Near Or Far, Send Your Wishes To Friends And Family On Lohri: 10 Lohri Gifts Online To Send India (2019)

Near Or Far, Send Your Wishes To Friends And Family On Lohri: 10 Lohri Gifts Online To Send India (2019)

Celebrating Lohri festival is an experience, with the dance around the bonfire and the savouring of delectable goodies like reweries, gazaks, puffcorn and peanuts. If you live away from your loved ones, you can share the joy with a gift that'll effectively convey your best wishes on this festival. Confused about what would be a good gift? Check out our interesting guide on Lohri which also has gifting options for the festival plus tips to celebrate the day with friends and family.

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Lohri - A Joyous Festival Of Harvest

Lohri is one of the most joyous festivals in India. Celebrated chiefly by Sikhs and Punjabis around the country, this festival marks the end of the Winter Solstice. With Lohri, Winter bids us a teary goodbye and the Sun says hello! Observed a day before Makar Sankranti, Lohri is celebrated around a fire. It is a beautiful festival, colourful and joyous.

On this festival, people get together and meet their family and friends, dance around the bonfire, even disclose love for someone by breaking a stick, distributing and eating traditional delicacies like gachacks and til rewdi.

Top 3 Things Related to Lohri

Lohri, besides being a beautiful festival, is also a festival with a lot of significance. Lohri brings in a lot of happiness and it is celebrated with immense joy and love. We have put down the three most significant features of Lohri.

#1 Bonfire

Lohri is incomplete without a bonfire. The entire festival revolves around it and that is what makes it such a special occasion! All households celebrating Lohri make a bonfire that they all enjoy around. It is delightful to watch the celebrations commence!

#2 Distribution of Prasad


This is the best part I guess! Especially for the kids of the family. And also for the famous family gluttons! Prasads are the tastiest bits of any pooja and Lohri is no exception. Once the pooja is complete and the mothers prepare to distribute the prasad among all the people, there will be some hands that will be extended first! And it is great fun to watch that! It brings so much enjoyment to the household!

#3 Cow-Dung Cakes

Believe it or not, cow-dung cakes are one of the things people bond over during Lohri. The entire family prepares to make these cakes out of cow-dung. While it is a fun sport for the kids of the family, it is a time to have fun and enjoy themselves for the adults. Of course, this is not really followed today in most houses except perhaps in villages!

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Lohri in India


All festivals call for gifts, especially exchanging greeting on the occasion. And Lohri is no different. Sometimes, one might have no clue as to what should be given to relatives and friends. Or, sometimes it so happens that giving gifts take a back step amidst all festivities and preparations. Thus, we are here to help you grab some nice gift items for your near and dear ones. We have put down ten things that will serve as great gifts for Lohri!

#1 Round Neck Casual Printed T-Shirt


It is relatively easier to give a woman a gift. However, giving a man a gift can be very difficult and cumbersome. Choosing the right gift for men is a tough job and we understand that. Thus, we have put down this awesome t-shirt that says “Happy Lohri” in Hindi. We figured that this will be a great gift and appropriate for the occasion, too. You can give it to your brother, son, father, husband, friend, or pretty much any man. They can sport it during Lohri and you can take all the credit for making them look good. This t-shirt is available in various colours like blue, brown, orange, pink and white. You can get it from Amazon at Rs. 330 only.

#2 Ghasitaram Gifts Lohri Sweets - Til Laddoo And Gachak Hamper


Festivals are times when sweets fill our refrigerators. Sometimes, they overflow! And a fridge overflowing with sweets is always a welcome affair! Thus, we thought this will serve the purpose excellently! This box of laddoos is for the ones with numerous sweet teeth! The laddoos taste delicious and melt in your mouth. They are rich with nuts and goodness. The sweets that come in this box are all vegetarian products. They contain less sugar and are great for everyone, even for the ones with diabetes. These serve as great gifts and will be cherished by everyone in the family. The price of this box is Rs. 449 and you can buy a box from Amazon.

#3 Warm Thoughts


This is one of our highly recommended gifts for Lohri. This is basically a vase filled with nuts like almonds, cashew nuts, pista and raisins. It is gorgeous to look at and we can guarantee that it will also be a great thing to munch on even after Lohri! The glass vase that it comes in is 7.5 inches tall. This vase will contain 100 grams of almonds, cashew nuts, and pista. It will contain 200 grams of raisins. What more could one ask for?! This gift is rich and shows taste and class. You can give it to all your relatives and friends and wish them all the happiness and success in their lives. This gift preserves the spirit of Lohri. You can buy it from Ferns and Petals for Rs. 1,299 only.

#4 Murmura Ladoo with Gachak

Here is another tasty treat that will be perfect for the taste buds of everyone. This is a basket that is filled to the brim with laddoos and gachak! This is enough to tickle the sweet tooth and to add to the joyous Lohri celebration. The basket is especially gorgeous and looks great when given as a gift. Besides being sophisticated and elegant in appearance, this one is also crunchy and delightful to eat. It can be enjoyed wholeheartedly with family and friends. Thus, it serves as a great gifting item. Also, the gachak is made with gur which makes it tastier! You can buy this from India Gift at Rs. 621 only!

