Flaunt Your Beard Like a Celebrity: Discover the Top Beard Grooming Styles of 2021 and the Best Grooming Products to Get That Luxurious and Stylish Beard

Flaunt Your Beard Like a Celebrity: Discover the Top Beard Grooming Styles of 2021 and the Best Grooming Products to Get That Luxurious and Stylish Beard

Beard has always been in trend for men for centuries. It is an evergreen masculine style statement that is commonly adopted by many celebrities, influencers and men of prominence. If you too are planning to grow a beard this year then you need to know the trending beard styles of 2021 and the best products to groom your beard to give it a healthy, luxurious and stylish look. Also, you need to understand the benefits of keeping a beard and why it never goes out of fashion.

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Keeping Beards: More Than a Style Choice

Beard or no beard, is that the question? Fret not, we will make it easy for you to decide, especially if you have decided to sport a beard. Beard is the latest in-thing currently. You will spot boys and men of all ages proudly showing off their masculinity by keeping a beard in different ways but it is important to know that the fashion of keeping a beard may come and go but it has been around since ages.

According to scientists, men in earlier days kept a beard for three reasons i.e. to keep them warm, to protect their face from the pollutants and to protect the most sensitive areas like lips and mouth covered naturally. They also kept a beard to protect their face from the fist fights they got into. It was also a sign of intimation as men with more testosterone had a thicker and stronger jawline with thicker beard which showed off their masculinity.

Another important thing which was connected with beards was the punishment. Men were punished for their mistakes by having to cut their beard which was considered shameful. Other common factors of keeping a beard are that it hides any scars or blemishes they might have on the skin. It also keeps the skin smoother as regular shaving can cause irritation and dryness to the face. It also protects the face from the harsh UV rays. Not to mention many women love men with beard. They feel protected around men with beard as it shows that they are strong and mature than a clean shaving boyish man (no offense to the clean shaven men).

Benefits of Keeping a Beard

Other major benefits of keeping a beard in details are:

  • As mentioned above, a beard blocks the UV rays from hitting your skin directly. It blocks around 95% of the rays.

  • Regular shaving can cause acne and irritation to the facial skin. When you shave regularly you may trigger the spread of bacteria which causes acne, therefore, keeping a well styled beard can save you a lot of pain and discomfort.

  • A beard makes a man look older. If you are called a baby face try keeping a beard and you'll look manlier. A well kept beard makes a man look 2-5 years older and more mature. Think of how your brother or dad looked after they shaved a long beard, like a young boy right? So, point proven.

  • A beard comes in handy when you are lost in deep thought and need something to fiddle with. You'll see men with beard stroking it while thinking about important issues.

7 Trendy Beard Grooming Styles

Here is a list of some of the trendiest and coolest beard styles you can choose from. These styles are worn by most of the prominent people in the fashion industry or the political arena. If you want to keep a beard then why not try one of the most stylish ones? These styles are easy to groom at home or you can always ask your barber to style it for you.


Verdi is a cool style which is named after a 19th century Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi. It is not only the beard but the handlebar moustache that makes it look very distinguished. The Verdi beard is kept around 3-4 inches long and the handles of the moustache are waxed and hung over the top of the beard in a loose curl. You can also opt for a smaller moustache which is separated from the beard.

If you want to keep the Verdi beard then you will have to grow your beard for about 6-8 months depending on the hair growth as well as your moustaches to style them as a handlebar. Style your beard with a natural round shape and trim the beard with scissors to keep it at that length.


Source stylemann.com

If you think you can't keep a beard due to the lack of facial hair then think again. The Imperial beard is a great style for you. It has been very popular in England and has made a grand comeback. This style makes you look younger and looks good on men of all ages. You can also keep a small handlebar moustache and a cute little goatee at the centre of the chin. If you have a round face or an oval face then this style would look great on you, but men with edgy faces should avoid keeping this style.

Grow the beard and moustache for about a month and grow the moustache and stubble together so that they have the same thickness. If you want to keep a goatee then keep it like a Grecian urn. Use a gel on your beard, and to make it easier, you can draw the shape of the beard with a washable marker before trimming it. Style it as soon as you see the stubble so that it grows naturally with an edgy shape. You will love this style and feel proud when you see the handsome Mel Gibson wearing it in many movies. Remember to keep the beard simple as the main objective of keeping this style is to focus on the moustache.

Short Beard + Full Moustache

A short beard with a full moustache is a great style which goes well with almost all face shapes and also looks good on men of all ages. For this style you will have to keep your beard short. You can either keep the beard close to the face or you can grow it a bit into a stubble of about 2 cm. If you decide to keep it short then it will be easy for you to maintain if you do it regularly. It is better to trim the beard with a scissors and try to keep it symmetrical. For the moustache keep it a few cm longer than the beard. Experiment and then decide the kind you like and the one that makes you feel comfortable.

The Yeard

The yeard is the kind of a beard that creates the difference between the men and the boys. For keeping a yeard start with growing it for around a year without too much trimming. It might look awkward in the beginning and will take a lot of commitment to grow a yeard but the results look stunning. Simple ways of grooming a yeard is to cut the stray hair with a scissors and use a beard oil when it starts to grow long. Trim the moustache so that it doesn't grow over the lip but remember not to cut any hair growing vertically. Also cut down the sideburns or fade them to match with your hairstyle. In the end if you don't like it you can always cut it short or keep growing it till it reaches the length you like.

