Encourage Your Child's Creativity: Check Out These Paint Brushes for Kids that are Durable and Easy to Grip, Helping Children Paint with Confidence

Encourage Your Child's Creativity: Check Out These Paint Brushes for Kids that are Durable and Easy to Grip, Helping Children Paint with Confidence

In the modern world, the pattern of kids' upbringing has evolved a lot. This is why they need something more than academics for their overall development. You can improve their motor skills and behaviour by turning to art and craft. And these paint brushes for kids mentioned below are surely the helping hands you need.

How Painting Improves Kids' Motor Skills?

Buying paint brushes for kids can be an excellent idea as it is proven to develop their motor skills. Moreover, painting helps in improving muscle control and decision-making in kids. Also, this is a wonderful activity to relieve stress.

Painting and artsy activities promote sensory development in a child, also impacting their verbal language positively. This is a unique way to understand a child’s feelings and way of thinking more deeply. Painting is wonderful for toddlers too as it helps in enhancing brain functioning and motor skills.

How to Choose Perfect Paint Brush?

When it comes to buying paint brushes for kids, BP-Guide recommends you buy synthetic brushes. These brushes are made up of nylon or polyester and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Also, investing in higher-end brushes is a good idea as they last longer if taken care of properly. Moreover, kids tend to wear and tear their brushes a lot and hence buying natural hairbrushes will not be a good idea for them.

Eight Best Paint Brushes (sets) for Kids

Wondering where you can buy the best paint brush for kids? Well, do not worry because we have got you the perfect list. You can find different types of painting brushes here along with a bunch of unique items too. So, check it out!

Faber Castell Paint Brush Set of 4

Source www.amazon.in

Faber Castell is one of the best brands in India providing paintbrushes. You can buy their pack of pony flat brushes in the size 1, 2, 4, and 6. These are small and precise paintbrushes that are usually needed for water and poster colours.

Made out of quality hairs, these brushes have anti-rusting ferrules and a wooden handle for better grip. These higher-end brushes are perfect for kids to paint with as they won’t deteriorate soon. You can buy this set of 4 pony brushes on Amazon for Rs. 85 only.

Kiki Different Sizes Paint Brush Set

The next paintbrush set to feature here is Kiki 6 piece brush set. These ones are synthetic flat paint brushes that are perfect to use for oil painting. In fact, you can use them for nail art too. Available in multicolour, you can find flathead, pointed, angled tip, and other different kinds of brushes here in this set.

Make sure to soften them by soaking them in warm water before using them. This will provide a better application of colours. These strong brushes are recommended for acrylic painting too. You can buy this set of 6 brushes on Flipkart for Rs. 179.

Polo Synthetic Hair Brushes Flat Set of 7

Polo offers synthetic hair brushes for your kids which come in a pack of 7 pieces. Interestingly, these are one of the strongest and high-quality brushes which come with a wooden handle too. Brush sizes included in this set are 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12.

All these are flat brushes made out of non-toxic material and ideal for kids age 8-12. Get your hands on this pack of 7 brushes on First Cry for Rs. 238.

Painting Brush with Sponge (7 Piece Set)

Source oytra.com

This one here is such a diverse set of paintbrushes for kids. This is a 7 piece set that comes with a sponge too. This set features a variety of shapes which can be quite helpful in not only painting but also for clay, foam crafts, wood models, and other art projects.

The set here showcases 4 round brushes, 2 flat brushes, and 1 sponge brush. These multicolour brushes come with comfortable handles and perfect to be used for a variety of different paints. Buy this set now on Oytra for Rs. 250.

Definite Kids Art Paint Set

Definite offers you another set of paintbrushes for kids. It comes with 5 pieces of nylon-bristled brushes along with a palette and a palette knife. If your kid just loves painting then this would be such a great gift for him/her.

You can find 5 differently shaped brushes here which are basically flat brushes. They can be used for water and acrylic colours. Talking about the palette then it contains 7 wells and using the knife with it would make colour mixing easier. Buy this complete set on Flipkart for Rs. 175.

Creative Stamp Paint Brushes

Source www.wish.com

6 This one isn’t a traditional paintbrush set but comes with unique paint and drawing toys. Recommended for kids of age 3-5, this product features stamp sponge paintbrushes. It comes in shapes like house, butterfly, car, star, circle, etc.

This one is a more direct approach towards art and painting. We can guarantee that your kids are going to love this product as it is easy to use and it is quite interesting too. A set comes with 5 assorted shapes and it can be purchased on Wish for Rs. 152.

Sponge Paint Brushes with Wooden Handles

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We decided to pick something offbeat and unique this time. So, we bring you this set of sponge paintbrushes. This one is ideal for kids who just started school because it can come in handy to promote their motor skills.

The set features different sizes of sponge brushes with wooden handles. These brushes are ideal for doodling, DIY projects, graffiti making, and other such art projects. We can bet you that kids will just love this product. So, don’t wait and buy this sponge brush set on Amazon for Rs. 177.

6 Piece Paint Brush and Palette Set for Kids

And finally, we have this full set of painting brushes for kids. For your excitement, this set features 6 brushes and 1 palette tray for children. Kids can definitely channel their inner Picasso with this super useful painting brush set here.

The palette is made up of durable plastic material and provides 10 wells. Talking about the brushes, they are synthetic ones perfect for acrylic, oil, and watercolour paintings. This set is available for purchase on Eassy Mall for Rs. 237.

Encourage Painting without a Brush for kids too

After trying out different paintbrushes for kids, it’s time for you to make them learn painting without a brush. To promote a healthy activity amongst kids, you can use different objects for painting such as Lego, fingers, potato mashers, combs, veggies etc.

Using items like flowers, blocks, pumpkins, Q-tips and more such things improves sensory organs in kids. This definitely helps in their overall development and brain functions.

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What You Can Do as Parents

Instead of tangling your kids in just academic education, you should better set them free. Of course, art comes as a great resort for this. Let your child develop a personality of their own rather than forcing them to follow a predefined set of rules. Small art activities can make a big difference in their personality development and as a parent, the best you can do is to support them.