saree is incomparable. The lustrous beauty of the saree is just incomparable. Chennai has known for its authentic and traditional silk sarees. Well, if you are looking for the gorgeous silk saree, Chennai is the best place. You can get the authentic silk saree with magnificent colours and designs in Chennai. So you can find the best silk sarees on the trustworthy shops on the Chennai streets. So now you know one thing about what to buy in Chennai.

Some stores you should check out for while looking for silk sarees:

  • Sarangi - 17a, Sterling Avenue, Nungambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600034 Phone : 094440 53507
  • RMKV Silks - Address: 125, Usman Rd, Postal Colony, T.Nagar,Chennai, Tamil Nadu Phone : 044 2814 4445
  • Pothys Boutique Pvt Ltd., 107, G.N.Chetty Road, (Next to Vani Mahal) T.Nagar, Chennai – 600017
  • Tulsi Silks - 96/1, Luz Church Road, Mylapore, Chennai. Phone : +914424991086 / 87 Phone: 044 28150103
  • Kalaniketan - #12 Chaitanya Building, Khader Nawaz Khan Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu Phone: 044 4321 6666

Tanjore Paintings

Tanjore paintings are one of the most famous and eminent beauty you can take back with you from Chennai. Chennai is known to be one of the sources of these beautiful paintings. These paintings reflect our religion, the things we believe in and tell a whole lot about tales of the past. These Tanjore paintings are found in T-Nagar and are the best place to get a fair deal on these breathtaking portraits.

Some of the best retailers where you get the best Tanjore Paintings :

  • Murugan Art gallery- No, 39B, 2nd Street , Kannan Nagar Govt arts college (women)- opposite, Tamil Nadu 613007 , Phone: 091592 55429
  • Vinayaka Tanjore Arts- Medical College Road, 5, Balaji Nagar 4th St, Balaji Nagar, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu 600014 , Phone: 088258 85228
  • Balaji Tanjore Art Gallery- 36,NORTH USMAN ROAD, (opp.Usman Road Post Office) T.Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600017 , Phone: 044 4202 3939

Artefacts from Mahabalipuram

Mahabalipuram is contemplated to be one of the most beautiful places in Chennai. The fantastic view of the sun from the beach and the gorgeous beauty of the temple situated alongside can make your Chennai visit worth it. The intensity of the art done on the temple is just out of this world. The beauty of these temples is beautifully projected on the stone sculptures which are readily available in Mahabalipuram. Each one of them is just so gorgeous.

Books from Higginbothams Book Store

If you are a bookworm and search for books everywhere you go then you are definitely in the right place. Located in Anna Salai, Higginbothams is one of the oldest and the most iconic bookstore in Chennai. The best thing about the bookstore is that you can find books of any era. You can get the latest edition as well as the oldest publications over here. It is like a heavenly paradise for book lovers. Not to forget the beautiful architecture, the building can resist any calamity that might come. It is the heritage of the city, and a sure shot tick on your bucket-list Start your tour with this place if you can.

Pure Pearls

Chennai is known for its antique shops and the beautiful jewelry shops. Genuine pearl is one of the things you can easily find in Chennai. There are many places in Chennai like Adyar, T-Nagar which provides you with the original pearls which can be the best thing you can have and undoubtedly expensive too, but the money paid for its beauty is certainly less. You do not need to worry about the quality because these places are one of the most trusted venues and you can buy it without adieu.



Chennai is known to have charming handicraft shops. You can buy bronze statues, the brass statues, the ancient Tanjore Paintings or the wood carvings for your home. Chennai is one of the best places to get the best woodwork handicraft, also known as the Jali woodcraft where the wood is perforated to get a different look. You can easily find it on all the handicraft shops in Chennai but the best place to check out everything is Central Cottage Industries Emporium Chennai that is located in Mount Road.

Mysore Pak Sweets

If you want to experience what Chennai tastes like, then Mysore Pak Sweets is a must-have. It's beautiful texture just melts in your mouth. It's a must thing to try in Chennai. You can find the best Mysore Pak in places like Nungambakkam, Velachery, Tambaram, etc.

Best places to buy Mysore Pak sweets in Chennai:

  • Sri Krishna Sweets- Old No.53, New, No.20, Venkatanarayana Rd, Parthasarathi Puram, T. Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600017
  • Krishna Sweets- No. 83, Krishnappa Agraharam Street, Kondithope, Peddanaickenpet, George Town, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600079
  • Nandini- Police Station Road, Chitra Nagar, Kotturpuram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600085

Gold Jewelry

What to buy in Chennai? Well, how can we forget the authentic gold jewelry which Chennai gives us? Chennai is known to be the best place to get ancient, classical, and also trustworthy gold jewelry, which is commonly available in Tamil Nadu. It is impeccable, and a must buy. These pieces of jewelry are the most exquisite and contemporary.

Best places to buy gold jewelry in Chennai :

  • Chennai Gold Buyer- 28, NSC Bose Rd, Rattan Bazaar, George Town, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600079 Phone: 098840 56059
  • Jeyachandran Gold House- 25, Ranganathan St, Near Mambalam Railway Station, Postal Colony, T. Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600017 , Phone: 044 2432 2627
  • GRT JEWELLERS- 21, Coats Road, N Usman Rd, T. Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600017, Phone: 044 2346 1515

Electronic Gadgets from Ritchie Street

Ritchie Street is the second largest place to get electronic gadgets. And yes it is in Chennai. You get the best and the most trusted electronic devices in Ritchie Street. If you are looking for something cheap and yet the right product, Ritchie Street is the place for you. From a small electronic to even the big ones, you will get everything here. So buying an electronic gadget from Ritchie Street should be one of the things from what to buy in Chennai list.

Bonus: Buy Foreign Goodies from The Ancient Burma Bazaar

Buying all the old goodies from ancient place seems like a necessity when you are part of an orthodox culture. How can you not buy those stone sculptures or the Tanjore paintings or any other thing which tells us about our ancient culture and tradition and what place can be the best other than the most ancient city Chennai itself?

Burma Market is a heritage place which spiked the interest of people in foreign made goodies. It is like a treasure hunt with multiple amazing goodies. Electronic Gadget freaks will love this place because it offers you great deal on DUV and Techie junk. Also known as Burma Buzzar, this bazaar is run by Burmese refugees. Set up in 1969, this place is bustling with over 100,000 people every week. If you are planning to visit Chennai, do try to explore this place.

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Make Your 2019 Chennai Trip Worthwhile by Bringing Back these Amazing Goodies

Chennai is more than a tourist destination. With its bustling streets and ancient artifacts, it is one of the best places to buy some intricate items for your home. So, embark on a shopping spree and don't forget to bring back these amazing items on your next trip to Chennai.