Your Kitchen Needs to Have Constant Ventilation to Keep it Clean from Smoke & Other Residue: Best Kitchen Exhaust Fans You Can Buy Online (2020)

Your Kitchen Needs to Have Constant Ventilation to Keep it Clean from Smoke & Other Residue: Best Kitchen Exhaust Fans You Can Buy Online (2020)

Nowadays, in small flats or homes, proper ventilation is a challenge. Due to this problem, strong odour, fumes, heat, and grease pave their way into the house, and especially in the kitchen, which can further develop into fungus, and moulds. It is imperative to a kitchen exhaust fan for proper ventilation in closed kitchens. In this post, we bring you the best kitchen exhaust fans you can order online.

A Quick Guide to Buy the Best Kitchen Exhaust Fan

  • Select the type of chimney according to your need: An exhaust fan for your kitchen should have some basic criteria like the size, capacity, and position where to fit it. The size of the exhaust is important as you need to make it work effortlessly. If your kitchen is much bigger, you might need one big or two small exhausts. When you buy an exhaust fan for the kitchen, you will have to think about the capacity of the exhaust as if you are always having large meals, then you will need a high speed and high capacity exhaust fan. You will need to fix the exhaust in a perfect position from where it can take out all the smoke easily without disturbance.

  • Airflow and sweep area: Generally, the rate of airflow is determined by the changes in air pressure within the room per hour. As different sizes of rooms need different air pressure, the exhaust has to change accordingly. The total air pressure is represented uniquely by the measurement of the air pressure in the air stream. You will need to check the home size to select from different types of sweep area.

  • Minimal noise: The loudness of the kitchen exhaust fan is measured by sones. Any exhaust fan that generates four sones or more than that is considered to be loud and any exhaust fan that makes two sones or less is considered to be quiet. Based on these sones measurements, the price of the fan also gets determined, as lesser the sones high are the price.

  • Installation and warranty period: A worry-free installation service provides you peace of mind. Along with that a good warranty from the manufacturer assures you that the product is of good quality and performance. It ensures the customer that the brand is reliable, and the product is trusted.

  • Budget and price: If you want a more efficient exhaust fan for your kitchen, you will need to check the types of products with the budget. The more features are, the more expensive it will get. If it is energy efficient, the blade material which is always better to buy a metal bladed fan rather than pocket-friendly plastic material, long term warranty, less noise and more speed, and the brand is a reputed one, then the price will be a bit higher than the locally made company products.

Best Kitchen Exhaust Fans for Your Home

1. Havells Ventil Air DSP 230 mm 3 Blade Exhaust Fan

When you go for buying any kind of fan, the dealer mostly will show you designs from Havells as it is one of the most reputed electronics brands among many in the industry today. It is a fast-moving electrical company with a prominent global presence. Havells has been in continuous service of giving an extensive distribution network and world-class service. Among a broad spectrum of products like cables and wires, motors, modular switches, home appliances, air conditioners, electric water heaters, power capacitors, luminaires for domestic, commercial and industrial applications and most importantly all kinds of fans.

Havells Ventilair DSP 230 mm is a beautiful pista-green coloured exhaust fan which comes with a protective bird guard to protect the fan during the running condition. It has a powdered coated metallic finish, which looks great and easy to clean when needed, and it also has a specially designed metallic blade. This exhaust fan has no remote control option, oscillation, pull cord, or adjustable upward and downward tilt mechanism. The price is Rs. 1,355, available on and it comes with 2 years of warranty.

2. Usha Crisp Air LX 200 mm


Usha company is a top competitor among many electrical brands, and it is one of the largest consumer durable marketing company in India. The range of merchandise presently includes pistons, pins and rings, fuel injection equipment, marine products, marble and granite, diesel engine, sewing machine, and of course, electric fan.

Usha Crisp Air is a pearl white coloured kitchen exhaust fan, perfect for domestic use. It has a uniquely designed blade that is responsible for higher suction, lower noise, and it delivers fresh air. Other than pearl white, it is available in two more colours - ivory and black. Its RPM speed is 1300, air delivery speed is 282 metres cube per hour, air sweep of 200 mm, and it needs 230 volts. It has 100% copper motor for longer performance. It comes with corrosion protection with a rust-proof body and blades. The price of this exhaust fan is Rs. 1,380, and it comes with 2 years of warranty. Available for purchase on

3. Bajaj Maxima DXL 150 mm 5 Blade Exhaust Fan


Bajaj Electricals Ltd. is an Indian brand that makes electrical equipment based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The primary domain of Bajaj is lighting, which includes lamps, tubes, and luminaires. Bajaj fans are equally the best selling products, along with solar and electrical bulbs. Bajaj maxima DLX 150 mm exhaust fan will surely make you happy with its looks, front grill, and easy clean ABS body. The sweep size is 150 mm, and the RPM speed is 1400 of this exhaust fan.

This white dom coloured fan has five blades and has 210 CMH airflow. It has an easy-clean ABS body, and it takes 24 watts of power. The fan has a premium look and low noise operation. The number of speed settings is only one, and the airflow is 7350 CFM. It is made from special graded plastic material and gives high air delivery. It is a rust-free fan and comes with louvres shutters for protection from birds. The price for this fan is Rs. 1,119, available on Flipkart.

