Coconut Oil Gives Your Health and Beauty a 360° Boost: Discover the Best Coconut Oils and Compelling Reasons to Make it a Part of Your Family's Daily Routine (2023)

Coconut Oil Gives Your Health and Beauty a 360° Boost: Discover the Best Coconut Oils and Compelling Reasons to Make it a Part of Your Family's Daily Routine (2023)

India is no stranger to coconut oil and its numerous benefits. However with time the ancient knowledge about its health benefits has been lost and many of you would be unaware of why you should make it a part of your family's daily routine. You can not only use coconut oil for cooking but for haircare and skincare as well, along with many other uses. This BP Guide will not only help you understand the multi-faceted benefits of coconut oil but will also familiarise you with the best coconut oils currently available in India.

Coconut Oil: More Than a Kitchen Essential

Coconut oil comes with a range of benefits. It’s a strong ‘yes’ when applied to different parts of the body like skin and hair for their further nourishment. It is also a wonderful option for cooking especially in some Indian cuisines. However, it has some risks too, especially regarding consumption. You should be careful to remain on the safer side when it comes to including it in your diet by keeping it within the recommended limits set by the health agencies. You should also be cautious and use coconut oil for your skin issues only if it suits your skin type.

Coconut oil is of course extracted from coconuts. Normally 2 types are available in the market i.e. copra or regular coconut oil, and virgin or cold-pressed virgin coconut oil. Virgin or cold-pressed virgin coconut oil is the purest coconut oil available, and often the most recommended for use, as it is extracted without generating heat which preserves its original nutrients.

Overall, coconut oil is a traditional option for cooking and also offers an excellent solution for skin and hair health. So, stay tuned, and discover the best coconut oil in India for hair, skin and cooking. We’ve listed below 30 of the best coconut oils, mostly the purest coconut oils, after a prolonged research.

Virgin Coconut Oil vs. Regular Coconut Oil

Virgin coconut oil has a more significant level of nutrients like vitamin E and bioactive substances like polyphenols despite having the same number of fatty acids (plant materials with antioxidant properties). Virgin coconut oil is an unprocessed or cold-pressed oil, available in the purest and most natural form. It is extracted from coconut milk and prepared after crushing the coconut fruit.

On the contrary, copra, which are dried coconut kernels, are used to make regular or refined coconut oil. The several processes that ordinary coconut oil goes through greatly erodes its purity. This virgin cold-pressed coconut oil preserves vitamin E and other minerals because it has not been processed. It is completely chemical-free and pure.

What are the Benefits of Coconut Oil? (Science-Backed)

All of you would know that coconut oil has various benefits when you talk about the health of hair, skin or the overall consumption of virgin coconut oil. In this section, let’s dive deeper into the advantages of using coconut oil for hair or skin regularly. It’s also suitable for edible consumption in moderation, except for those of you suffering from heart issues.

  • Prevents Hair Damage:

    Your hair strands get weak and damaged with everyday grooming, like styling and combing. This is one of the significant reasons, in addition to stress and anxiety, that results in your hair breaking so easily with daily combing. Thus, the regular application of the best coconut oil for hair helps protect all the 3 layers that hair are made of.

  • Promotes Hair Growth:

    Hair become tough to manage due to all the pulling. They benefit significantly from coconut oil's nourishing, moisturising and protective properties. These qualities collectively make coconut oil an ideal solution for a healthy hair growth promotion.

  • Acts as a Quick Energy Source:

    Most of the coconut oils available in the market today may have MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides). However, MCTs are quite the healthiest content in coconut oils and are meant to offer you a quick energy source. MCTs also have a long history of being used in sports products to improve the performance of athletes who require a quick energy source with fast consumption.

  • Boosts Skin Health:

    Many of you would be using coconut oil cosmetically to enhance the condition and appearance of your skin. Research has concluded that coconut oil is especially good for the face. Additionally, it might enhance how well the skin functions, preventing excessive water loss and shielding you from harmful elements like allergens, toxins and infectious agents. It may also reduce the early signs of atopic dermatitis or other skin diseases caused by skin inflammation.

  • Improves Oral Health:

    If you’ve heard about oil pulling, it’s mostly recommended to be done with virgin coconut oil. Coconut oil is swished around in the mouth like mouthwash while doing oil pulling. It might considerably lower the number of dangerous germs in the mouth. In addition, the reaction between the lauric acid in the coconut oil and the saliva produces a material that resembles soap and prevents cavities, gum irritation and dental plaque development.

