Looking for a Men’s Skin Care Routine You Can Use Every Day(2020)?  Best Skincare Routine for Men That are Easy to Follow, Takes Little to No Time to Apply, and Will Leave Your Skin Thanking You Afterwards.

Looking for a Men’s Skin Care Routine You Can Use Every Day(2020)? Best Skincare Routine for Men That are Easy to Follow, Takes Little to No Time to Apply, and Will Leave Your Skin Thanking You Afterwards.

Skin cannot be replaced. Not really! But it is hugely expensive so let’s stick to the basics and charm the Venus returns with smooth looks and healthy skin. We got the scoop on men’s skincare to lay out the foundation for the absolute best routine you could have for your face.

Importance of Skin Care routine for Men

Men are made to believe since childhood that they have naturally tough and carefree skin, and they should not bother about using any special care or products to maintain their skin. Hence, many of us have the notion that we really don’t need skin care products; but that’s not entirely true. Men also need to take care of their skin as they care for their hair, teeth, and immune system, etc. A proper skin care routine for men is important to keep your skin nourished, healthy, and glowing while you age. A dull skin gives an impression of a careless and casual persona because your face is the first body part people notices when they meet you. Moreover, dry and pale skin is also an indicator of poor health.

Introducing a severer routine for men would take away only a few minutes a day from your schedule, but the benefits are more than just healthy skin. Glowing skin not only boosts your confidence, but you also stand apart from the crowd, it makes you more appealing while adding a charm to your personality. Moreover, the increasing pollution and stress levels also take a toll on your skin; thus proper skin care is needed to save your skin from dust, smoke, pollutants, and UV rays, etc.

Difference between Men's and Women's Skin

Men are genetically blessed with more resilient facial skin than women, thanks to the facial hair and stronger protective layer due to the presence of elastin fibres and more collagen. The thicker skin of men is less prone to wrinkles, but due to the presence of facial hair glands, it also produces more oil, thus men, in general, have oilier skin than women. More oil keeps the moisture level intact in the skin thus keeping it hydrated, but the flip side is that oily skin is more prone to pimples which can result in acne.

While regular shaving gives the benefit of exfoliating your skin, it also makes it more sensitive to pollutants and germs, etc. Moreover, men have more sebaceous glands as compared to women which simply means their facial skin has more and larger pores. Larger pores easily allow the free radicals and pollutants to enter the first layer making skincare all the more important. Also, signs of ageing like wrinkles may appear late in men, but when these signs appear they are more severe and quick. While a well-shaved skin is sensitive, keeping a full beard comes with its own share of challenges when it comes to skincare.

Best Skin Care Routine for Men: Great Skin Guaranteed!

It’s never too late to start the best skincare routine for men because apart from a balanced diet and regular exercise, the right skincare products can protect your skin from the harmful effects of pollution, stress, and sunrays. Moreover, good skincare products can bring a noticeable change by boosting blood circulation in the facial tissues, and increasing the active ingredients, vitamins, and fatty acids, etc, which are helpful in nourishing your skin. The advanced skincare products can reduce wrinkles, spots, and lines from the skin while providing you with a glowing and rejuvenated skin by exfoliating the dead cells of the skin.

To reap long term benefits of skincare, you need to make it a part of your daily routine. The way you take a bath, hit the gym or practice meditation, etc, as a part of daily schedule; skin care also needs little time from your every single day. You don’t need to spend hours massaging your face, but sparing just a few minutes a day would solve the purpose.

Learn about Your Skin Type

Learning about your skin type is the first and most important part of your skincare. You can easily check that your skincare type falls into which of the below categories –

  • Normal – Your skin stays oil-free most of the time, doesn’t get dry either and you hardly face acne issues, then you have a normal skin type.
  • Oily Skin – Oily patches, shiny skin, and acne problems are the symptoms of oily skin.
  • Dry / Sensitive Skin – Frequent irritation, dryness, and tightness in the skin signify a dry skin.
  • Combination – If you have an oily forehead and nose (the T area), and the rest of the face is dry then you have a combination skin.
  • Aging Skin – Wrinkles, age spots, and dullness are the signs of aging skin and you must immediately start a skincare routine for men.

Cleanse Your Skin on the Regular

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Use a face wash according to your skin type to wash your face with warm water in the morning and night every day. Gently rub the face wash in circles on your face, rinse with cold water and pat dry with a soft towel. You can also use a cleanser to clean the hidden dirt before washing your face. Never use soap on your face as they contain harsh chemicals.

Learn to Use a Face Scrub

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Exfoliating your face with a scrubber should be done 2 – 3 times a week after cleansing your facial skin. Men with oily skin should do it more often as compared to those with dry skin. Exfoliating your skin removes the dead cells and promotes new skin cells, thus also improving your complexion. The use of a scrubber is recommended before shaving and the method to use is the same as while using a face wash.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Keeping your skin moisturized is one important step to be followed using face wash or scrubber. Use a good moisturizer according to your skin type two times in a day (day and night) over your entire face, especially around the eyes and forehead. Take a little amount in your palm, dab the fingers and rub gently over the entire face. Men with dry skin can use moisturize an additional time i.e. in the afternoon.

