What Happens When You Put Sesame Oil on Face Overnight? The Bright Glow Next Morning Will Have You Addicted to This Beauty Regime! Read About the Wonders of Sesame Oil (2020)

What Happens When You Put Sesame Oil on Face Overnight? The Bright Glow Next Morning Will Have You Addicted to This Beauty Regime! Read About the Wonders of Sesame Oil (2020)

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Most of us have so packed schedules and responsibilities to fulfill, that skin-care often takes a back-seat. So, if you are also one workaholic and suspect that your skin is not getting the care it desperately needs, we have a one-stop solution - Sesame Oil. Read on to know more about its benefits for your skin!

Adding the Magical Sesame Oil to your Skin Routine!

When sweltering summer heat and humidity paired with pollution is making your face and skin look dull, it is time to give them a healthy dose of sesame oil. Sesame oil has been used as a wonderful natural beauty ingredient for thousands of years. This essential oil, also known as the “Queen of Oils”, is primarily known for its healing property. Sesame seeds are rich in vitamins (A, E, B1, B2 and B3), fatty acids (linoleic, oleic, palmitic and stearic) and minerals (zinc, calcium, magnesium etc.). No wonder why sesame oil is full of the goodness of all of them.

Uses and Benefits of Sesame Oil

Now we are going to furnish as many as 10 amazing benefits that sesame oil blesses your face and skin. Use the oil in these many ways, overnight or otherwise, and reap its benefits.

Hydrates Your Skin

Sesame oil is an essential oil and like most of those essential oils, this is also a natural moisturizing agent. It has the ability to trap moisture. That’s the reason, you can find sesame oil as key ingredients in many skin moisturizers, cleansers and sunscreens. Adding to this, the oil showcases prominent detox properties to keep your face supple and hydrated. The easiest way to give your face a booster dose of hydration, just apply a few drops of sesame oil to you night cream and apply the mixture on your face before going to bed. Viola! Your face looks great in the morning.

Use as Face Massage Oil

As sesame oil is loaded with the goodness of vitamins, fatty oils and minerals; it acts as an active detoxification agent to your face and skin. You can simply massage your face with sesame oil or mix it with your face massage skin so that this thick oil penetrates the skin deep and makes your skin healthy and glowing from the core.

Treats Wrinkles on Your Face

If you are noticing early signs of ageing, don’t late to take help of sesame oil. This natural essential oil is full of a variety of anti-ageing ingredients that not just delays ageing of your skin but also improves its cell renewal process. Apply sesame Oil on face overnight and let it show the astonishing result within a few days.

Fights the Stubborn Acne

Not all oils are bad for acne-prone skin. Sesame oil is well-known for its antimicrobial properties which means you can now give those stubborn acnes a tough fight. Antibacterial ingredient of the oil kills common skin pathogens like Staphylococcus and Streptococcus. With regular use of sesame oil on face overnight, you can experience acne-free skin soon.

Repairs Damaged Skin

When it comes to repairing the damaged cells of your skin (particularly the facial skin), there is hardly anything so effective and inexpensive as sesame oil. The oil promotes blood circulation underneath your skin and thus resulting in quick recovery of damaged cells. It is perfectly safe to massage your face with sesame oil mixed with any other sort of vegetable oil or face cream. Gently massage your skin twice a day and see the difference it makes to your dull and damaged skin of face.

Cleanses all Impurities off Your Face

There are very few essential oils that come with exceptional cleansing property and sesame oil is one of them. You can use this oil anytime of the day – during bath and before or after the skin-care regime. Cleansing agent of sesame oil attracts oil-soluble toxins in your skin and binds with them so that they can be washed away with water or mild soap. That why a lot of beauty therapists use sesame as “carrier oil” as it is readily absorbed by skin to detoxify it quickly.

Protects Your Skin from Pollution

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This botanical oil creates a barrier between your skin and the harmful substances present in the environment. Thus, sesame oil safeguards your skin from all harsh elements like smog, smoke and pollutants. Environmental pollutants are majorly blamed for causing wrinkles and ageing of the skin. If you don’t want the shine of sesame oil on your face, then you can add a few drops to your regular sunscreen to give your face ultimate protection form pollutants.

Brightens up The Skin Tone

Although color of your skin is never a parameter to judge a healthy skin but when your skin is getting right amount of pampering and care with sesame oil, it is bound to glow. Loaded with natural anti-tanning properties, sesame oil acts as an effective sunscreen. It also keeps your face safe from pollutants and oxidants in the air. When sun-rays and pollutants have no way to darken your skin, your true skin tone will be revealed.

A Great Exfoliator

Scrubbing is a mandatory part of any effective beauty routine and how can you forget that hardly there is any better natural exfoliator than sesame oil. Mix a small amount of sesame oil to your face scrub and reap all the benefits that it can offer to your skin of face and body. Healthy glow is just an added perk.

Soothes Your Skin

Thanks to its inflammatory property, sesame oil is a wonderful way to eradicate any sort of skin irritation. You just have to apply the oil on the affected area and then wait to get quick relief within a few minutes.

A Little Word of Caution

Although sesame oil does tremendous good to most of the skin types but if you have a very sensitive or excessively oily skin, it is better to take a patch test on a small portion of your face. This will help you to understand how your skin reacts. You can also mix this oil with your moisturizer, sunscreen or face mask to reduce the scope of accumulating extra oils on your face.

Final Words

Sesame oil helps you more than one way to keep your skin and hair beautiful and healthy. This oil is hugely known to treat acnes, repair damaged cells and bring back glow to chapped skin. Incorporate this magic option to your beauty regime and get ready to receive lots of compliment for your gorgeous skin.

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Make Sesame Oil an Essential Part of Your Beauty Regime in 2020

We already discussed the many benefits of using Sesame Oil daily to get glowing and problem-free skin. It can cur the various types of skin damage from tanning, acne, wrinkles and others. So, what's stopping you from using Sesame Oil daily?