Bid A Fond Goodbye To Winter: These 10 Gifts On Lohri Will Add More Joy to Your Celebrations(2020)

Bid A Fond Goodbye To Winter: These 10 Gifts On Lohri Will Add More Joy to Your Celebrations(2020)

The importance of harvest festivals in India comes from the time when we were primarily agrarian. We may not long be all farmers today, but the joyous celebration that accompanied these festival persists. The northern parts of the country celebrates Lohri with the usual fervour of Indians, and Lohri Gifts are a great way to express your sentiments on this occasions. Whether visiting family or attending a Lohri party, get some great gifting ideas for this festival with our guide as well as tips for celebrating this festival in style.

What Is the Significance of Lohri

It Is Quite Like Bidding Adieu to Winter Days

Lohri is considered as the official goodbye of winter days. It usually falls on 13 January according to the Georgian Calendar which is a day before Maghi or Makar Sankranti in India. This is the time after which the days start to grow longer and the nights become shorter. This is an official declaration that winter days are passed.

It Is of Great Significance for the Sikh Community in India

Lohri is considered a significant festival for the Sikh community in India. It holds a great value for the Punjabis as it marks the financial year for them. It is the time when their crop is harvested and they start a new inning in their lands. The crop of Rabi is harvested in the field and hence the festival is so significant for every single farmer in India.

It Is All About Joy And Celebrations

The festival is popular for the uncountable Lohri sweets but its significance does not stop there only. The festival of Lohri brings joy and happiness in people’s lives. Ending of winter and cold days and harvesting of crops is seen as the symbol of financial liberty and harbinger of well-fed days. And hence it is celebrated with so much joy and enthusiasm in people’s heart.

10 Gifts on Lohri Your Relatives Will Love

1. Handmade Prandi


If you do not know much about it then let us tell you that a prandi is an important part of Sikh women’s outfit. In fact, some of them use them on daily basis to give a proper length to their braided hairs. It can make one of the most thoughtful gifts on Lohri for your female friends. A Prandi looks really suitable on Lohri outfits or even on simple salwar kameez that Sikh women wear. This handmade prandi has silver tassels at the end and gives a very traditional touch to a woman’s hairstyle.

It makes a wonderful hair accessory and quite popular in Punjab too. A parandi or parandi is handcrafted and requires some great craftsmanship especially for the unique tassels at its end. Such kind of gifts are just perfect for festivals like Lohri or any other Punjabi festivals too. You can buy this handmade Prandi from for Rs. 299 only.

2. Fresh Flowers

Lohri is definitely related to nature too as it marks the harvesting of Rabi crop in the fields. And this is why you should stick to the theme as well. And nothing depicts the nature more than the fresh flowers itself. The perky bloomed flowers not only spread fresh fragrance but also describes freshness and joy really well. This bouquet contains 10 roses and each of them is different from one another. These roses aren’t wild flowers and hence contain really nice fragrance in it.

You can send these roses to your friends and family members as the perfect Lohri gift. In fact, flowers are just perfect for all sorts of other occasions too. With a compilation of pink, red, white and other types of roses together, this bouquet makes perfect sense as blooming Lohri gift. You can order this flower bouquet from for Rs. 399.

3. Dry Fruit Hamper


Indian festivals are typically incomplete without the presence of lots and lots of dry fruits in them and Lohri seems to be no exception here as well. If you are thinking too much for the Lohri gifts inspiration then you can choose the other way and keep things simpler. Prefer these packages of dry fruits instead of any other kind of gifts. They are nutritious, delicious and most importantly just perfect for occasions like these.

It is called nutritional hamper with almonds, cashew nuts, pista and raisins in it all of them in 250gm of packaging. You can also make two bags out of them with this much of quantity on your own. These packages are then kept together in a wooden basket and it looks the most perfect hamper ever. Perfect for gifting to the close friends and family, this dry fruit hamper is definitely a win-win gift. You can buy this gift from for Rs. 2,349.

4. Moti Chur Laddoo


Just like the dry fruits, sweets are another integral part of Indian festivities and we have got you covered with it as well. Moti Choor Laddoos are the most loved and widely popular sweets in India and you can find a box of them in every household on occasions on Lohri or Diwali. So, rooting for the traditions, prefer a box of the yummiest Moti Choor Laddoos which come in a packaging of 250gm.

The richness of butter and the excellent taste are the highlight of these laddoos which look really tempting too. You can definitely prepare them at home but in case if you could not find the time for it then in such condition buying them online can be a great choice. These tempting Moti Choor Laddoos are available to be bought from for Rs. 449.

5. Pooja Thali Set

You must have seen a Pooja thali being used for all sorts of festivals in India. And of course, Lohri is no different too. Instead of buying other types of Lohri gift hampers, you can prefer this Pooja Thali as it is not only a practical gift but can be used for other festivities too. So, basically, you are giving out a multipurpose gift to all your friends and family members.

This Pooja Thali is small yet beautiful and has a diameter of 9cm. This is a gold plated thali which has two round boxes with covering lids on them. The overall look of the thali looks really lavish and the compact size of it ensures that you can handle it easily. This Pooja thali can be used on daily basis without the troubles of withering away at all. This golden metal thali can be bought from for Rs. 259.

