Show your Gratitude Towards your Office Besties with these Thoughtful Ideas of Thank You Gifts for Colleagues. (2022)

Show your Gratitude Towards your Office Besties with these Thoughtful Ideas of Thank You Gifts for Colleagues. (2022)

Gifting your work associates may be a good idea to show your appreciation and gratitude which can foster great work relations. Thoughtful thank you gifts for colleagues help in reminding them that you do notice their contributions at your workplace. There are many different types of thank you gifts such inexpensive, or small thank you gifts for colleagues. There is also an option for thank you gifts for colleagues when leaving. Find these and many more gifting options for office mates here from BP Guide.

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Why You Should Give Gifts to Colleagues?

Improves Coworker Dynamics

If you are planning thank you gifts for colleagues then we have a good news for you. Apparently, there are some benefits of maintaining this gifting culture amongst your colleagues. One such benefit is that it improves your coworker dynamics. Your colleagues are a big part of your life and these small gifts convey this feeling very effectively. These gifts helps you two see each other more than just coworkers and helps in maintaining a healthy relationship too.

Makes People Happier

This is a very basic human nature to get happy when they received gifts. But did you know that doing something for others makes you even happier which means gifting is a win-win situation for both parties. Apart from showing how much you care for them, giving gifts to coworkers generates a sense of happiness for both recipient and giver which is what counts the most.

Increases Work Productivity too

If you are giving gifts to your coworkers then you are improving work productivity too. Improving personal relationships with your coworkers makes a strong and well-communicating team which affects the work productivity in a really good way. Giving gifts to colleagues is all about showing your gratitude and appreciation which maintains a healthy and stress free office environment too. Hence, both efficiency and success rate increases.

Best Thank You Gifts for Colleagues

1. Desk Organizer


A desk organizer can turn out to be the most useful and practical thank you gift for a colleague. Apart from showing your appreciation towards them, you are actually giving them something which they will be using on a daily basis. We found this simple but utility friendly desk organizer for you. Made out of quality plastic material, this desk organizer comes in grey colour which blends with the surroundings really well. It comes with 5 differently sized compartments to organize different items in it.

From stationery items to small day to day things in office like punching machine, stapler etc. you can literally store everything in it. This multi-utility case is just the perfect thing to gift to your co-worker especially when their desk is always in chaos. You can buy this desk organizer on School Champ for Rs. 160 only.

2. Customized Coffee Mug

If you are looking for thank you gifts for colleagues when leaving then we have something personal but quite appropriate for this purpose. A customized coffee mug is not only a perfectly personalized item but also makes quite a thoughtful gift too. Offices just can’t run without coffee and you definitely need a custom mug to get your coffee on daily basis. This customized option allows you to print literally anything on a coffee mug.

From picture to a quote or maybe a name, you can get anything printed on the white background of this mug. You can also select 8 different colour options for the mug interior and handle and for the exterior you can pick either black or white colour options. The prints will be customized on both sides of the mug in high quality. You can get this 325ml capacity customized coffee mug on Vistaprint for Rs.275.

3. Herb Seeds Set


Another appreciation gift for your colleagues is as thoughtful as the previous one. You can help this world become a little more greener with this thoughtful and warm gift. This one is herb seeds set which contains various interesting and useful herbs perfect for your kitchen garden or backyard. These seeds contain higher germination rate which means the probability of seeds sprouting is quite high than other average seeds. As they are winter planting seeds, they will be more suitable to gift in winter season.

This pack contains 20 seeds of each variety like chives, lemon basil, rosemary, thyme, asparagus, mint, penny royal, chamomile, lavender etc. They are best suitable for indoor, terrace and home gardening and can be grown easily in Indian weather conditions. You are also provided a growing instruction sheet with this set. You can buy this on Amazon for Rs.329.

4. Customized Card Holder

One of the most creative as well as multi-utility thank you gifts for colleagues is a customized card holder. Only colleagues can understand the pain of carrying so many important visiting cards, credit cards and other important cards in their wallet. But now, they have an entirely different holder for them to keep them more organized and safe. This one is a metal visiting card holder which can carry your id cards and credit/debit cards too.

You can also customize the name of the person on it to make it look more personal. This holder can carry 10-12 cards in them and it is made of stainless steel material which is quite sturdy and secure but lightweight too. You can buy and customize it on Your Print for Rs.129 only.

5. Mini Scented Candles Set

Scented candles may seem like a very expensive gift for formal gifting but we bring an absolutely affordable version of it. We found a perfect mini jar scented candles gift set for your colleagues which will become their absolute favourite in no time. These candles are perfect to light up a dull and stressful day. You can just forget about all office hustle and tiredness once you light them up in your home. You can gift them to your colleague for a relaxed experience.

This set here contains fragrances like honey vanilla, floral love, sugar and spice, cinnamon and vine, rose and lily, and harsingar. All of them come in different colours too and these mini jars look quite cute and aesthetically perfect. They can be burnt for up to 4 hours and the covering lid provided with each jar makes sure that you can store them easily. Buy this candles set on Flipkart for Rs.302.