Balbo Beard

Another great beard style is the Balbo. Think of the Iron Man and you'll know what we are talking about. If you want to sport this cool style then start with trimming your moustaches and leave the hair around the mouth and on the chin longer. Let it grow for about 3-5 mm and trim evenly. The Balbo beard would be around 2-3 cm wide at the centre of the bottom lip and curved downward and outward for about 6 cm on both sides of the chin. Shave the outer borders of the beard while moving inwards to remove the hair between the corner of the lips and the goatee. This will create an oblong shape also known as the chinstrap. Remember to leave a rectangle in the middle of the beard from the bottom lip to the goatee. Now create a part in the middle of the moustache and trim the top of it with a downward angle coming down to the lip line of the mouth. Leave a strip of hair of 5-10 mm wide and comb the handlebar moustache outwards. Shave your cheeks and neck and you are done. Remember to shave it regularly by keeping the edges of the beard defined. It does take a little effort to create a Balbo but you'll love the end results.

Short Stubble

Source hone.style

If you like beards but hate to put in too much effort in them then you can go with the short stubble. This is the easiest beard style to keep and looks very nice. It looks manly and professional. You will have to grow your beard and moustache for a few days to get a natural, well groomed look with this style. Start with a 3 mm setting on your trimmer and trim the beard. Trim all over and comb it against the grain. Once the bread is at the desired length and is even, clean the neck and create a straight line. To maintain it, simply repeat after every 3 days or so. Remember to moisturise after each shave to avoid getting your face dry. This style will make you look smart yet casual.

Goatee – Trimmed Beard Style

A very popular beard style is the goatee. It incorporates hair on the chin and the upper lip. There are different styles in a goatee but the most common is when it all comes together to cover the lowermost section of the face especially around the mouth. It is a great look for you if you want to look professional. Simply grow your beard up to 10 mm and create a goatee. Trim the hair on the neck, cheeks and above the lip. Now, trim from the neck to the edges of the chin and the cheeks then the upper lip until you see the goatee forming. After you are done moisturise your face and regularly trim the stray hairs especially around the moustache area at least once a week. A goatee looks great on bald men as well so go ahead and flaunt it even if you don't have hair on your head.

4 Grooming Products for Beards

Let us look at some of the great products that you can use to take care for your beard and have all the ladies falling in love with you:

Ayushmann's Beard Care Box

You can buy the Ayushmann's Beard Care Box which is a great kit for complete beard grooming. The brand ambassador of the brand is none other than the stylish Ayushmann Khurrana. The ingredients in the products inside the box are made with essential oils to keep your beard healthy naturally. This box contains:

  • Almond & Thyme Beard Oil (30 ml) for thicker hair. It is packed with vitamin-E to nourish your hair from the roots to the tips.

  • Almond & Thyme Beard Wash (100 ml) to pamper your beard each time you wash it. The earthy scent of the wash will linger on for hours and keep you smelling fresh as well as give you shiny hair.

  • Almond & Thyme Beard Wax (50 gm) to give your beard the nutrients it needs to grow quicker.

You can buy this box for ₹ 1,249.00 from The Man Company for yourself or buy it as a gift for someone you care.

Philips Men Series 1000 USB Charging Cordless Rechargeable Beard Trimmer BT1212/15

A must-have for beard lovers is a good trimmer. You can buy this Philips Men Series Cordless and Rechargeable Beard Trimmer. A product from Philips does not need much introduction. This trimmer comes with 2 beard combs, 1 stubble comb and a cleaning brush. It comes with a 2-year warranty and is available for ₹ 878.00 only on Myntra.

UrbanGabru Beard Oil

Source www.amazon.in

If you want to keep your beard healthy then you will have to use a beard oil and this UrbanGabru Beard Oil is one of the best in the market. It provides the much needed nourishment to your hair and keeps it strong and healthy. It is a lightweight oil which keeps your beard manageable without making it look greasy. Simply rub some of it on your beard and you are done. It is available for ₹ 236.00 on Amazon.

Professor Fuzzworthy New Apple Cider Tonic Beard Shampoo Bar

Source www.amazon.in

The last but not the least is the Professor Fuzzworthy New Apple Cider Tonic Beard Shampoo Bar. Just like you use a specific shampoo for your hair you need a special shampoo for your beard. This is a shampoo bar made with essential oils and free from any chemicals. It has glycerine which keeps the skin soft and is foam-free to avoid any soap residue on the skin. Simply apply it on your beard, rub it and wash it off. You can buy it for ₹ 3,778.00 from Amazon.

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Choose a Beard Style That Suits Your Requirement

Now that you are aware of the most happening beard grooming styles of 2021 it is important for you to choose a style which suits your requirement. Your face cut and the amount of time you are willing to spend regularly on grooming your beard are only some of the critical factors you need to consider before you choose a beard style. We hope you would have loved this BP Guide. Stay connected with us for more such engaging content.