Using a Thermometer in Kitchen is One Way to Ensure a Delicious Outcome with Little Effort(2020):10 Best Kitchen Thermometers, According to Kitchen Experts

Using a Thermometer in Kitchen is One Way to Ensure a Delicious Outcome with Little Effort(2020):10 Best Kitchen Thermometers, According to Kitchen Experts

There are plenty of hacks out there for telling if your food is done. All the methods that you use are fairly valid. But, If perfection is the goal, then a thermometer should be an indispensable tool in your culinary repertoire. Here, a list of the top thermometers on the market to help you choose which one's best for you.

What is a Kitchen Thermometer

Cooking is an art, and applying the correct amount of heat, grilling or baking at the right temperature, or frying with the right intensity often decides if the dish will be made with perfection. How well cooked a staple is from the inside is a crucial factor that determines the taste and flavour of the final delicacy, so you must know the internal temperature of the main food item of your dish. If the food looks good from the outside but is not properly cooked from the inside then it may spoil the taste of the meal, and the entire hard work and effort to prepare your favourite dish may go in vain.

Kitchen Thermometers are used to measure the right temperature inside the food while it’s getting cooked in big restaurants; to maintain the right taste and flavour. But now people are increasingly using this amazing tool in their kitchens to maintain standards of quality and hygiene in their dishes, as semi-cooked food can be fatal for health when consumed. These food thermometers allow you more freedom to have the perfect doneness instead of guesswork. These devices also let you know the right temperature inside your oven, microwave, refrigerator, and freezer, apart from gauging the right temperature of your food.

What are the Different Types of Kitchen Thermometers

Kitchen Thermometers are of various types that work on different techniques and some people choose more than one Food Thermometer for their kitchen depending upon their needs. The different varieties of Kitchen Thermometers are –

  • Instant Read Thermometer – As the name suggests, these thermometers are meant for checking the temperature of cooked food instantly to indicate if it needs a little more cooking. These type of thermometers are available in analog as well as digital style and especially useful for meat and poultry related foods. You can’t leave these thermometers while the food is getting cooked, they have to be inserted and removed after checking the temperature inside the food.
  • Candy and Deep Fry Thermometer – These are meant for measuring higher temperatures of 130 to 400 degree Fahrenheit and generally made of glass, thus needs to be handled carefully. While making confectionary, sugar boils around 150 – 170 degrees and oil reaches up to 400 degrees F during deep-frying, thus special thermometers are required.
  • Oven Thermometer – The right temperature, while you are baking a cake or cookie, is very important for the right firmness/crispness and the inbuilt thermometers in the oven aren’t reliable as they may show 30 to 50 degrees higher or lower temperature than the actual temperature inside the oven. These thermometers can be placed inside the oven to get the right temperature for your dishes and you can also set the correct temperature of your Oven with the help of this thermometer to rectify the temperature fluctuations if any.
  • Refrigerator Thermometer - The temperature inside a fridge should be in the range of 33 to 40 F, else pathogenic bacteria may grow and spoil the food items. A Refrigerator Thermometer also works on the concept of an Oven Thermometer where the device is kept inside the fridge to check if your refrigerator is working properly.
  • Meat Thermometer – Most widely used kitchen thermometer, which is quite similar to an instant-read thermometer, but the analog type Meat Thermometers sport a comparatively larger dial. These thermometers can be inserted inside the meat where they would remain throughout the roasting or grilling process and you can turn off the cooking just at the right temperature. Digital meat thermometers are a bit more sophisticated and you can set the desired temperature in them, so they would emit a beep sound to make you aware that the food is cooked perfectly.

How to Choose the Right Kitchen Thermometer

Choosing the right Kitchen Thermometer as per your requirements can be challenging, especially if you’re a first time user. Few important features of Food Thermometers can be helpful for an informed decision before you order one for your kitchen.

  • Display – Kitchen Thermometers are available with digital as well as dial type display. While the digital ones display the temperature inside the food on a small digital screen, the dial type thermometers have a clock type display on a moving dial. Few digital display thermometers may take around 20 – 30 seconds to get the correct reading. Digital thermometers are generally not oven proof and you have to insert them in the food post-cooking while few digital thermometers come with long wires which have the probe inserted inside the food in the oven during cooking and the display lays outside the oven while the dial display thermometers are mostly ovenproof and can be left in the food during the cooking process.
  • Food Type - Based on the food type on which these thermometers can be used, two main variants are – meat, and candy & deep-fry. While the former is designed to display the temperature of meat and can read between 140 to 220 degrees F; the candy & deep-fry thermometers can record temperatures of up to 600 degrees F.
  • How they measure – The two main measuring technologies are – Probe and Infrared. In probe-type kitchen thermometers, the sharpened probe is inserted in the food item to get the right temperature while Infrared kitchen thermometers can tell you only the surface temperature of a food item without touching the staple.
  • Cooking Method – These also fall under two categories, namely Oven and Grill. Grill type kitchen thermometers can be further segmented into two types – stay in the grill, and measure the internal temperature of the cooked food. Oven thermometers also have two categories similar to the Grill types and are a must-have gadget if you are fond of baking.

Apart from this, additional features as Bluetooth connectivity, wireless and programmable settings are also present in a few of the kitchen thermometers.

Best Kitchen Thermometers in India: Top Brands and Models to Choose From

Now let’s check a few of the best kitchen thermometers that can help you to cook the perfect recipes and impress your family and friends.

