Let Your Impeccable Formal Attire Make an Indelible Impression. Check out the Best Female Formal Wear Ideas and the Fashion Accessories to Go with Them (2022)

Let Your Impeccable Formal Attire Make an Indelible Impression. Check out the Best Female Formal Wear Ideas and the Fashion Accessories to Go with Them (2022)

Your clothes are not only an inseparable part of your personality which boosts your confidence but are also a measure of how others perceive your presence. It is therefore important for you to understand the significance of classy female formal wear and also the fashion accessories to compliment your attire. This BP Guide consists of top formal wear ideas and also the accessories which will enhance your appearance and confidence in any formal situation.

What Should Formal Wear Consist of?


Outfits play an important role in formal wear. Whether it is for a male or female, every individual needs to wear an incredible outfit. An outfit is something that matters wherever you go, just from having an outfit for home, your office work or for occasions. Your outfits can be seen as an addition to your personality. For most of you your dressing methods and outfits are inspired by your friends and family, movies, media, and also according to recent fashion trends. Hollywood and Bollywood may also play a major role in changing style and fashion of outfits.


Accessories are something that sharpens your look and highlights you from different angles. For women, the accessories like stunning bags, jewellery, watches, etc. enhance your beauty. Fashion accessories can be called a secondary element while having female formal wear. Accessories can be like colours to a painting or a drawing. The painting may look beautiful but the colours make it more valuable and attractive. Similarly, accessories can make you look complete with an outfit.


Footwear is one of the integral things as it enables you to walk and give your feet and legs an incredible look. Footwear comes in a variety of styles to comfort you. It can be in the form of shoes, flats like sandals, boots, etc. Women love it because footwear beautifies them from top to bottom. Footwear also helps you in maintaining your posture while you walk and by adjusting your body language you may show-off in front of others with your style or with your footwear.

Top 8 Clothing Items that Give Females a Formal Wear


Sarees are one of the most ancient and traditional-looking outfits in India that give females their best formal look. A saree has an amazing look as it is tied on the waist and the pallu is either taken in the head or it is placed at the back. Sarees are available for every event starting from daily wear to office and even occasional wear. The beauty of a saree can be enhanced by having a three-fourth or sleeveless blouses. You can have sarees either of simple cotton, silk, chiffon or a variety of other fabrics which are best suited for your formal wear. This black-off-white printed linen blend saree is too pretty and amazing to be worn by you as your formal wear. It can be worn as office wear and on other formal occasions too. You can buy this saree from Myntra for ₹ 1,204.00.

Salwar Sets

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Salwar sets are the second most important for Indian females, after the saree. Salwar Sets can be very comfortable as they are mainly made of cotton material making them airy and light. For formal wear or office wear, select salwar tops that are properly knee length and of a comfortable material. Salwar sets also cover females from top to bottom and to make them attractive they consist of a dupatta. This Fiorra Women's Black Poly Crepe A-Line Kurta with Pant and Dupatta is great for working females to be worn as formal wear to their office and other formal events too. You can buy this set from Amazon for ₹ 799.00.


A kurta is one of the elements that can be worn as an outfit by those of you who don't prefer salwar sets. A kurta can be worn on any lower that gives a formal look like a palazzo, jeggings, pants or leggings. A Kurta has the versatility of bringing variation in lengths and still look stylish and elegant all the time. This Women's Blue Poly Crepe Kurta is an amazing one with a chain cut from the bottom for a western and formal wear look. It is also traditional to wear but its pattern and simply shaded variety makes it suitable to be worn as formal wear. You can buy this kurta from Nykaa Fashion just at ₹ 672.00.

Solid Shirts and Trousers

Solid shirts and trousers are well known when talking about formal western wear. They give a symbol of boldness and look similar to a male wearing formal wear. Solid shirts and trousers look good when you wear them to your office as casual female office wear. This Essential Easy Care Work Trousers - Maroon is an amazing outfit designed for a working female to give a bold, brave and confident look to you when you wear it. It provides you with a rich colour complexion and fabric, this outfit is sure to make heads turn. This is one outfit that will never go out of fashion. You can buy this solid shirt and trouser set from Fable Street just for ₹ 1,895.00.

Formal Blouses

The formal blouse as the name suggests gives females their desired formal look. A blouse is the top wear which goes well with any formal lower you desire. A blouse is capable of furnishing you with a simple, brilliant, and flexible casual look that is acceptable for daily office wear. When selecting a formal blouse, go for solid colours, pastels, shades, and blouses with round necks or collars. The white formal blouse has a boatneck and has a dark brown lining on the sleeves, neck, and the centre. It has three-fourth sleeves and looks extremely elegant as a formal wear. You can buy this formal blouse from Myntra for just ₹ 1,516.00.


Blazers give an amazing office formal wear look and a female boss look to an individual. Blazers can be worn during business meetings or business visits. Blazers have now evolved as a fashion declaration for western formal wear among women. They can establish your identity as an employee or an entrepreneur in front of others. This Tokyo Talkies Women Blue Formal Blazer is a light-coloured blazer with a beautiful edge that gives confidence to you at work. It enhances your personality and the blue colour is so soothing and charming. You can buy this blazer from Ketch for ₹ 560.00.


