Setting Up Your Workstation Can Be Hectic Task, Right? Well, Lucky for You, We Will Help Ease Just That! A Complete Guide on Ergonomic Workstations.(2021).

Setting Up Your Workstation Can Be Hectic Task, Right? Well, Lucky for You, We Will Help Ease Just That! A Complete Guide on Ergonomic Workstations.(2021).

One of the most hectic things that even companies pay to have done is the setting up of workstations. Depending on the office area, the number of employees and the nature of the company, setting up workstations need some expertise. This guide from BP Guide will walk you through all you need to know, besides the office layout and more precisely on how to set up the office desk or workstations to improve performance using an ergonomic workstation.

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What Is an Ergonomic Workstation?

So, before moving on to the products and the tips, you will first need to know what exactly comprises an ergonomic workstation and some of its benefits. Well, this is a setup that has been planned in such a way that all your things, like the laptop, files, lamp, keyboard, and all other things, are kept within your reach. Moreover, it makes use of things like good lighting and computer glasses to keep you very healthy.

So, as you might have been able to figure out, this one is meant to keep the people working on it in the best shape and increase their productivity. Due to this, it also includes aspects like timely breaks as well as working in various positions. For more details, read on.

Why Invest in Setting up an Ergonomic Workstation

It Reduces the Costs

An ergonomic workstation systematically helps prevent various risk factors, if you are one of the companies that pay for the employees' health problem, it will help you save a lot in the long run. These can be direct or indirect.

For instance, with this, there will be fewer accidents in the offices and people will also have fewer disorders related to bone health. Also, this can keep good for long periods of time and, because they won't fall sick as often, you will face reduced costs related to employees not showing up.

It Increases the Productivity and Improves the Quality

Other than that, this way, everything will be positioned well to make the employees have great bone healths and postures. Then, they will also be able to work more efficiently, resulting in improved work that will be submitted on time, if not before. Moreover, they won't have to spend a lot of time finding the things required, saving more for them to work on improving their tasks at hand, in turn benefiting you.

It Increases the Employees' Engagement

As mentioned before as well, with the help of this type of workstation set up, you will be able to greatly increase the employees' engagement. For one, you will be able to increase the number of days they show up as they won't get sick too often. Other than that, with the help of things like a stand-up desk, the chair available below, a great diet, and timely breaks, you will also be able to make sure that the employees stay active throughout the day.

Essentials for an Ergonomic Workstation

1. Getting the Right Table is Essential

There cannot be a workstation without a table, and, for an ergonomic one, it has to fit some specific needs. So, for this, we suggest that you get one whose height can be easily changed (a standing desk). This way, you can work while sitting or even stand if you want.

Option 1: Tiltable Standing Desk

This table is very versatile and is made up of premium materials. It has a hardcore steel top edge that you can use to place a laptop, files, pen holder, books, and other stationery. The top edge also has a notched wood detailing that makes it highly durable. Also, it has a manual sit-stand desk that can be tilted according to the requirements.

Moreover, it is equipped with an invert section configuration that supports wellbeing and security. Furthermore, it has foldable handles that make it very convenient to pick and place anywhere. It also has adjustable feet according to your height. You can buy this table from Jin Office Solutions for only INR 22,250.

Option 2: Ergonomic Electric Workstation


This modern desk is a great choice when setting-up an ergonomic workstation. It features a smooth wooden top that looks very stylish. The lower part is made up of premium quality steel material with aluminum detailing. Also, this desk has 3-piece telescopic height adjustment legs which can be changed according to your requirement. This can be changed from sitting to standing posture with just a simple touch.

Moreover, it has an elegant touch controller screen that has customized settings and programmable alarm settings for added convenience. Furthermore, it has a double-motor frame, low noise, and high weight capability. You can buy this super-amazing table from Amazon for only INR 45,000.

2. Spend Time on Choosing the Correct Chair

While we suggest that you do most of the work standing, you will also need to sit. However, you should keep some things in mind when choosing a chair. For instance, to increase comfort, it should be mesh with a good flow of air. Also, it should have various head placement positions and the height should be adjustable as well. It being tiltable is also a positive.

Option 1: Milka Study Chair

This amazing ergonomic chair not only supports posture but also reduces back pain, neck pain, and hip pressure. It is made up of high-quality materials that make it last longer. Also, it has pinhole detailing on the backside and is fully upholstered that provides additional comfort. Moreover, it has a high back that supports the head and neck, thereby reducing strain in these areas. It is particularly designed in a very comfortable way that enhances the posture and does not cause tension in the muscle.

Furthermore, it has a cut-out feature that makes it convenient around. In addition to all, it is equipped with powder-coated armrests, torsion control knob, lock-tilt mechanism, and swivel chrome base, among many other features. You can buy this product from Urban Ladder for INR 10,879.

Option 2: High back Ergonomic Chair


A good revolving chair is a must-have for your ergonomic workstation. It features 2 inches thick padded seat that provides comfort to work for long hours. Next, it has Pneumatic Hydraulic that helps in height adjustment up to 5 inches. Also, it has a mesh back that is breathable as well as a contour that promotes a right posture. Moreover, it features a strong plastic armrest to keep your hands in a neutral position that reduces wrist pain and tension.