  • Good Source of Antioxidants:

    Coconut oil is one of the ideal sources of antioxidants. It helps neutralise your free radicals. In turn, this assists in preventing several chronic and degenerative disorders. Coconut oil's antioxidants may have anti-inflammatory and brain-protective benefits too. One study further suggests that coconut oil, in particular the MCT lauric acid, may lower secondary diabetes problems.

30 Best Coconut Oils in India: For Skin, Hair and Cooking

In this section, we've listed the 30 best coconut oils for hair, skin and cooking along with their respective prices.

Best Coconut Oils for Hair

Coconut oil has the best properties to keep your scalp and hair strands healthy. The barrier created by topically applying the coconut oil helps block the entry of irritants and bacteria. Moreover, its lauric acid content makes it a quicker absorbent than other oils. Thus, it’s a good fit for moisturisation while making your hair frizz-free.

1. TNW (The Natural Wash) Organic Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

Going for unrefined oil is the smartest option when choosing the best coconut oil for hair. As the name suggests, unrefined coconut oil comes with benefits like zero additives, no chemicals and first-hand pressing of coconuts. Moreover, The Natural Wash brand comes with the most virgin or cold-pressed form of coconut oil beneficial for both your hair and skin. You can buy its 100 ml pack for just ₹ 250.00 on The Natural Wash. It’s wholly safe to use over sensitive skin, like a baby's skin too!

2. MamaEarth Rice Hair Oil with Rice Bran and Coconut Oil


MamaEarth is one of the most recognised brands when it comes to delivering non-toxic, consumer-friendly products. This unique formulation of different oils, rice bran and coconut oil, protects your hair from daily damage. This combination of rice bran and coconut oil also consists of essential fatty acids and vitamins for multiple benefits at once. The coconut oil prevents damage and promotes hair growth, whereas rice bran oil is known to increase the elasticity and flexibility of hair. Since this is a blend of 2 oils, you can get it for ₹ 399.00 on MamaEarth.

3. Bajaj 100% Pure Coconut Oil


This 600 ml pack of Bajaj 100% Pure Coconut Hair Oil costs ₹ 124.00 on Amazon. Although it is not the most virgin form of coconut oil, it does come without any added chemicals or preservatives. It is a budget-friendly pick if you can manage with pure coconut oil, which is a little less than virgin coconut oil. Being given a license by FSSAI for the most edible grade coconut oil, you can safely use it for cooking purposes too.

4. Parachute Advansed Jasmine Coconut Hair Oil with Vitamin E


This, again, is a budget-friendly pick from the brand Parachute Advansed, which you can buy for just ₹ 175.00 on Amazon. You will get 2 bottles of 400 ml plus 90 ml in this price. Moreover, this is a good fit for the admirers of jasmine fragrance, albeit the scent feels a little strong initially, but it gradually becomes mild. Also, this is a ready-to-apply, non-sticky coconut oil to give extra shine to your hair.

5. The Body Shop Coconut Oil


This is a pre-wash coconut hair oil from the brand "The Body Shop", which you can buy for ₹ 636.00 on Nykaa. Oiling your hair with a coconut oil pre-wash makes them strong, shiny and soft while offering you a healthy scalp. Furthermore, this nourishing oil by The Body Shop comes with a light fragrance and zero colourants or silicones. Overall, it’s a good fit to heal your damaged, weak and dry hair as a pre-wash treatment.

6. Patanjali Coconut Oil

This coconut oil by Patanjali is one of their renowned products for improvement in hair growth. So, this may be an ideal pick for those of you with hair-thinning issues. Although this is not the virgin form of coconut oil, it is still double-filtered and comes in a packaging without added preservatives. You can buy its 200 ml pack on Patanjali for just ₹ 87.00.

7. The Tribe Concepts Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Here’s an extra-virgin coconut oil from the brand "The Tribe Concepts". This is a sustainable, vegan and cruelty-free brand with a range of haircare and skincare products. Thus, you can easily experience their sustainable approach through the packaging itself. This is an unbleached and unrefined coconut oil to take care of each of your haircare and skincare requirements. Moreover, it can be used as a lip scrub, lip balm, face cream, baby massage oil, dental aid, salad dressing and more. You can buy its 200 ml pack for ₹ 499.00 on The Tribe Concepts.

