Do You Feel that Formal Office Clothing is Too much to Handle? Follow the Latest Trend and Try this Men's Casual Office Wear Collection for Winters 2020

Do You Feel that Formal Office Clothing is Too much to Handle? Follow the Latest Trend and Try this Men's Casual Office Wear Collection for Winters 2020

Winters are approaching fast and are you prepared? Offices are letting go of the traditional formal office wear tradition and employees todays has more freedom to choose what they wear. So, why not try the casual office wear this winter and blend style with comfort at your workplace? Check out these latest styles for casual office wear 2020.

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Smart and Crispy Casual Ways of Dressing Up in Winters for Office

Summer is almost gone and winter is around the corner, this is the time when people start to think about what and what not to wear during winters, especially to work. You do not want to compromise with your comfort and stay stylish at the same time then you need to know what to wear during winters when it comes to casual wear in office.

Before we get into the outfits that you can wear let us learn a few things on how to dress properly during winters.

  • Winter is a good time. You can wear different things and still look sharp. The best way to stay stylish and warm is to dress in layers. You can choose different attires as layers and later on remove them one by one if you feel hot.
  • Always wear fabrics according to the weather. If you want to stay warm then you need to know the right fabrics. The best two fabrics in winters are cotton and wool. Wool is the warmest fabric and is essential during cold winters. You can find different kinds of wool like sheep, lamb, goat, cashmere, Moreno and Angora etc. You can also opt for Denim. It is usually worn as the middle or top layer when dressing in layers. It makes you look very cool and casual. Another good fabric for winters in leather. It should be worn on top. Leather jackets are very stylish and are great in protecting you from wind.
  • Then comes the accessories. There are plenty of winters accessories that make you look very crisp and keep you nice and warm during winters. Hats are important to keep your head warm. A lot of body heat is lost if you don't wear a hat. Gloves are also essential because freezing hands won't let you work in the office. Always remember to wear gloves that match with your coat, jacket or your shoes. Scarves are very cool; they keep you nice and warm and look very hip. You should wear it under an overcoat and coordinate it with the color of your shirt or the tie. You can try the hacking knot on a scarf, it looks very stylish. Simply fold an oblong scarf in half and drape it around your neck then pull the ends through the loop and tighten it.
  • Winter coats are very important especially in the regions where it gets a little too cold. Wearing the right over coat is important as it is the first outfit people see on you and it leaves an impression. Try to find over coats in neutral colors like grey, navy or khaki.
  • With all the other outfits in winters let us not forget the right footwear. You can't wear sports shoes in office therefore you will have to find good dress shoes that will keep you warm and look casual too. Look for the inside lining, it will keep your toes from freezing. Your shoes should be waterproof with good traction.

Trendy Men's Casual Office Wear for Winters

Here is a list of essentials for casual winter wear that will keep you looking hot and spicy in the cold weather.

Leather Jacket

Remember the days when you were young and going crazy over Bollywood hunks wearing cool leather jackets? well you can wear them too. A leather jacket is a versatile piece which every man should own. You can wear them with anything and still look like a dude. It gives you the perfect casual look and keeps you nice and warm. This Fur lined leather jacket is a great piece for cold winter days. It is made of suede leather and the inside of the jacket is fuzzy for that extra warmth. You can flip the collar upwards to keep your neck protected from cold waves. You can buy it for Rs. 6,019 from

Pea Coat


Actors like Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and Sylvester Stallone love to flaunt a Pea coat. A pea coat is a double breasted overcoat. It has been in fashion for years and looks great as a casual wear in office as well as to a date. You can wear a navy pea coat with a pair of jeans for a smart casual look. You will sure to get many compliments when you step out in a peacoat.

This funnel neck double breasted pea coat is grey in color but you can also get it in black as well. It is made of 100% Polyester and has funnel neck. It is a great looking casual looking coat which you can wear every day to office. You can buy it for Rs. 5,250 from

Flannel Shirt


If you like to dress up in casuals during winters then you have got to buy a flannel shirt for sure. It is the best outfit to wear in layers. You can wear it with a T-shirt, jeans for a cool laid back look. You can also wear it with chinos or a dark coat to look savvy. They come in tons of different colors and styles and they look good on everyone regardless of age. Don't button up to the neck when wearing it or you'll end up looking like a lumberjack but if worn in style it will make you look like the hottest guy in the office. This Soft flannel shirt from AE comes with a double chest pockets and point collar. It is made of extra soft cotton flannel and is extremely comfortable. You can purchase it for Rs. 1,499 from

Denim Jacket

You can never go wrong with a denim jacket. They are probably the best attire which makes you look really cool, casual and dressy all at the same time. It might not be appropriate on extreme cold days but they are best for the starting winter cold. They go really well with the layered look. You can wear it with jeans, chinos or even with casual trousers. They make you look a lot younger for sure.