6. Khasta Gajak Pack


Gazak is one of the most consumed sweets on the occasion of Lohri after the popular revdis. So, why not to gift one to your loved ones too. Choosing such kind of heart touching gifts can be such a nice gesture especially on the joyous occasion of Lohri. This package contains 450gms of Gazak and it is called Khasta Gazak Pack. This Gajak pattis are made of sesame seeds which are consumed on the occasion of Lohri especially.

The amalgamation of sesame seeds with jaggery creates this very amazing delicacy and has great flavour. The best part about this sweet is that it stays fresh for more than a month so no worries about its storage. But make sure to keep it in an airtight container. It can be just the right gift for all your foodie friends. Not only that people are going to love eating this but it will also connect them with the traditions too. You can buy this Gazak pack from for Rs. 470.

7. Handicraft Items

Indian festivals are all about following the traditions and hence you are less likely to come up with too many options of the gifts. If you are feeling confused then you can also prefer handicraft items for such occasions. We have picked a handcrafted bullock cart for you which is also known as Kondapalli toys. This handicraft shows two bulls made up of softwood and organic dyes. These bulls are being handled by a farmer while they carry a cart behind them.

As a gesture, you can pack little bags of Rabi crop on this mini cart to mark the symbolism of the Lohri festival in just the right way possible. This bullock cart and the farmer stands on a wooden stand so that this handicraft can be placed safely anywhere. This art of Kondapalli toys is around 400 years old and quite popular in entire India too. If you really liked this handicraft then you can buy it from for Rs. 790.

8. Lohri Dance Wall Stickers


It is the time to think about some unique gifts on Lohri and this is why we decided to bring you this Lohri inspired wall sticker. This wall sticker features the dance done on the occasion of Lohri. This multicolour sticker features 4 Punjabi men in it along with 2 women. You can see a person playing the drums while others are just dancing the way it is done on Lohri. These PVC vinyl stickers can be easily stuck on walls and turn out to be quite durable.

Make sure to stick them in one go otherwise the adhesive won’t work properly. You can use these stickers on other stuff too like furniture, fridge etc. It is suggested to not use these stickers on the textured wall otherwise they won’t get stuck properly. These colourful stickers are just perfect for presenting to someone as Lohri gift. You can buy these Lohri Dance wall stickers from for Rs. 286.

9. Dryfruit Chikki

It is the time to talk about yet another kind sweet but it is very different from all the other mentioned. If you do not want to give out dry fruits bags then you can prefer the dry fruit chikki instead. It costs way lesser than dry fruit box and serves as perfect sweets too. This pack of chikki is made from the finest dry fruits and the package contains 250 gm quantity of it. It is going to serve as the best snacks ever.

These dry fruit chikkis are loved by everyone and perfect for the joyous occasion of Lohri as well. It is made up of almonds, cashew nut and pistachio which are blended together in small pieces. These are crunchy yet easily breakable and melts in mouth perfectly. These amazing dry fruit chikkis are available for purchase on for Rs. 345.

10. Lucky Bamboo Plant

Grace a joyous occasion with some luck and greenery from your side by gifting lucky bamboo plant seeds to your loved ones. Well, these seeds are different from ordinary plants as they are grass like seeds and each packet contains 10 of them. The bamboo plant is suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses and seen as the symbol of prosperity and happiness in one’s life.

This one is a single-layered bamboo plant seeds set which must be watered regularly to grow on time. These lucky bamboo plant seeds are available on for purchase for Rs. 99 only.

Bonus Tips for the Festival

It is always good to keep some gifts on Lohri handy by yourself in case if you can’t find time at the last moment. If you are wondering about the same then we are here to help you out. Here are some easy and quick tips and tricks to find the best and most suitable gifts for Lohri.

1. Prepare Some Sweets on Your Own

You just cannot deny it that market sweets are highly overpriced and they become even more expensive when ordered online. If you are not willing to spend a huge sum on sweets alone then why don’t you prepare them on your own? YouTube is literally filled with amazing Lohri sweets recipe and ideas and you just need to search for them. Homemade sweets are going to earn you some brownie points as well.

2. Throw an Impromptu Lohri Celebration Party

If you want to get away with the Lohri gifts then the best idea to do is go through an impromptu Lohri party. Well, of course, it is going to cost you more but what about the fun and laughter and all the joy it is going to bring. And for a quick gift, you can pack dry fruits in little bags as the Lohri gift bags. Cool, isn’t it?

3. Rent the Lohri Outfits for All As a Gift

Enough with the sweets as gifts - our final suggestion is quite practical. Everyone knows that Lohri is celebrated with dance and laughter and people wear festive dresses on this day. So, why don’t you rent out these dresses for them as a gift? We are quite sure that it is going to be one smart and practical gift of all time.

From our editorial team

Lohri is the Festival of Sharing

On this joyful day, people make merry by having the family get-togethers and lavish dinners. If you are considering gifting while joining in for these celebrations, consider something out of the box rather than the regular gajak or sweets. Look for something offbeat like handmade chocolates or gourmet jams. You could even consider winter essentials like scarfs. As is always the case, your thoughtfulness has more importance than the price of the gift.