6. Desk Succulent Pot

Looking for an inexpensive thank you gifts for co-workers? We have just the perfect recommendation for you. A small and cute succulent pot is something which is perfect for office desk or home décor. We found a wonderful option for you in form of this day dreaming girl succulent pot. Made out of resin, the finishing of this pot is absolutely bang on and the shape is also quite cute. In fact, you are going to like the colours on it too as they are quite vibrant and gives a refreshing experience just by looking at it. They have used anti-fade and non-corrosive colours on the pot which are going to remain the same over the time. You can plant succulents or cactus in them and gift them to your co-worker as a thank you gift. Grab this cute pot on Plants n Pots for Rs.139.

7. Manual Label Maker


A label maker might sound an absurd choice as a thank you gift for colleague but it can turn out to be the most amazing and useful item ever. Even at office you need to label tons of files and drawers as per different names and categories. Not only in the office but a label maker is a must for your home too. For such purposes, you need this Motex label maker in your life. This label maker is compatible with a 9mm yellow tape and can print anything you want on it.

Made out of strong plastic material, this label maker is quite lightweight and easy to carry in your bag. It is entirely manual which means you need to rotate the marker towards the digit/alphabet you want to print and just press it like a gun and it will get printed. In fact, this label maker can print some symbols as well. Just prepare a label manually, cut it and use it, simple! You can buy this manual label maker on Meesho for Rs.399.

8. Mini Humidifier


Another interesting choice for thank you gifts for colleagues is a mini humidifier. Whether it is an extreme humid weather or super cold winters or even harsh summers, this humidifier comes as a rescue in all sorts of seasons. It can be used in your room, office desk and even in automobiles too. It keeps the air moist and moisturizes the skin using its ultrasonic technology. It is super useful when you are having a dry cough or cold.

This humidifier also doubles up as aroma oil diffuser too which is perfect for a relaxed experience.
Thanks to its small size, it is quite portable and can be operated using USB power. It uses 30ml water per hour and comes with a 300ml capacity which means no refilling every now and then. You can buy this mini humidifier plus oil diffuser on Amazon for Rs.349.

9. Exclusive 12 piece Pocket Perfume Set

If your co-worker is a big fan of perfumes and fragrances then you can gift them this assorted pocket perfume set. This exclusive set contains 12 different types of fragrances packed in small 10ml capacity bottles to use. Provided by the brand called DSP, some of these fragrances are Fantasia, hearts, lady in blue, attar e ful and many more. These pocket perfumes are so small in size that they can be carried anywhere without a fuss.

We are totally loving these mini bottles too which comes with a spray functionality. All of these are long lasting perfumes which can stay up to 8 hours and makes you smell refreshing and amazing all the time. These amazing fragrances are available for purchase on BelleGirl LifeStyle for Rs.333.

10. Thermos Vaccum Flask


If you are looking for small thank you gifts for colleagues then we have a significant option for you to choose. This one is a thermos vacuum flask which is far different from regular thermos. It comes with a unique LED display which shows the temperature of the drink poured inside it. Isn’t it something you have always wanted so that you do not end up burning your mouth with your hot coffee or tea? This thermos comes with more functionality and features too.

It has double wall insulation which makes sure the temperature of your drink remains constant for a longer period of time. This stainless steel thermos has 500ml capacity and perfect for both hot and cold drink. The black color of this thermos makes it look quite trendy and it can quite easily fit in the side pocket of your backpack. You can buy this vacuum flask on Meesho for Rs.200 only.

Guideline for Giving Gifts in the Office

Every office culture is different and hence there are a few things to keep in mind while picking gifts for office colleagues in India. There may be a guide in your office for gifting presents to your colleagues and you would not want to get in trouble even though your intentions are good. Here are a few things about gift giving in office.

Limited Price Range

You are not supposed to give over the top gifts to your coworkers and the budget should be limited so that all colleagues can feel inclusive while giving gifts to others. While other people are brining very casual gifts and you are giving something fancy, then you can make other people feel very uncomfortable with this move. So, set a price limit before you guys plan for gift-giving.

Check Company's Policies About it If Any

It is much wiser to check company’s policies regarding giving gifts to coworkers in the premise. There can be a policy regarding no such exchange in the office or it can be about who can receive gifts from whom to maintain a healthy work culture. Office may also have policy about what is allowed and prohibited in gifts and you should definitely check all of it before buying gifts for your colleagues.

Select the Gift Thoughtfully

While picking thank you gifts for colleagues, you should make sure that they are decent and thoughtful. If your gifts can convey mixed message to your coworker then you should totally avoid it. Your gift should be appropriate and should respect work-culture and company’s policies too. Your presents are supposed to show appreciated and respect, don’t use them for mockery.

Do Not Expect Anything in Return

You are not supposed to expect anything in return if you are giving gift to your colleagues whole-heartedly. Pressurizing someone into giving gifts to you just because you are giving one to them isn’t a nice thing. Sometimes words of appreciation and a warm hand-shake is enough to convey the feeling of respect and admiration and if someone is doing that for you then it is way priceless than a gift itself.

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Office Thank You Gifts to Show Appreciation and Gratitude.

Gifts such as a desk organizer, or Thermos vacuum flask are gifts that they may use on a daily basis, other gifts such as scented candles or succulent pot are gifts that may be used at home or by those leaving. Even if not leaving, they may ultimately create a pleasant working environment for you, the gifted and other office colleagues. There are also many other different types of thank you gifts for colleagues such as those suggested that may come in handy or have an impact on them. Therefore, when it comes to gifting workmates, above are some of the best choices to go for. Keep note so as to maintain a budget, maintain company policies and select a thoughtful gift.