8. Wow Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil


Combining good quality ingredients with logical scientific formulations, the "Wow Life Science" brand is an excellent option to consider. This extra-virgin coconut oil by Wow Life Sciences offers 100% MCTs and is thus ready for consumption. The presence of MCTs also states that the oil can fight bacterial growth and is 100% healthy as a source of energy to aid in various diseases like diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, autism, epilepsy, etc. You can buy this 400 ml pack of cold-pressed, extra-virgin, purest coconut oil on Wow Life Science for just ₹ 399.00. This coconut oil is also rich in lauric acid, which helps keep your skin smooth, glowing and fresh, and also keeps your scalp irritation-free.

9. Organic Harvest Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil


This is a specially formulated organic coconut hair oil for men and women. You can buy its 200 ml pack for just ₹ 256.00 on Amazon. This oil from Organic Harvest comes loaded with all the required antioxidants and is free from parabens, adulterations and other contaminants. Moreover, it has multiple benefits for hair, such as deep conditioning, frizz-free texture, dandruff elimination and less breakage.

It also acts as a natural moisturiser for the skin as it helps to replenish dead skin cells. It is made with a non-greasy formula that provides a healthy glow and leaves your skin supple-soft. This may be a perfect fit if you want a dedicated coconut oil for hair with multiple benefits.

10. Parachute Advansed Onion Hair Oil with Natural Coconut Oil


This is a combination of onion and coconut hair oil by the brand "Parachute Advansed". This onion-enriched coconut oil suits each type of hair from wavy hair to curly hair, straight hair, coloured hair, and thick-thin hair. On the one hand, onion helps in hair fall control, and the coconut oil provides full nourishment on the other hand with vitamins and other antioxidants. At the same time, it’s the most budget-friendly pick with an amazing fragrance. You can buy its 200 ml pack for just ₹ 170.00 on Amazon. Just keep in mind that you keep the oil for at least 30 minutes before washing it off so that the effect penetrates deeply and effectively.

11. Indus Valley Bio Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

This is another unrefined, 100% pure coconut oil from the brand "Indus Valley", whose 360 ml pack you can buy for just ₹ 286.00 on Flipkart. The oil is extracted from natural, fresh-grown coconuts and contains lauric acid, medium-chain fatty acids and powerful antioxidants to nourish both your skin and hair. Furthermore, it comes in a safe organic packaging, and you may go for this kind of packaging, especially when you prefer box-types.

12. The Kerala Store Pure Coconut Oil - Wood Pressed

Well, this oil comes straight from the finest coconuts of Kerala, whose 500 ml packaging is available for just ₹ 225.00 on TheKeralaStore. Apart from being good for the skin and hair, it’s edible too. The oil is rich in essential minerals and vitamins for cooking. Since it’s a wood-pressed coconut oil, it has a super-natural texture with unique flavours. As the name suggests, TheKeralaStore is a dedicated online platform to offer you the flavours straight from Kerala. This oil also helps lower cholesterol levels, so you can consider buying this bio-organic oil for multipurpose usage.

13. Ashpveda Coconut Oil

You may not find this coconut oil budget-friendly, but it has unique benefits of unadulterated Ayurvedic cold pressed coconut oil specially certified by the Ministry of Ayush. This oil is specifically conditioned to nourish both your hair and skin. It also helps makes your roots stronger, less prone to breakage and eliminates dandruff. Eliminating dandruff with the help of this oil may be the big plus factors this coconut oil. Its 120 ml bottle is available for ₹ 675.00 on Ashpveda.

14. Brillare Pure Coconut Oil

Go no further if you are looking for a spray bottle packaging for coconut oil. This pure coconut oil for hair and body is available for ₹ 595.00 in a 200 ml packaging. In addition to the ease of application feature, the oil is quite beneficial when it comes to making your scalp healthy, flake-free and manageable. It also contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties to fight the growth of bacteria, and offers overall nourishment to the hair and scalp. You can check it out on Brillare.

15. Parachute Advansed Curry Leaves Hair Oil with Natural Coconut Oil

Adding curry leaves to your coconut oil may be an ideal choice especially if you suffer from issues like hair loss or hair thinning. This is a curry leaves infused coconut hair oil by Parachute Advansed, whose 200 ml packaging is available for just ₹ 261.00 on Flipkart. It contains a special formulation for preventing greying of hair. You will love this combination if you’re a person using Parachute coconut oil right from your childhood days, as it’s a very old and well-known brand.

Best Coconut Oils for Skin

The medium-chain fatty acids in coconut oil aid in reducing dryness and enabling your skin to retain moisture. It also provides a protective barrier while giving it a soft and smooth texture.