This Men's Oklahoma full sleeves denim jacket is a good one for you to buy. It is one of the latest designs by GAS. The jacket is made with good quality denim and looks very elegant and comfortable. Pair it with a cool shirt and some casual shoes and you are all set for work. You can buy it for Rs. 10,999 from

Woolen Blazer

You can't get through cold winter days without a woolen blazer. These woolen blazers are perfect for office because they are a blend between casual and sophisticated. It keeps you warm and looks cool. You can wear it with a button down shirt for a meeting in the office or put on T shirt under it for everyday use. The excellent woolen blazer from Fashion spring would be perfect for you. You can buy it for Rs. 7,553 from

Leather Gloves

Winter weather is fun and romantic but only until it makes you uncomfortable and freezing fingers is not a good feeling at all. Wearing gloves is a must during winters and if it is a leather glove then you are all set with style and comfort together. This sleek leather glove is great for office work because all 10 fingers and palm of the glove has touch screen function so you won't have to keep taking it off every time you use your phone. It is made from lambskin leather and is very soft and breathable. It also has high quality lining inside to keep your hands nice and cozy. You can easily purchase this handcrafted piece of art is available for Rs. 3,043 on


If you want to look super cool and stylish in casual attire in your office then you should also get a scarf for you. Some men think scarves are for men but you are wrong right there. When worn right it adds another level of masculinity to your personality. You can wrap it around your neck or let it hang loose when you layer yourself up. So, don't think too much this winter and get a scarf. You can buy this Tribes India woolen scarf for Rs. 696 from

Cable Net Sweater

Don't really need to talk a lot about sweaters. Sweaters are an essential item for winter wear. There are tons of different varieties in sweaters for men but a cable net sweater is always in fashion. They look super cool and are very trendy. The cable net sweater comes in different designs and colors. You can choose the best one for you depending on the kind of cable design you like. This Mast & Harbour Mustard cable knit sweater is a good one. You can check it out on The cost of this sweater is Rs. 934.


Turtleneck are very important during winters. They keep your neck covered and packed. They are very sophisticated as well. They look very good under jackets and blazers and give a very casual look to your attire. If you like to dress up in the old classic way you can pair it with a pair of trousers with slicked back hair and sport that cool dude look in the office. They come in a variety of colors. This Olive turtleneck pullover is a great one for you to have this winter. You can buy it for Rs. 1,499 from

Dune LondonBlack Crawshaw Chukka Boots

Don't forget to buy a pair of good winter boots for a perfect casual attire for office. You can't wear your sports shoes to office but you can always this classic Chukka boots from Dune London. They are made with high quality leather and have lace fastening which makes it a perfect casual office footwear. You can buy it for Rs. 8,999 from

Tips on Taking Care of Winter Outfits

Winter in India is only for a couple of months but should not stop you from buying great outfits to wear in office. After the winter is gone we usually keep our winter outfits tucked somewhere in a trunk or an almirah but do we know how to take care of them properly so that we can wear it again the next year?

Here are some tips on how to take care of your winter outfits so that you won't have to buy them each year.

  • It is important to maintain your outfits. We buy knits, suede and leather for winters but they end up accumulating a lot of dust. To get rid of that dust you should use a soft bristle brush and brush gently to clean it. You should also keep them in open under the sun before wearing them or before putting them away to keep the musty odor away.
  • You need to pay attention to your winter clothes when you wash them. Always check the labels on your sweaters, jackets before washing them and follow the instructions to avoid damage. Try not to wash wool and suede in the washing machine or with the normal detergent, if you plan to wash it in the machine use cold water instead of warm.
  • Try not to put your winter wear under the direct sunlight to dry off. Sunlight often causes the colors to fade and the fabric also stretches while hanging on the cloth line for too long. Always dry your winter wear on a flat surface.
  • You can't fold the winter wear like you to your regular clothes. If you don't hold your sweaters properly they might develop lines in the wrong places and make it look very unattractive. Don't fold your jackets; leave them hanging in the closet covered with a plastic sheet.
  • It is important to store your winter wears properly. Most of them should be dry cleaned and removed from the plastic bags they come in after dry cleaning. Winter wears need good amount of place to be stored as they need space to breath. Always but plenty of mothballs between them while storing to keep the insects away.
  • Don't apply direct heat to your woolens if ironing. They best way to do it is to steam it. It is better if you do it inside out and don't forget to iron on wool setting rather than cotton or silk to avoid burning it.
  • To get rid of that nasty musty smell you can spray a mixture of one part vodka and two parts water on your clothes and keep them smelling fresh.
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Make a Style Statement while Being Comfortable this Winter

The heavy and uncomfortable office winter clothing is no longer the norm. While offices today allow more casual clothing, there is a range of products through which employees can choose to be both comfortable, and stylish. So, take your pick this season and make heads turn in your office!