How to Find the Best Pongal Gifts Online for Your Friends and Family and 10 Gifts You Must Send This Year (2019)

How to Find the Best Pongal Gifts Online for Your Friends and Family and 10 Gifts You Must Send This Year (2019)

Celebrate Pongal with the most beautiful gifts this year with our comprehensive gift guide. Read on to find out where to look online for the best Pongal gifts online, how to avail of great discounts and some great gifts you can order right away.

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What is the Significance of Pongal?

A Way to Thank the Gods for a Good Harvest

No matter whether you call it Pongal or Lohri or Makar Sankranti, they all are the same festivals. However, they get their names because of being celebrated in different states of India and people have their own reasons to celebrate this festival too. Like the most popular one is to show gratefulness to the God Sun and God Indra for the good crop in winters.

It is Seen as the Symbol of Prosperity

You should know that 70 per cent of people in India rely on farming to make their ends meet. And this is why it connects heavily to their prosperity and happiness too. Pongal being a celebration of good crop also depicts the joy and prosperity in people’s life. And this is why people buy Pongal gifts for their friends and family members.

Marks the Uttarayan Process

There is a scientific reason behind the celebration of Pongal which is the Uttarayan process of the sun. According to this, Pongal is the first day when Sun starts to transit into Makara (North/Uttar) and hence it is called Uttarayan. It is seen as the formal beginning of summer days and ending of cold winter.

10 Best Pongal Gifts Online This Year

Rocher Choco Bouquet


Chocolates are favoured by everyone; making them the go-to gift for any festival or occasion. Whether you are gifting it to family members or friends; this chocolate bouquet from will not disappoint. This delicious chocolate gift is packaged like a flower bouquet. The entire bouquet is made of 16 pieces of Ferrero Rocher chocolates. The base is wrapped in red fabric with a golden ribbon tied around to make it look authentic.

These exquisite chocolates are a treat for the mouth and the bouquet arrangement makes them a treat for the eyes as well. Use this gift to make Pongal sweeter for someone special. It will cost you Rs.1549.

Haldi Kumkum Holder


A Haldi Kumkum holder is a small box, container or a set of containers used for storing Kumkum which is vermillion powder or paste and haldi which is turmeric. These are used during Pujas or traditional ceremonies. This Haldi Kukum set from Amazon comprises 6 holders and would make a great Pongal gift.

Decorated with sparkling crystals and pearls, these are perfect for use during the Pongal Puja at home. This one is a long lasting product, ideal for all various ethnic functions and festivals. The entire holder is handcrafted and the end result is super beautiful. Buy the set for Rs.799.

12 Yellow Gerberas Flowers

Yellow colour can be seen playing a dominant role in the festival of Pongal mainly because it represents the light of the Sun. Therefore keeping up with the theme, we decided to go with these Yellow Gerberas as another gift option for the festival of Pongal. These long stemmed flowers come in a beautiful and vibrant bouquet of 12 accompanies by seasonal ferns and fillers. These bright flowers represent warmth, happiness, laughter and prosperity. Order them from for Rs.649.

Lord Sun Wall Hanging

The festival of Pongal revolves around Sun and therefore something representing the symbol would make quite an apt gift. This Aluminium Lord Sun sculpture which can be used as a wall hanging can be bought from This circular aluminium statue has a bronze colour coating on it and a circumference of 22 cm.

This beautiful piece of art will add a touch of classiness to your home. Hang it in the living room, on the back of the front door, on the walls of a corridor or even on the top of the door at your entrance. You can buy this sun wall hanging sculpture from for Rs.814.

Unisex white T-shirt for Pongal


If you are looking for a Pongal gift for a teenager or someone who doesn't go much by traditions then we have something fun and interesting for you. This unisex Pongal themed t-shirt puts a modern spin on the tradition. This white tee has a colourful Pongal graphic printed on the front with the message 'Happy Pongal'.

This regular fit t-shirt is available in sizes XXS to 4XL. You can also get sizes for babies and children. It's made of micro polyester with a round neckline and half sleeves. Buy this fun Pongal themed t-shirt from for Rs.399.

