11 Hairstyles That You Can Sport with Your Kurtis to Make a Strong Fashion Statement (2020)!

11 Hairstyles That You Can Sport with Your Kurtis to Make a Strong Fashion Statement (2020)!

Find out the right hairstyle for your kurtis, one that suits your personality as well. In this article, we have listed down 11 hairstyles that are easy to achieve and would make you look elegant and pretty. We have also added some tips for you to keep in mind while styling your hair. Read on!

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Why It is Important to Choose a Good Hairstyle?

Hair is one of the most important aspects of an individual’s personality and the right hairstyle will make anyone look pretty, and elegant. In fact, hair is the first and the most noticeable part of a woman’s beauty. However, many of them tend to overlook this aspect and rather focus only their face and clothing. The best way to look gorgeous every single day is to know the tricks on how to match your hairstyle with the dress you wear. This will make you feel confident about your look.

Kurtis are one of the popular clothing styles in India. They are comfortable and available in a range of colours, patterns and styles. Mentioned in this article are a few hairstyles that go well with this versatile attire.

Hairstyling Tips to Look Stylish and Younger!

1. Colour

If you want to look super-stylish and stand out, then try some hair highlights or change the natural colour of your hair. However, make sure that you consider your skin tone before colouring your hair. Right hair colour will not only enhance your look, but will also make you look younger. Choose a colour that matches your eye colour or is one or two tones lighter than your natural hair colour.

2. Length

Short hair is always related to youth and active lifestyle. So, older you get, go for shorter haircut. However, avoid ultra-short haircuts as it accentuates the shape of your face, which is less defined as you age. It is best to go for hair length ranging from chin to mid-neck.

3. Bangs

A fringe will not only give you a refreshing look, but will also hide fine lines and wrinkles on your forehead. It also makes your hair appear fuller. Go for structured medium-thinness fringe as thicker bangs will make your face look chubbier. You can also try sideswept, long fringe that erases years and gives you a pretty look.

4. Parting

A centre partition will make you look old. So, part your hair either on left or right side, which will also make your eyes look expressive and larger. Experiment with zigzag parting, which will not only add volume to your tresses, but also softens your image.

11 Kurti Hairstyles That Will Amp up Your Look!

1. Straight Ponytail

The Straight Ponytail is a perfect style when you want to look formal and add that touch of elegance. When there is enough time at hand, blow-dry and opt for a high ponytail. This is definitely one of those looks that is irresistible. In case of curly hair just straighten it and tie it into a high ponytail. This is also perfect for those who want to look taller. The hairstyle is ideal for both long and short Kurtis. It suits both college-going girls and working women. It also eliminates the hassle that comes with hair maintenance the whole day and makes it easier to enjoy the day better. It's great with Kurtis as it goes well with the attire and screams minimalism, elegance and confidence.

2. Messy Fishtail Braid

Braids are not a new thing to Indian women as it has been one of the traditional hairstyles in the Indian culture. There were times in the past where this was one of the most seen hairstyles worn by Indian women. Well, the trend is back, but with a sweet little twist. The braids are made intentionally loose and the band is put at the end of the braid creating an illusion of the fish tail. This is very easy to do and gives a cute look with a kurti. Kurti being one of the traditional wears of the country, there’s no better option than a messy fishtail braid, which is a perfect blend of tradition and trend. It looks stylish with a hint of tradition and is best for cultural programs. Moreover, the hair style is easy to do with both long hair and short hair. It in fact makes the curly hair look lengthier as it sharpens at the end.

3. Side Braid

Braid is perfect to create a more traditional look with kurta, but opt for a side braid to go chic. Side braids are a lot easier than the rest as it does not require a lot of prep time or technique. Most Indian women are already familiar with braids and the only modification is that it is braided on the side. Side braid creates an effortless and traditional look, which makes it perfect to wear with a kurti. It is wearable to both workplace and colleges or any other function as it is easy to maintain and also fix up in case of mishaps.

4. Curly Side Ponytail

Curly side ponytail is the best friend of girls with curly hair as it helps them to maintain and look better with this hairstyle. This is the best option especially when the hair is naturally curly as it takes only a few minutes. However even with straight hair, it is doable after curling the hair, which may consume more time, but it is definitely worth the time. The curly side ponytail goes very well with kurta and gives that effortless and chic look. This hairstyle lasts for hours as it is all tied together and has very little chances of it getting too messy. It is suitable for women of different age groups and profession.

5. Messy Half Up Half Down

Messy half up half down is a look that is easy to pull off and is perfect on kurta. This hairstyle has the right amount of both traditional and style quotient. It lets the girl have her fun with half hair down and at the same time allows easy maintenance with the other half being tied. It helps to bring the look together and have just the right amount of waviness. This is one such unique hairstyle that pulls down the age. It is easy to do and does not take more than a few minutes. It is a perfect go-to hairstyle when there is a shortage of time. It is great for traditional occasions and brings out confidence in the best way. It looks great on kurta and what better way to compliment the traditional outfit than with this hairdo.