16. The Coconut People 100% Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

This nutrient-rich cold-pressed coconut oil can be consumed and utilised for several things including skincare, hair care, infant care and household cleaning. What’s exclusive about this virgin coconut oil is its usage of pre and post-workout energy boosters. So, this coconut oil can be used with multipurpose benefits for your skin, hair, or even consumption. You can buy this organic coconut oil for ₹ 550.00 for a pack of 200 ml from The Coconut People.

17. Kimirica Fairtrade Coconut Oil

Kimirica Fairtrade Coconut Oil is an excellent hair and skin rejuvenator that prevents issues like dry skin and irritation and aids in improving the skin-tone and texture. One of the best things about the oil is its packaging with an easy-to-use nozzle. It is available for ₹ 849.00 in a 270 ml pack on Kimirica. Apart from all the other skin benefits, it also provides a significant barrier to protect you from environmental toxins.

18. Aroma Magic Coconut Oil

Use this budget-friendly coconut oil to treat skin issues like dryness, cracks, burns, wounds and infections, all within some regular applications. Furthermore, it comes in travel-friendly and easy-to-apply spray bottle packaging. Despite being the best skin moisturiser, this oil adds extra benefits to help make your hair shinier and stronger. You can buy a 100 ml pack of Aroma Magic Coconut Oil for just ₹ 195.00 on Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic.

19. Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Coconut Water Facial Moisturizer


For healthy-looking skin and a radiant complexion, maybe nothing would be good than directly using coconut oil as a moisturiser. This Palmer’s Coconut Water Facial Moisturizer is a unique combination of hyaluronic acid and coconut water for your skin’s instant boost in hydration. This dermatologically tested face moisturiser gives deep nourishment that lasts for about 24 hours while also making your skin radiant and youthful. You can buy its 50 gm pack for ₹ 765.00 on Nykaa.

20. Dabur Anmol Gold 100% Pure Coconut Oil


Enriched with antioxidants, Dabur Anmol Gold coconut oil is another budget-friendly multipurpose oil that can be used for cooking and also applied on skin and hair. It can be used as a massage oil, immunity booster, cooking oil, moisturiser, makeup remover and hair nourishment oil. Its 1 litre pack is available for just ₹ 288.00 on Amazon. Moreover, you have the option to buy it in a 1.2 litre pack and a 600 ml pack as well. The product has gone through multiple filtration levels and comes in a unique tamper-proof seal packaging.

21. Coco Soul Cold Pressed Natural Virgin Coconut Oil


Coco Soul is a brand from the makers of Parachute that makes available 100% virgin coconut oil that’s free from any preservatives, gluten, mineral oil or trans fats. This oil is made from fresh, raw coconuts and thus proves to be the most natural and healthy moisturiser for your skin. Furthermore, we liked the transparent packaging with an easy application process too. Get this real aromatic coconut oil with all the vital nutrients for ₹ 199.00 on Amazon.

22. Max Care Virgin Coconut Oil


This cold-pressed virgin coconut oil by Max Care is another ideal option for your skin needs. Its 250 ml pack is available on Amazon for just ₹ 180.00. It also promotes weight loss and healthy metabolism when consumed for cooking purposes. Also, there aren’t any artificial fragrances or preservatives used in its production making it a safe oil to be applied on the skin. Lastly, a transparent bottle is a plus if you love it!

Best Coconut Oils for Cooking

Natural saturated fats in coconut oil raise your body's HDL (good cholesterol) levels. Regular consumption of coconut oil raises blood lipid levels, potentially lowering the risk of heart disease. To maintain a pH level that supports vaginal health, which is crucial for conception, adding coconut oil to your diet can be helpful. It has also been found by some people that consuming coconut oil makes you feel fuller after eating, thereby preventing overeating.

23. NutnDiet Premium Coconut Cooking Oil


NutnDiet premium cooking coconut oil comes in a 500 ml pouch which is available for just ₹ 160.00 on Amazon. There are around 8 options available in terms of quantity to purchase. This oil is made from copra or sun-dried coconuts and contains zero chemicals, pesticides, preservatives or artificial flavours. Furthermore, it is free from any trans-fat or cholesterol. Because of its oxidative stability and greater smoke point, this edible oil is suited for daily cooking, baking and deep frying.

24. Organic India Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil


Although the 500 ml pack of Organic India's cold-pressed coconut oil costs ₹ 674.00, it’s worth the price! Firstly, it comes in a glass bottle, so you have to be extra careful with it. This is the most organic form of coconut oil and is super beneficial for your heart health when consumed. Since the brand is dedicated to conscious and healthy living, it’s quite renowned for the purity of its products. You can buy it from Amazon.

