Interview Dress Code for Males and Females to Convince the Hiring Manager that You’re a Great Fit for the Company.

Interview Dress Code for Males and Females to Convince the Hiring Manager that You’re a Great Fit for the Company.

We watched our parents getting dressed up for the office while patiently waiting for the day- we get to dress up for our dream job. Successful job interviews depend on both how well you answer questions and how you present yourself. If you are struggling to decide what to wear on your interview day, these guidelines will ease your tension.

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Tips for Dressing Properly for an Interview

Perfecting your communication skills and getting your resume ready are crucial aspects of attending an interview. Getting dressed up for your interview is also equally important. Your appearance and personality strike a note even before the interviewer starts questioning you. It is vital to create an air of professionalism with your attire. A few tips that help in creating the best first impression are listed here.

#1 Keep It Sleek and Simple

Keeping it simple and sleek is the key to strike a great appearance. Loud and excessive embellishments make you look odd in the interview place. Your employer might find the gaudy dressing sense awkward. You need to stick to a simple look, and this need not be a conservative style necessarily. Try something modern, but not attention-seeking.

#2 Wear Light Colours

Vibrant colours catch attention. But, you cannot try them when you step in for an interview. You can choose more colours, but not loud colours. The same is the case with the patterns. Neutral or light colours are the best choices. White and light blue are the most sought-after choices for shirts or blouses for interviews. Dark and bright-coloured attire can outdo your qualifications. This implies, your visual impression comes first. If you would love to try your red scarf, which gives an authoritative look, in case you appear for managerial positions, you need to stick to only one bright-hued item. A white or blue blouse with the scarf tones down the bright colour. But, even then you cannot try the bright orange or pink colours.

#3 Pay Attention to Overall Appearance

It is not only about attire to bring an impressive appearance. Your hair colour, and choosing the right colour for you are equally vital. At times, a light colour might look sober and too dull. You need to choose wisely. Your hairstyle should not be unconventional. Longbeard and handlebar moustache for men should be avoided. Take a look at your clothing, and see it if is wrinkle and stain-free. Wear clean and nice footwear or polished shoes.

#4 Pair with Right Kind of Accessories


Wear nice accessories but again not too loud or gaudy. Small or medium-sized earrings and short chains are good ideas. Big and vibrant coloured necklaces are not for interviews. The same goes for the belt and caps. Bowler hats or stylish belts must not be worn for an interview. Your shoes should be formal, and for women, too high heels should be avoided. If you use rings on lips or other such places, remove them while getting ready for the interview.

#5 Smell Good


Using cologne or perfume is perfectly alright as long as you do not overdo it. Overpowering perfumes or aftershaves should not be your choice if you are keen on impressing your employer. If you are not sure of using the right amount, you can skip using it.

5 Interview Ready Styles for Women + What to Buy Online


Stunning looks for interviews are assured when you go simple and choose the attire that best fits you. That does not rule out choices as women have several types of outfits to choose from. Make your selection based on the industry, the company culture and also the designation you are applying for. This ensures you make the right impression.

#1 Formal Saree

A cotton saree offers the perfect style to rock during an interview. The crisp look of a cotton saree makes it very professional. You can look modern in classic cotton or silk cotton saree when you choose the right patterns. The key is to accentuate the colour and the looks. Refrain from choosing loud colours and huge patterns. Also, heavy silk sarees or designer wear are not meant for interviews. Something light and beautiful with a sleek look is the apt choice. Choose a blouse that does not have a deep cut or reveal too much.

An epitome of professionalism with minimal efforts can be got with the plain neutral-hued saree from Mirraw. This rust plain handloom saree has attractive colour suitable for professional occasions. Grab it for Rs. 929.

#2 Skirt Paired with Formal Shirt

While looking professional is mandatory, you can also try a polished look. This fits best if you are into an industry that deals with a casual office atmosphere. You can look bold and professional when you wear a formal shirt with a skirt. If you choose to wear a skirt, keep it below the knee, or long.

This Denim skirt from Myntra is the right fit to pair with any formal shirt. You can try shirts of any neutral colours, white, and pink is the right choices. It suits all formal and casual office atmosphere and is priced at Rs. 659.

#3 Trousers Paired with Formal Shirt


Giving a bold impression becomes easier when you choose to wear a formal shirt and a pair of trousers. This makes you look easy-going, professional, and neat look. A polished look is assured when you choose to wear trousers. Do not choose coulette types as it can bring about a casual attire look. You will look far from looking sloppy with no effort when choosing full-length trousers.

Choose a formal shirt of neutral colour when you try these black textured full-length trousers. Ajio offers it for Rs. 480.

#4 Formal Salwar Suit

If you do not want to go for unconventional choices or do not want to look too traditional, a formal salwar suit can come to your rescue. When choosing this outfit, say a big no to eye-catchy designs and patterns. Block prints that are minimal are fine, but clumsy designs and works are not preferred. The same goes for embroidery or embellishments. Cotton is the best fabric if you want a crisp and professional look. Also, it is important to keep off from big floral prints.