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Skirts are one of the formal outfits commonly seen in offices in movies and shows. They are a lower formal wear that give you an incredible look. Formal skirts emanate status and dignity and can be skilfully paired with durable full-sleeved shirts as well as blouses. Skirts are suitable with all kinds of tops and can be matched with every colour as their shades are common and basic ones. The Neu Look Cotton Blend Stretchable Knee Length Pencil Skirt is a decent black skirt for you to have it as an outfit for your office work and other business-related activities. You can buy this skirt from Amazon for ₹ 399.00.


Dresses are one of the easiest to wear as they cover you from top to bottom or till the knees. They are comfortable and give you a female boss look. Dresses can also be from top to bottom such as gowns or formal frock patterns. You should go for fair shades like tan, beige, cream, light pink, off-white, or darker colour schemes like dark brown, greys, blacks, purples and burgundy. This Elegant Women's Solid Turn-Down Neck Long Sleeve Buttons Dress is amazing for you for office meetings and other office work. You can buy this from buy for ₹ 2,121.00 from Ubuy.

Accessories to be Used with Female Formal Wear


A watch is one of the most common formal wear accessories that look classy and confident particularly if you are a counsellor or business orator. Watches are more important for office-going females as they need to schedule and complete their work according to time only. Rather than giving a glance at the clock placed on the wall, you can simply check it all the time just by wearing a watch on your wrist. Nothing accomplishes a western formal look for women better than a smart and modern watch. This Casio Enticer Ladies Watch is a blue analogue women's watch that is suitable for you as it has several key features including a leather band, mineral glass, and water resistance. You can buy this watch from Casio India Shop for ₹ 3,295.00.


Perfume is one of the best accessories which gives you an amazing fragrance on your outfit. It attracts most of the people and makes you be known by the smell you carry and spread all around your presence. A perfume is also very much helpful for female formal wear to have a pleasant and wonderful odour surrounding you so that it positively affects you in your work. This Satin De Next Long Lasting Eau De Perfume is perfect to be sprayed on formal wear. You can buy this perfume for ₹ 449.00 from Next.


Your jewellery is an important beautifying accessory to go with your formal outfit. It should be simple, delicate but beautiful for your formal wear. This Simple Office Wear Jewellery is an amazing set to be worn with your female formal wear. It consists of a charming ring, an elegant pendant, a pair of earrings and a beautiful bracelet. The jewellery is gold-plated imitation jewellery that can be worn with any outfit as per the colour contrast. You can buy this set from Soosi at ₹ 999.00.


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Makeup is very important to enhance your looks and should go well with your desired outfits. It should be applied in minimal quantity that can just add a little glow to your face rather than being applied professionally. This Blue Heaven Makeup Festive Kit is an amazing one with 10 pieces. All the essentials for basic makeup are included in this kit. This includes basic things such as primer, foundation, compact, lipstick, eyelashes, eyeliner, etc. All of these can be useful when you have a tiring office working schedule as it will be with a 24 hours result. You can buy this makeup kit from Nykaa for ₹ 849.00.

A Purse or a Bag

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A purse or a bag is for your convenience as well as to complement your formal wear. This PU leather Top Handle Handbag with Sling Bag, Shoulder Bag & Clutch Combo from GM Creations helps you to have every type of bag and you can choose which one to use as per the things that have to be carried. You can use the clutch to carry your cash, your cards, handkerchief, and even your mobile phone, but for your documents and your big devices such as a tablet or a laptop, you can use the shoulder bag. You can buy this bags combo from Amazon for ₹ 596.00.

Footwear for Your Female Formal Wear


Your shoes should be most comfortable because they help you to maintain a grip on every surface and you have to wear them for long hours. This pair of white colour shoes from Shoebucks is suitable for you and will look stunning with every outfit. The shoes can be worn in 2 ways - tying the laces or tucking in the laces and then wearing them as a slip-on. You can buy these shoes from Flipkart for ₹ 595.00.


Boots look stunning with dresses and even with western outfits such as blazers, solid shirts, trousers, etc. These Commander Shoes Casual Boots are one of the classy and sassy-looking footwear. The boots are large that can help in lifting yourself and as with western wear, they are best suited as they give a shine to your formal wear. You can buy these boots from Flipkart for just ₹ 474.00.


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Flats are suitable to be worn with kurtas, sarees and salwar sets. They are generally preferred by females who aren't in favour of raising their height using heels and boots. Flats can either be with belts that need to be tied or they can be stretchable that are just slip-ons. The stretchable ones may be more comfortable but those with belts can give the flats a new trendy and stylish spark. These stylish fancy and comfortable trending flat fashion sandals enable females to show off their legs while having a classy look. They are comfortable to wear and for walking too. You can buy these boots from Amazon for just ₹ 278.00.

Open-Toe or Closed-Toe Shoes

Closed-toe or open-toe shoes with heels give an extremely fashionable and modern look to females. They add a spark and enhance your formal wear look. This type of footwear looks great as it comes in both plain shades and printed options. These shoes can be selected upon your preference as it may vary from season to season. In summer usually, you would prefer open-toe shoes, while in the rainy and winter seasons you may prefer closed-toe shoes. These shoes can also look good if they match the socks you have worn. You can buy this Sap Green & Nude Huarache Anna Heels from Tata CLiQ Luxury for ₹ 3,374.00.

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Experiment and Discover the Perfect Formal Wear for You

There are so many different formal wear options for women as you would have realised by now. It is important for you to experiment and discover the one which you are most comfortable with and which complements your personality perfectly. We hope this BP Guide would have given you a great starting block for this endeavour. Share your experiences with us and stay connected for more such engaging content.