Additionally, it has a heavy metal duty base that supports the shape of the chair as well as the weight of the user. However, the maximum weight capacity for this ergonomic chair is approx. 105 kgs. In addition to all that, it measures 18 inches by 19 inches by 47 to 51 inches. You can buy this product from Amazon for only INR 8,999.

3. Find the Perfect Keyboard

For the keyboard, we suggest that have such a design that you can comfortably place your arm around it and easily use it. Also, it may include some extra keys that help you to perform certain functions with ease and quickly; like opening Microsoft Word or some other app.

Microsoft Wireless Keyboard


This keyboard is a great choice for your ergonomic workstation. It has a split keyset design that supports the neutral wrist and forearm position and prevents fatigue and pain. Also, it has a cushioned palm style that promotes higher flexibility. This domed shaped keyboard allows the user to sit in any position and get your work done.

Moreover, it has a separate number pad that provides more convenience, thereby increasing efficiency level. Furthermore, it has natural arc key layout mimics along with the reverse tilt angles that help the typing. You can buy this super-amazing keyboard from Amazon only for INR 16,366.

4. Get Good Computer Glasses Too

For the computer glasses, these are especially suggested for people who use the computer a lot. So, using these, you will be able to make sure that the blue light doesn't reach your eyes. This light worsens your eyesight, causes strains, and also causes lots of headaches, and, with computer glasses, all this won't happen, increasing your productivity and reducing medical costs.

Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses

These computer glasses are made up of premium quality material with high-quality lenses and a frame made up of TR90. This material has high durability and is only half in weight as compared to those of plastic glasses. Also, they feature blue light blocking glasses that reduce fatigue and visual tiredness that occurs from fluorescent lights.

Furthermore, the blue coating gives them extra efficiency without making the lenses lose their transparency. You can wear them for both, indoor and outdoor purposes. In addition to all that, it comes with a warrant of one year. You can buy these glasses from Desert Cart for INR 3,249.

Essential Tips to Make the Most Use of the Ergonomic Workplace

Just getting the right things is not important because, no matter how good they are, if not used right, they will not help you to achieve your goal. So, instead, you are going to have to follow some other tips to make the best of your ergonomic workstation as well like the ones mentioned below.

Consider the Monitor Placement

So, starting off, like most, you probably think that your eyes should be right in front of the middle of the laptop's screen. However, that is not right, and, this is one of the things that an ergonomic workstation will solve. So, rather than focusing on the middle, your eyes should be right in front of the uppermost part.

Through this, you won't slouch your neck, and muscle cramps will also be prevented. For the distance, it should be at about an arm's length of distance as, this way, it won't be too close to your eyes when you are reading.

Remember the Mouse and the Keyboard

For this, it is not just essential to choose the right mouse and keyboards but also to place them right. So, firstly, for the angle, it should be tilting a little bit away from you rather than being flat or tilting towards you. For the distance, your elbow should be right by you rather than in front or back and you should be able to easily access all the keys from right there.

You May Form Zones

Because the whole purpose of ergonomic workstations is to make it all organized and in a way that helps increase productivity, we would highly suggest this. Make zones for your devices, stationery, documents and personal items Once the zones are set up, even if you don't know where a particular thing is, you can go right to its zone and find it there. This way, the total area to look in will be reduced greatly, helping reduce the time taken on finding things, increasing the productivity.

Promote a Healthy Diet

For this, even though the diet is not part of the workstation itself, it is suggested if you want to get the most of the benefits an ergonomic workstation type provides. For this, we suggest that you promote a healthy diet with the various fruits, vegetables, and meat as well as nuts and all. For this, you can either get a questionnaire regarding this filled by all every day and ask them to make sure most of those are eaten by you or you can provide them to your employees for free in the office.

Plan Useful Breaks

Without any breaks at all, your employees will in no way be able to make the most of your workstation. Therefore, we suggest that you make it compulsory for them to take breaks every two to three hours. For this, it does not need to be of a lot of time and even ten minutes would perhaps be enough.

However, do remember a couple of things regarding this. You may ask them to move around during this or at least stand rather than sitting or laying. They may also stretch out to keep active throughout the day.

Add Stress-Relieving Things to the Environment

Now, being stress-free is very important to be a productive employee and you can introduce various things for this purpose. For instance, a healthy plant in the office can greatly help keep you fresh or you may even try scented candles. Other than that, you may even choose say lighting and colours for the workstation that it has a positive effect. Furthermore, you may just ask your employees to choose stress-relieving wallpaper or get them things like noise-cancelling headphones.

It Improves Your Company's Reputation

While it is not all about what the general publics says, a company committed to office ergonomics proves that they take safety and health as a core value. This in turn builds a stronger safety and health culture for your company. In addition, healthy employees become a valuable asses and by fostering the healthy and safety culture, it tends to lead to better employee performance.

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Benefits of Ergonomic Workstations.

Get rid of the old furniture and bring in the new ergonomic workstation. This is a setup that will help you keep fit and healthy through the tiltable and stand desk. Help relive back pain, through the ergonomic chair. You will also have comfort when working using an ergonomic keyboard and mouse as well as protect the eyes with spectacles designed for computer use. These are just some of the many benefits summarised. To have a complete ergonomic workstation setup, read through to learn what to acquire and any other essentials you may require to make the most out of your ergonomic workstation.