6. Sleek Bun

Sleek bun is the best hairstyle to opt for with a kurta, when you want to attend parties, office/college functions, etc. A sleek bun is a slightly modified version of the regular bun hairdo. The hair is pulled back creating a sleek look in the front and made into a smooth bun at the back, just above the neck. All it needs after that is a good hair spray and the hairdo stays put for hours. There is very little of this hairstyle going wrong even for people with little experience with buns.

This is perfect and easy for girls/women with straight hair, but it is doable even on those with curly hair after straightening, which takes a few more minutes extra. This is definitely one to choose when there isn't time to fix up the hair in between or keep them in check as it almost requires zero attention for hours once done properly. So, it let the women concentrate on other aspects of the day, which makes this perfect for working women even while wearing kurta at work. This hairstyle gives more of a majestic and boss look on kurta that boosts confidence.

7. Puff Hairstyle

Front puff hairstyle has been the talk of the town since last year and has grown as one of the popular hairdos often done by celebs as well. This is definitely the one to try for a more youthful look. The hairdo looks great on kurta as it is not too messy nor too sleek, it’s just perfect.

This gives a traditional and youthful look overall complimenting the attire (kurta). Front puff is doable in many ways – front puff with hair down, front puff with a ponytail, front puff with braid and so on. There’s always room for experimentation and this is the one to experiment with as it rarely goes wrong. All of these variations look great on kurta and is worth a try. It suits well for girls and women with both straight, wavy and curly hair. Although curly hair may need straightening just for the puff.

8. Straight and Sleek

Straight and Sleek is the best way to create an easy and yet stylish look for the kurta. This hairstyle does not require investment on many accessories. It is simple, elegant, timeless and graceful all at the same time. Just straighten the hair and brush it down to form a sleek and flat texture. Then part the hair in the middle to create a timeless and effortless look. It is the easiest and fastest hairdo on kurta for those with straight hair. However, for those with curly or wavy hair, it does consume some time. This hairdo is sure to take the overall look with kurta up a notch. It is the best hairstyle when there is little time and hair accessories available. Straight and Sleek is one such look that shows less is more.

9. Donut Bun with Braid

Donut bun is no stranger and adding the braid creates a sweet little twist to it. This look is perfect for those who do not want to spend much time on maintenance, but still want a trendy, stylish and unique look with a kurta. Donut bun is more of a traditional hairstyle, which is perfect for kurta, but donut bun with braid adds up that much-needed jazz to the overall look making the kurta-look trendy and fashionable.

The hairstyle is to be played with by adding accessories as desired. Accessories like metallic pins, headbands and maang-tikkas add uniqueness to the look and make the woman/girl stand out. This is wearable on kurtas on office functions, college parties, etc. It is suitable for women with both straight and curly hairstyle. Straightening of curly hair is not mandatory, so it is open to experimentation.

10. Waterfall Braid

Waterfall braids are definitely one of the most trending hairstyles this year and is sure to continue because of the amount of coolness and chicness it adds to the overall look. There’s no better way to look cooler, chic and most importantly traditional in a kurta than in a waterfall braid. There’s no doubt it requires skill, patience and time for the hairstyle, but it’s all worth it as the girl/woman looks gorgeous with this beautiful hairdo. This again is easy to maintain and stays put for hours especially if the hair is straight or wavy while those with curly hair requires some touch up after a few hours. This is suitable on kurta for girls and women alike.

11. Bohemian Craze

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Bohemian craze is the best hairdo when looking for a more laid back and cute look. It creates a free spirited and cute look with a kurta. It contains loose locks and braids that makes the hairstyle look dreamy, easy and fun. You can experiment with this hairstyle as it allows to enhance and create a look that suits you. Moreover, the hairdo is easy to do and also easy to maintain. It does not require too many accessories apart from few bobby pins and bands. So, go chic and free spirited with kurta and this hairdo. It adds a touch uniqueness and dreaminess to the traditional kurta. It is suitable for women of all age groups and takes only a few minutes to do.

Hairstyling Tools You Must Have

Having the right hair styling tools makes a huge difference to make your mane look gorgeous every single day! Here are a few tools that you must have:

Detangling Brush – It effortlessly detangles your hair making it look gorgeous.

Hair Donuts – These are best for making a high bun, side buns and top knots easily no matter the kind of hair texture you have. You need to just pull your hair around the donut and secure with pins and your job is done!

Hair Curlers – If you want to sport shiny ringlets hairstyle for the evening party then a hair curler comes handy. Just wrap your hair around the curler and wait for few seconds. Your makeover is ready in few minutes. Whether it is to just add an extra bounce to your hair or you want to look gorgeous in beach waves, the hair curler will not disappoint you.

Hair Straightener – If you want shiny and sleek look, then a hair straightener is a must to do the job effortlessly. This tool will keep your hair silky, straight and stylish all day!

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Hairstyle for Confidence

There are certain hairstyles better suited for ethnic attires as you read in the article above. When your whole look is on point, it adds a layer of confidence to your personality which makes everything you do day-to-day, easier. That goes for your hairstyle as well. If your hair is suited for the occasion, it enhances your personality and also gives you the confidence to go about your job or to stun at that party or function. Pick your favourite hairstyles and stay beautiful!