4. Orient Hill Air

If you want a great looking fan from a renowned brand that will make your kitchenette fresh and clean, then try the Orient Hill Air Exhaust. It is compelling and has been a powerful metal-based fan. It has a beautiful full matte grey colour on it, and it comprises three blades. It has 225 mm of sweep capacity and 1300 RPM motor. It has a large sweep area, and it's really energy-efficient in nature. It has a highly efficient motor which gives more speed.

It comes with a shutter that prevents dust from outside. The metal blades are powder coated for a longer life of the fan. The maintenance cost is quite low as it generally does not need regular repair. It uses 40 wattages of power, and the air sweep and the air displacement is 780 m3/hr. It is priced at Rs. 1,460 on, and it comes with a 2 years warranty.

5. Luminous Vento Deluxe

With Vento Deluxe from Luminous, you can keep your kitchen smoke free while cooking. It has a strong air suction capacity which keeps air clean and fresh. It has five blades that are made of polypropylene, and they are specially designed for faster speed of rotation. It also has a rust-proof body with dust protection shutters, which keeps it cleaner than other fans. The power consumption is 40 watts, and the speed is 1,300 to 1,500 RPM. The speed is 250 mm, and its operating voltage is 220v to 440v. The operation is smooth noiseless, and it comes with 2 years of warranty. This exhaust fan is available on for Rs. 1,280, and it comes with an installation guide and warranty card.

6. Bajaj Bahar 225 mm Metallic Grey Dom Exhaust Fan

Bajaj is a renowned brand for fans and exhausts for home or office uses. It is a reliable company that you can trust based on its reviews. Bajaj Maxima DLX is a sleek and stylishly designed exhaust fan that is perfect for small kitchens. It is made from special graded plastic material that delivers high-speed air and provides noiseless operations. The body and blades are rust-proof and hence can go on for a long time. The motor speed is 1400 RPM, power consumption is 24 watt, blade sweep size is 150 mm, and the airflow is 7350 CFM. It is priced at Rs. 1,119, and it comes with 2 years of warranty. You can buy it from

7. Sameer 300mm High Speed Ventilation Exhaust Fan

Sameer Electrical Company is one of the most trusted online brands and one of the best rated among the e-commerce marketplace when it comes to exhaust fans. They give guaranteed low price and high-quality electric appliances right at your doorstep whenever you need. When you look for an exhaust fan, you must see if the fan has a heavy-duty motor and is noiseless. Sameer exhaust fan gives both of those options at the minimum price of Rs. 999 only. As this is noiseless, you can easily use them for kitchen purposes. The inner fan sweep is 300 mm, and the fan frame is 39 cm x 39 cm x 16 cm. It comes with 2 years of warranty from the manufacturers from the date of purchase. Available on

8. Digismart 225 Max Air 9 Inches Exhaust Fan


A vital way of maintaining good health is to keep the air inside your home and kitchen fresh. Digismart exhaust fans are ideal for kitchen use to make the place grease-free. It keeps bad odours, impurities, and other contaminants away and stops the formation of moulds. It is a high-speed ventilating fan and has an excellent powerful suction capacity. It has a sporty look along with a strong aesthetic element, and it's incredibly light-weight.

It is an ideal solution for all problems regarding kitchen air freshener. The motor is manufactured with double ball bearing, which gives noiseless operation, helps to carry its functions silently, and make your home fresh. Its sharp blades work uniformly, leaving no trace of foul smell in the kitchen. Its motor speed is 2880 RPM, power consumption is 22, which comes from the heavy-duty, powerful motor, and the sweep is 225 mm. The model size is 9 inches, and the price starts around Rs. 999. It is easily inverter operable due to its low power consumption feature.

It also has a 7-tank processed powder coated body which prevents it from corrosion, and also comes with a bird guard to protect the fan during the running condition. Coming with one year manufacturer's warranty, it is available for purchase on

Tips for Cleaning Kitchen Exhaust Fan

Almost all the kitchens in the world have a common feature of having an exhaust fan there. Without the ventilation fan, it is impossible to work and keep the kitchen clean. They do the much-needed cleaning work for you behind the scene, and it can not be ignored. It pulls away from the steam, smoke, odours, heat, and even grease. However, if the grease is allowed to settle down in the fan and its blades, then eventually, it will affect the performance. The grease can drip-down the ignition source so it should be cleaned often. Keeping those filters clean is not that difficult if done as a routine task.

Try these processes to clean your kitchen exhaust:

  • Take out the filter and soak on boiling water with good grease-cutting soap and one-quarter of baking soda. Then scrub the filter with a brush gently, rinse, and let it dry.

  • Take out the fan and disassemble the blades. Make a solution with warm water and cleaner and scrub the blades. Wipe the water with a paper towel and allow it to dry.

  • Clean and scrub the frame and let it dry aside.

  • Put the mesh filter and frame back on the fan and tighten the screws back on before attaching with wires.

General Maintenance Tips

Besides buying a good branded exhaust fan, you will need to keep in mind a few maintenance tricks to keep your appliance going on smoothly. It will give you longer satisfaction and less worry.

  • Deep clean the exhaust fan every year.
  • Clean the filter every three months.
  • Try to break down the grease as early as possible.
  • Keep the fan blades dust and oil-free every week.
  • Avoid using harmful cleaners for your health and also for the appliance.
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