Good Luck Plant

The good luck plant is a thoughtful gift meant to bring peace and prosperity to the home. Therefore it would make a great Pongal gift as it matches the philosophy of the festival which is focusing on the wellbeing of a household and it's members.

These plants require little care and minimal watering. It looks great on a desk or on a shelf. Place it in a sunny corner of the house and watch it bloom. The vibrant green colour is soothing to the eyes as well. Buy the good luck plant from for Rs.390.

Vintage Diary with Metal Lock

You must know that Pongal marks the beginning of a new year and a new diary would, therefore, be a very fitting gift for Pongal. This genuine leather vintage diary with a metal lock is a useful gift which looks great as well. It's a brown colour diary with a size of 7 X 5 inches.

The diary has a vintage look because of the metal accents and the texture of the leather cover. Gift this diary to someone who likes to maintain a journal or pen down their thoughts in the old fashioned way. Buy it from for Rs.449.

Pongal Good Wishes Gift Set

If you are looking for traditional Pongal gifts for the elderly in your family then we have the perfect one for you. This traditional Puja Hamper contains traditional Pongal gifts like a box of assorted sweets, a 5 gm Silver coin with Lord Ganesha engraved on it along with a beautiful Pongal greeting card. The 1 kg box of sweets comes with three varieties of traditional confections. Order this Pongal gift combo from for Rs1698.

Kashmiri Woolen Shawl

Pongal takes place at the beginning of January. There is a chill in the air and the sun is soft but warm. A warm woollen shawl would, therefore, be the perfect gift for this time of the year. Buy this beautiful Kashmiri shawl as a Pongal gift for your parents or a loved one who needs some warmth. It has intricately embroidered patterns on the border. It's warm but light enough to use even when the weather is slightly chilly. It has a smoke grey shade with a maroon border. It goes well with Indian clothes and can even be used with indo-western ensembles. Order it online from for Rs.1595.

Customized Chocolate Box

We can never get tired of chocolates. Therefore we have another chocolate gift for you. But this one is a lot different from the one we suggested earlier because these are specially customised chocolate boxes for the occasion of Pongal. Each box contains 6 chocolates and is individually wrapped with a cover with the message Happy Pongal. These chocolates contain a filling of roasted almonds, dry fruits and nuts along with a hint of butterscotch. They are 100% vegetarian. They have a shelf life of up to 3 months. The chocolates come in Pongal Themed yellow wooden boxes. You can buy this customised chocolate hamper from for Rs.595.

Celebrate Pongal the Right Way!

Here are some quick and under budget ideas to buy or make the perfect Pongal gifts for your friends. They are rooted to the traditions and will make everyone feel happier than ever.

Cook Something

Pongal is mainly related to eating the best traditional delicacies and feeling heavily stuffed for the entire day. So, why not cook something for your beloved people as a gesture of gift to them? You can find the recipes on YouTube and some of them are very simple to make as well. However, you should know a bit of cooking for this because Pongal dishes are quite classic.

Pongal Greeting Cards

You can find some amazing Pongal greeting cards online or you can make some on your own too. It depends upon your wish whether you want to do some DIY or not. For some tips, you can prefer orange and yellow colours as this festival is related to the sun and these colours depict the sunlight very well.

Customised Souvenir

If you cannot find the perfect Pongal gifts then you can try DIY. Make your own Pongal souvenirs for your favourite people. Things like painted clay pots, Pongal T-shirts, notebooks, bracelets can be customised to make great Pongal gifts. Fill the pots with sweets and chocolates. You can get customised souvenirs printed from online stores like Presto, Printvenue and Vistaprint. It will not cost a fortune.

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Celebrate Pongal with a party at home

Make Pongal more popular among the younger generation by throwing a Pongal party. Use traditional Pongal themed decor like painted clay pots, bamboo and cutouts of cattle. Google some authentic Pongal recipes and keep the feast strictly traditional. You can even opt for a traditional dress code to up the fun factor. Use your creativity to spread the traditions amongst the youth.