Inkbird Waterproof Instant Read Thermometer


This thermometer by Inkbird provides fast reading in just 3-5 seconds, has a temperature range of -50 ~ 300 degrees C, can display the reading in F or C, and keeps displaying the correct temp even after using for a long period. The 250 mAh rechargeable battery provides power along with the backlight for 11 hours in one full charge and the magnet design allows you to easily stick it to your oven or refrigerator. You can wash it easily as it’s IPX 5 grade waterproof and can be used for food, meat, chocolate, milk, etc. The probe is 180 degrees foldable which makes it easy to store. You get a USB charging cable included in the box and the device can be purchased from from Rs. 5,159.

BalRama Waterproof Buttons Digital Food Thermometer

This digital kitchen thermometer has waterproof buttons and comes with a probe protection sheathe which can be clipped in the pocket like a pen along with the thermometer. The device keeps the record of the last measurement and the power saving feature automatically shuts it off after 10 minutes of no-use. Other features include an easy reading LCD display, easy switching between C or F units, and a temperature range of -50°C ~ +300°C. You can order this kitchen thermometer for Rs. 599 from

R-Tek Digital LCD Kitchen Thermometer

An economic and viable solution if you’re looking for a cheap kitchen thermometer as a first time user just to get accustomed to its operations; R-Tek Digital LCD Kitchen Thermometer has a fork made from stainless steel that can be used on meat items, milk, oil, cake, and other food items without sticking to the food items and it comes out clean without disturbing your dish. The digital LCD display can mention the temperature in F or C and has a measuring range of -50 to +300 degrees C. The dimensions of this kitchen thermometer are 3 cm x 15 cm, and it can be purchased from for Rs. 299.

Cason (Device of C) Digital PVC Thermometer


This kitchen thermometer by CASON (DEVICE OF C) has a sharp and sensitive probe made from food-grade stainless steel and the head is designed to rotate 180 degrees thus allowing you greater ease to check the temperature of your food. The temperature reading is switchable between °C and °F and can be used for a variety of foods including candy, cheese, or barbecues. The digital PVC kitchen thermometer is easy to operate. Simply insert the probe into the food being cooked, wait for a few seconds and the display will show the right temperature inside the food. This Thermo device can be ordered from for Rs. 395.

MCP Folding Kitchen Food Thermometer

This ergonomically designed handle shaped kitchen food thermometer by MCP is an attractive while colouring device that has a 180-degree rotating probe and is foldable. The digital thermometer can quickly display the temperature measurement of your favourite food like milk, fries, cake, meat, and barbeque items in Fahrenheit and Celsius units. The stainless steel sensor probe makes the temperature checking easy and efficient, and the temperature range is -50 ~ 300 degrees C. The height of the device is 16.3 cm while it weighs 75 gm. The MCP Folding Kitchen Food Thermometer comes with a 1-year warranty and listed on for Rs. 749.

Best Kitchen Thermometers for Meat

Thermo Pro TP03 Digital Instant Read Meat Thermometer

The ThermoPro TP03 Digital Instant Read Meat Thermometer is imported from the USA and is a super-fast reading thermometer that has a 3.9 inches probe crafted from food-grade stainless steel. The high precision sensor displays the temperature in just 3-5 seconds and the temperature range is -50 ~ 300 degrees Celsius. The foldable probe locks into the base when not in use and you can store the device easily, thanks to the magnetic back and the small inbuilt hook. You can order it from for Rs.1,899.

Rubbermaid Commercial Instant Read “Pocket-Sized” Thermometer

This kitchen thermometer sports a dial-type display and has a stainless steel body with a shatterproof lens on the dial. The device can read between -18 ~ 104 degrees C and is ideal for cakes and other bakery items. This mechanical thermometer doesn’t need a battery and the calibration nut provides long-lasting accuracy. Dimensions of this device are – 7.8 inches x 1.3-inch x 2.8 inches, and the stem length is 5 inches. A protective sheath with pocket clip is provided along with the product and this kitchen thermometer can be purchased from for Rs. 1,500.

12" Mechanical Meat Thermometer Instant Read


Another mechanical meat thermometer that instantly reads the temperature of your favourite meat and turkey dishes in a few seconds, the GREEN RAIN cooking thermometer can also be used for candy making, deep-frying, and frosting, etc. It runs without a battery and can display temperatures in the range of 0~300 degrees C. Equipped with an adjustable clip, the 12-inch long stem allows you to measure the food temperature without touching them. This waterproof mechanical meat thermometer is available for Rs. 2,715 on

Weber Instant Read Thermometer


The instant-read thermometer by Weber is a meat thermometer with a stainless steel probe that provides accurate and quick readings in Fahrenheit or celsius. The product dimensions are 20.32 x 0.76 x 3.3 cm, and it weighs just 23 gm. This small-sized food thermometer is ideal for your steaks, kebabs, barbeque, and grills. The Weber Instant Read Thermometer can be purchased from for Rs. 1,695.

Gourmia Spatula Turner Digital Meat Thermometer

A unique product by Gourmia which is a spatula cum digital meat thermometer; saves time and space while providing you peace of mind as you can notice the temperature of the food while cooking it. You simply have to pierce your dish using the built-in probe to check the inside temperature of your poultry or meat. This spatula turner can accurately gauge the inner as well as the outer temp of your dish in a range of 0~100 degrees C. This amazing kitchen gadget is listed on cart for Rs. 2,300.

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Correct Food Thermometer Placement

Place the food thermometer in the thickest part of the food. It should not touch the sides of utensils. Begin checking the temperature toward the end of cooking, but before the food is expected to be "done." Note that for safety and quality, food must rest for at least three minutes before consuming. Use either ice water or boiling water to confirm your food thermometer is accurate.