You can, however, go for self-designs, like this beige and green salwar suit from Myntra. Get a sleek and neat look for Rs. 1,799.

#5 Formal Kurti Paired with Pants

If you are looking for a trendy and professional look, and also want to give a hint of casual attire, the safe choice is a kurti. Formal kurti lets you look confident, comfortable, and professional. A kurti of knee-length or longer one can be best fitted with a formal pant of your choice.

This bold green colour kurti paired with white or beige pants lets you portray the bold side of you. The colour is not loud and with a no make-up look, you can win the first impression. Cilory offers this for Rs. 412.

5 Fabulous Interview Styles for Men + What to Buy Online

Men’s interview dressing style has more variety than formal shirts and pants. You can try various options based on the workplace. Some companies encourage a casual dress code while others prefer to keep this formal. Here are some impressive options. Do some research on the company and the industry and pick something that fits!

#1 Suit-ed Up

A double or single-breasted solid suit in charcoal or blue can make you look graceful and professional for interviews for managerial positions. When you are trying suits, in this case, do not go for black. The collar of the shirt should be a classic one, and there should be no prints on the shirt dress.

The poly-viscose blend with slim fit features and navy blue solid single-breasted suit from Lousiphilippe is available for Rs. 5,310. The best choice for interviews and client meetings.

#2 Formal Shirts with Pants

If you can never make a mistake with attire for an interview is to try formal shirts and pants. However, you cannot put on shirts and pants prints and patterns that are huge. Fine dots or stripes could be chosen based on the type of workplace. Solid colour shirts must be your choice.

If you are too worried about the colour choice, then you can go for the classic light blue and white. If you want to try a bit sharp hues, pair them with neutral coloured pants. This Arrow Pure cotton shirt priced at Rs. 1,259 on Cilory guarantees a crisp look and professional impression. This sky blue colour shirt is perfect choice when paired with navy blue or black formal pants.

#3 Formal Jackets

When adding to your interviewing wardrobe, you can add a fresh look with the formal blazer. If you are attending the interview for top management levels, a formal jacket can add to your look. You can bring about the personality of being cool and authoritative at the same time. You can choose to wear a tie based on the requirement or the shirt you choose to wear. You can find many options for the colours of the shirts. Navy blue trousers, white shirts, and suitable blazers can bring fresh air to the appearance.

This blue mandarin colour blazer is a great option for interviews. Get it from Myntra for Rs. 5,999.

#4 Business Casual Wear

When the company you go for an interview lets you wear business casuals, there are many options. You can try the button-down shirt with grey pants, and an apt tie will make it look great.

The green linen-cotton twill slim fit shirt is available in Fab India is a good choice for business casuals. It is priced at Rs. 1,314 on this site.

#5 Formal Shirts with Pair of Jeans

You can put on the natural look with a dress shirt and a pair of jeans. You can achieve a formal look by tucking the shirt. This is where you can try the striped shirt.

This pink check shirt that is tailored to be slim fit, is a great choice. It is available at Pantaloons for Rs. 1,999.

Pair it with the solid Allen Solly blue jeans, from Pantaloons. Get this for Rs.999. It makes you look stylish and comfortable.

Things to Check before Dressing for Interview

A lot of thoughts run over the mind when getting ready for the interview. While you know what to wear, the list of things not to wear often slips out of the mind. Here is a small list of things you need to check when dressing to impress your future workplace.

#1 Avoid Loud Colour Scheme

Your dress communicates a lot about your personality. Loud colours attract too much attention and can look unprofessional. You do not want to compel the interviewer to garner attention on clothes other than you. A bright colour is fine when mixed with neutral colours. For instance, a mix of green and beige, or navy blue pants and white shirts are good choices to some extent. But, it is always never appropriate to wear a purple shirt.

#2 Always Wear Clean and Pressed Items


Ensure your dress is free from any dirt or stain. Also, press the dress when you want to put it on for an interview. A nice impression can never be got with wrinkled clothes on.

#3 Pay Attention to Your Shoes


Most people wear crisp and best dresses to interviews. But they forget their shoes. Studies state that your shoes are what people look at first. Wearing a clean and polished shoe is hence vital. If your shoes are not proper, again, your skills of planning and organizing are put under the scanner. Wear comfy shoes. No flip-flops or sneakers, or boots or pointed shoes should be chosen to wear for an interview. For women, high-heeled shoes or clumsy patterns should be reserved for casual occasions.

#4 Always Wear Decent Clothes

The interview venue is not the place to show your sense of fashion. Low-rise pants, tight-fitting clothes, mini-skirts, low-cut blouses, and revealing clothes are never the right choice for any professional place. Avoid these if you want to look professional.

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