#5 Roasted Shell Peanuts with Gachak

India Gift brings to you another exotic gifting item that will be an instant favourite with whoever you are giving it to. Roasted peanuts always make a delightful gift because of their rich taste and, to some extent, for their happy appearance! And, it has been established that gachaks are inevitable during Lohri. These are tasty to munch on over a nice drink with your relatives and friends as your company. This too comes in a beautiful woven basket filled to the brim with these delicacies. Thus, it is not just a wholesome gift, it is also great in appearance. You can buy it at Rs. 721 only.

#6 Hand Painted Aarti Thali, Steel Pooja & Thali Set

This gift is pretty and perfect for Lohri! Of course, we highly recommend you to buy this, although I do not know how I could have parted with something so beautiful after buying it! Chances are, you will want to keep it for yourself( and we do not mind a little cheating!) and not give it out as a gift. This is a hand painted aarti ki thaali that looks so beautiful and rich. This is perfect for the puja held during Lohri. This thaal has a personal touch to it that makes it look so nice. You can buy this beauty from Flipkart at Rs. 299 only.

#7 Special Lohri Hamper

This gift basket is specially designed for Lohri and how! Like the previous gift baskets from India Gift, this too is gorgeous with a woven finish. This basket, like all other baskets, is filled to the brim with lip-smacking delicacies that will leave one wanting more. The sophistication that it exuberates is phenomenal. That is teamed with the sweetness that it brings to Lohri. Literally! This basket is filled with rewri and the inevitable gachak. The basket has 200 grams of rewri, 200 grams of gachak and 200 grams of gur gachak! This is sweetness overloaded! You can buy this from India Gift at Rs. 991 only.

#8 Classy Silver Vase

This beauty is in silver and looks a elegant gift to give! Chic and classy, this will make the living room look better. And why just remain confined to the living room? This will make any room look better! Also, this is another gift we could not have parted with and we hardly doubt that you can, too! However, if you can manage to part with it, the person on the receiving end will thank you dearly for it. This vase is beautifully stunning and the fact that it is made of silver makes it worth so much. It is classy and sophisticated. It has a posh air around it that makes it perfect as a gift. You can get this vase for Rs. 999 from Archies.

#9 Lavi Tahli Stainless Steel Pooja & Thali Set

We have another pooja ki thaali in store for you! We realised that some of you might not like the previous one that we showed you and a few others might be willing to look at other options. Thus, here we are! We have got you another awesome option if you are looking to gift a thaali. Now this one is made of stainless steel and thus is very strong! It is silver in colour and has all the essential containers required for the poojas. It is sophisticated to look at and definitely makes for a great gift at Lohri. This is simple and that is the charm of this piece. You can get it from Flipkart at Rs. 765 only. Hurry and grab one before is gone!

#10 Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

Now, not only do we get you pretty looking gifts, but we have also dug up gifts that will be beneficial for the person you are giving this to. This lamp has been made from Himalayan salt that is useful for the body and mind. It is one hundred percent natural and is beneficial for a person’s well being. Flipkart, where it is sold, has a hefty description pointing out ten advantages of this lamp. This lamp is said to provide relief to people with breathing disabilities and helps in neutralising negative ions. It helps in increasing concentration and reduces stress. Undoubtedly, this is a great gift to give a person. You can buy this from Flipkart at Rs. 1,105 only.

Ways to Enjoy Lohri Even If You Are Away from Your Village Or Town

Every person is connected to a festival that takes him or her back to his or her roots. If Lohri is that festival for you and you stay away from home and your near and dear ones, then this is for you. We understand that staying away during the festivities when everyone else is preparing for the pooja or decking up, can be really tough and disappointing. Thus, we have something that will cheer you up on the day of Lohri. Follow this and feel a little more at home!

#1 Dress Up Well

We know that nothing substitutes the happiness of decking up with the other members of your family- may be sharing your mother’s jewellery or stealing your sister’s lipstick, or if you are a man, then asking for your brother’s or father’s help in selecting your clothes. This can be quite disappointing but we guarantee that you will feel better if you can deck up. You can call your friends over and deck up the same way and have fun!

#2 Prepare Your Pooja Thaal


Lohri is nothing without its special pooja ki thaali! And thus, preparing your own thaali will make you feel at home. Ring up your mother or your aunts and ask them how you should do it if you do not know already. Once your thaali is ready, you are ready to celebrate Lohri!

#3 Pray And Enjoy with a Bonfire Nearby


Staying at home makes Lohri so much better but if you cannot do that for whatever reasons, you can always invite your friends over and celebrate Lohri with them! All of you can pray together and make a bonfire and enjoy yourselves!

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