Ensure You Apply Sunscreen

Sun rays are harsh and can cause damage to your skin, especially the UV rays. So before you step out of your home in the morning, apply a sunscreen of at least SPF (Sun Protection Factor) 15. If you spend more time in the open and your skin is exposed to sunlight for a longer time, use a sunscreen with SPF 30 or above on the face, neck, and hands, etc. Preventing skin from UV rays slows down the skin ageing process. You can also use a moisturizer with SPF 30 or above.

Use Face Masks

Applying a face mask once a week helps to cleanse deep into the pores of your facial skin, thus removing the hidden dirt and oil. The face mask goes twice as deeper as your regular cleanser and clears the built-up dirt. Use a face mask according to your skin type with natural cleansing agents like clay and mud etc. You can also make homemade face masks with ingredients readily available in your kitchen.

Add Eye Creams to Your Routine

Dark circles, bags, and puffiness are the worst nightmares of someone concerned about their looks and mostly occur due to staying up late in the night. When you do not get enough sleep, blood, and other liquids in the body push up against the skin resulting in dark circles. An eye cream with caffeine is considered best for men as it’s an excellent stimulant that works on the area around the eyes and drains the excess blood back into the body.

Consider Anti-Aging Cream As Well

You must use an anti-aging cream if you notice wrinkles and fine lines on your face. Apply a good anti-aging cream according to your skin type after moisturizing your skin and before you go to sleep in the night. Body tissues and cells repair themselves while you are sleeping in the night, thus applying anti-aging cream at night works in sync with the natural restoration process of your body.

Skin Care Products for Men:Handpicked Options to Consider

Now let’s check a few excellent, popular, and high-rated skincare products for men which can be used as a part of your skincare routine.

mCaffeine Coffee Mood Skin Care Gift Kit

As mentioned earlier, coffee is a great stimulant for your skin and this Care Kit by mCaffeine is a complete skincare solution in one pack. The package contains a face wash with naked and raw Coffee with white water lily which has a deep cleansing formula to remove excess oil and dirt, a face scrub containing naked and raw coffee with vitamin E, a body scrub with naked and raw coffee with coconut, and naked and raw coffee face mask with goodness of cocoa. You can order this mCaffeine Coffee Mood Skin Care Gift Kit from mcaffeine.com for Rs. 1,675.

The Body Shop Daily Scrub, Tea Tree

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The Body Shop needs no introduction when it comes to skincare and grooming. The gentle and squeaky clean scrub is enriched with tea tree oil which removes the built-up impurities and dead skin cells thus providing you a glowing and rejuvenated skin. Your skin appears clearer, shine-free and feels smoother with regular usage of this daily scrub. The Body Shop daily scrub 100 ml is available on amazon.in.

Beardo the Dirty Charcoal Combo

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Another combo for men’s skincare skin care to you by Beardo which has made its name in the men’s skincare segment in just a few years due to their unique and quality products. The Dirty Charcoal Combo contains one charcoal face wash which controls excess oil, acne, and pimples, and keeps your skin clean and fresh by removing the dirt; one face scrub which removes dead cells by exfoliating your skin and adds a natural glow to your skin; a charcoal peel-off face mask to eliminate the dirt, toxins, and oil embedded deep into the pores of your skin and charcoal body wash which is an excellent body cleanser with long-lasting fragrance. The Dirty Charcoal Combo is available for Rs. 1,200 at beardo.in.

Kama Ayurveda Skin Brightening Night Cream for Men

Kama Ayurveda is a well-known name for producing premium skincare products that are prepared with natural products based on Ayurveda. This night cream for men is specially formulated with mulethi, saffron, vetiver, aloe vera, and Indian lotus, etc, to provide an even skin tone by lightening and brightening your skin. The cream also promotes new cell growth in the skin, reduced pigmentation, and dark circles. The Skin Brightening Night Cream for Men by Kama Ayurveda clears blemishes, protects your skin against bacterial infection and gives you a younger-looking naturally radiant skin. The 50 gm jar of this product is available for Rs. 1,795 on kamaayurveda.com.

Honest Choice Eye Cream

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The natural under eye gel by HONEST CHOICE is a highly rated and popular product admired by people who are suffering from the problem of dark circles and puffy eyes. The gel contains cucumber, plant cell stem cell extracts, and vitamins which revitalizes and recharge your skin plus fights the fine lines, wrinkles and reduces puffiness and eye bags. The eye cream is made of natural ingredients, doesn’t contain parabens, dyes or harmful chemicals thus doesn’t cause any side-effects. You can order this HONEST CHOICE Eye cream 50 gm pack for Rs. 349 from amazon.in.

Skin Care Tips for Men to Follow for Healthy Skin

Now we know that washing your face, scrubbing, using a moisturizer, sunscreen cream, applying a face-pack, under-eye gel, and anti-ageing cream are some of the most important parts of skin-care routine for men. We have also explored a few popular skincare products for men. Before we conclude this article, let’s check a few essential to know skincare tips for men which would make your skincare regimen easier and more effective –

  • Proper care of the skin – Use the right products at the right time, regularly, as per your skin type.
  • Consistency is the key – Once you have set-up a skincare routine, stick to it, and follow consistently to get healthy and glowing skin.
  • Use warm water – Cold water contracts the facial pores and tightens your blood vessels, using warm water before and after applying face wash or face scrub cleans the pores thoroughly.
  • Use good products – Cheap products may be filled with chemicals, so always check the ingredients before purchasing skin care products and use good quality products.
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