25. Wingreens World Virgin Coconut Oil - Organic

You should always go for unrefined or cold-pressed virgin coconut oil for edible purposes. This is an organic coconut oil by the brand Wingreens Farms Organik Country. It is a rich source of vitamin E and other antimicrobial properties to help you with your skin and hair issues. At the same time, the oil is reasonably priced with a transparent bottle packaging at ₹ 280.00 for 250 ml on Wingreens World.

26. DiSano Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil


There’s no need to spend a fortune when you can buy virgin coconut oil within your budget at ₹ 173.00 for a 250 ml pack. This is another great option for cold-pressed coconut oil from the brand DiSano on Amazon. This oil contains about 63% of MCFA that aids in weight management. It can also be used for hair and skin purposes. All in all, it’s a raw coconut oil without any added oils or preservatives, available at a bargain price to grab now!

27. Cocoguru Cold Pressed Coconut Oil


Like other oils on the list, Cocoguru’s coconut oil also comes with the benefit of natural goodness. It comes in a pouch that is easy to handle, and you can further customise where you want to keep it! A 1 litre pack costs ₹ 275.00 on Amazon, and you have various other options in terms of quantity including a 5 kg can costing you ₹ 1,540.00. It can be used for deep frying, raw consumption, salad dressing, keto diet, food flavouring and more.

28. Shesha Ayurveda Extra Virgin Coconut Oil


If you love to explore the roots from where coconut oil is originally derived from, the brand Shesha Ayurveda from Kerala has got you covered. Its pack of 2 bottles of 200 ml each costs you ₹ 538.00 on Amazon. With Shesha Ayurveda, you’re making the best decision to choose coconut oil for cooking purposes that is extracted directly from fresh coconut milk without fermenting technology. Dedicated to good health, Shesha Ayurveda’s extra-virgin coconut oil helps improve your immunity power and metabolism.

29. Azafran Organic Coconut Oil (Cold Pressed)


Here’s another great option for a multi-vitamin coconut oil in its organic, virgin form! You can buy its 1 litre bottle for ₹ 650.00 on Azafran. This oil is formulated to promote a healthy heart and weight. Committed to quality, the oil contains no artificial flavours, preservatives, adulteration or chemicals. Moreover, you’re in safe hands when there’s official certification from USDA Organic, COSMOS natural, Eco-Cert and Bharat.

30. GKD's Premium Pure Coconut Oil

This high-quality coconut oil by the brand GKD’s is an expeller-pressed oil with a shelf life of about 9 months. Thus, it’s your best friend for cooking needs. A 1 litre pack costs you just ₹ 224.00 on Flipkart. This coconut oil is suitable for high-temperature cooking such as frying and baking due to its above-average lauric acid content (53%).

What Should You Look for in Coconut Oil?

To make the best decision of your life while buying coconut oil, you need only to stress on the following 4 factors:

  • There’s No Need to Always Go for Organic:

    The purest coconut oils naturally won’t have any significant pesticide residues, so going for the "organic" label won’t always be helpful! Similarly, non-GMO label claims are true. Don't pay more for a brand that advertises its non-GMO designation because there are currently no genetically modified kinds of coconut known to exist.

  • Certain Label Terms are Important to Look Out For:

    Buy coconut oil that is "unrefined," "extra virgin," and/or "cold pressed" whenever you can, but stay away from coconut oil that is "deodorised." Although refined coconut oil has a higher smoke point than unrefined one and is, therefore more adaptable for cooking, experts still advise using unrefined, cold-pressed oil for a majority of the applications.

  • Go with the Solid State:

    Although both solid and liquid forms of coconut oil are sold in most grocery shops, they are not exactly the same thing despite sharing the same name. Note that all saturated fats are solid at room temperature. Those liquid coconut oil bottles have undergone additional processing, removing some of the fatty acids that originally kept the oil in the solid state and therefore these should be avoided.

  • Don’t Stress Too Much:

    The reason coconut oil isn't the main source of fat in our diets isn't some sort of sinful, disease-causing diet evil; rather, it's because we don't know enough about it yet. So, you must always choose healthy options of the best coconut oil.
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Start Tapping the Numerous Health and Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil

Now that you are familiar with all the benefits of using coconut oil and also the best coconut oils currently available in India, it is time that you immediately start tapping those benefits which coconut oil has to offer for your entire family. We hope you would have liked this BP Guide. Share your experiences of buying and using coconut oil with us and stay connected for more such engaging content.