Give a New Look to Your Old Lehenga with a Jacket Blouse! Here are 10 Lehengas with Jackets to Buy Online Plus Ideas to Elevate Your Style (2019)

Give a New Look to Your Old Lehenga with a Jacket Blouse! Here are 10 Lehengas with Jackets to Buy Online Plus Ideas to Elevate Your Style (2019)

India is a land of multitudes of cultures and festivities, occasions to dress traditionally are always around the corner. This time around, create your own style and keep things simple, classic and elegant with lehenga jacket blouse. This detailed guide on every simple lehenga design will help you do just that! Find out which one is the suits you the most!!

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Planning to Wear a Lehenga? Know How to Glam-up Your Lehenga Look!

Colleague's cocktail party? Check. Lehenga? Check. Friend’s wedding and lehenga? Check. Cousin’s sangeet ceremony? Lehengas there. Check.

No one can deny the classic beauty that is the ‘lehenga’ – right from the long and flowy skirt to the intricately embroidered blouse, it is elegant and versatile enough to be worn at your friend’s cocktail party and to glam it up on your friend’s wedding. Besides, why should you limit yourself to wearing this versatile skirt only on fanciful occasions? Please!! You can rock the ‘lehenga look’ as and when you feel like it!!

Don’t you think so, ladies?

Hitching Up Your Lehenga


Bored of wearing the lehenga with the same old style? How about you try something new?

You are blessed with curves, so, why let your lehenga hide them? Opt for the high-waisted lehenga – let the skirt sit snugly above your waist and you will rock the classic ‘lehenga look’ with a twist, we assure you of that!!

Going for an Indo-Western Look

A ‘lehenga’ is such an apparel that you can literally mix and match with any other outfit, and it will still look great.

The summers are fast approaching, and if you are wondering on how can you include the lehenga in your ‘summer look’, here’s how you can do it – instead of going for the heavy lehengas, you can try a simple lehenga, say, of cotton or linen (cotton and linen are breathable fabric, and hence, they are quite a favorite amongst many), and pair them with a cotton shirt or kurta.

Finish off your summer outfit with a chunky necklace, and you are all set to rock the season.

How about Mixing and Matching?

When it comes to mixing and matching outfits, there are very people who tread on this path – if done wrong, it can result in a disaster, but if done the right way, the outfit will speak volumes, thus making you stand out in a crowd.

If you are thinking of the same to do with your lehenga, how about you opt for a long kurta and pair it with a lehenga. If possible, you can try contrasting colours for your outfit – that is sure to get you noticed!!

Say 'Yes' to Layers!!

Have you ever given a thought that you can change the look of your lehenga – instead of opting for a kurta or blouse to pair with a lehenga, you can wear a crop top, the more sleeveless it is, the better it will look.

If, you, however, are not willing to show skin, then, you can wear a well-fitted jacket over your blouse - they work wonders and can transform your boring lehenga look to a gorgeous style statement.

Say, every once in a while, you feel a bit adventurous – in that case, how about you ditch the blouse, and wear just the jacket and lehenga – you will raise the temperature a lot!!

Trying out the Various Styles of the 'Lehenga'

Did you know that there are various ways on how you can style a lehenga? For example – instead of the pining the dupatta to the usual side on the side of your shoulder, how about you try the trick of ‘knotty style’?To do the ‘knotty style’, all you have to do is to take two ends of the dupatta and tie in into a neat little knot, and then, arrange your dupatta in such a way, that the knot falls on your back.

Classy, yet funky at the same time – that’s what this style means!!

10 Lehenga with Jacket and Blouse That Will Look Amazing on Every Woman and Make Everyone Go 'Wow'

Black Lehenga with Blouse & Jacket

Priced at Rs. 40, 500, this piece is brought to you by the renowned designer Jannat under the brand name ‘J’ and can be found exclusively on Aza Fashions.

Coming in the universal colour ‘black’ and in six sizes – ranging from XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL, this piece is a made-to-order designer style and features a floor-length lehenga which is complemented by an embellished waistband along with tassels around the hemline. It also comes with a matching black blouse which is intricately embroidered with gold florals.

To complete the look, this piece comes with a floor-length black sheer jacket, which comes with a decoration of gold tassels.

Mint Lehenga Matched with Green Long Jacket Blouse

Found exclusively on Kalki Fashion, this piece is priced at Rs. 23, 700 and features a floor-length lehenga in the colour‘ mint’ that comes with a matching long jacket with detailed floral works.

Complimented by a round neckline with embellishments, with the jacket in pure velvet fabric, the floor-length jacket features booti work with gold embellishments on both the hemlines.

Coming in universal five sizes, the size of the lehenga can be custom-made, plus this piece also gives you the option to opt for the lehenga, should you choose to go for it, along with an addition Rs. 9,000.

Sea Green and Mustard Yellow Kaftan Jacket Lehenga Set

If you are a big fan of kaftan, then, you are going to love this piece. Brought to you by D’Vibgyor, this piece features a floor-length kaftan jacket in mustard yellow, which is further complimented sea green lehenga along with a matching blouse.

Priced at Rs.19, 900, this piece is very intricately embellished using only sequins and zar, that is done purely by hand.

Wondering about the fabric of the piece?

While the lehenga and the blouse are made of pure chiffon which is finished off with taffeta lining and cancan, the floor-length kaftan jacket is of pure georgette. And the best part is that the set can be made to order too, despite having the universal sizes.

Hand Embroidered Wine Lehenga with Attached Jacket Style Cape

Designed by Anushree Agarwal, this set features a wine-coloured lehenga which comes with a matching hand embroidered pleated top.

While the upper portion of the piece comes with white sequins that are teamed with cutdana embroidery and makes for quite a perfect base for the pipe fringes to add on to the glam statement to the piece.

The lehenga, though plain, is made of raw silk and has embellishment on the waistline, and has a lining of taffeta lining and canacan. The blouse is made of pure georgette with the floor-length jacket-style cape attached to it.

This piece is priced at Rs. 22, 700 and can be found exclusively on Smriti Apparels.

Blue Crop Top & Lehenga with Ivory White Cape

Priced at Rs.13, 970, this piece by the ‘H Label’ is one of its kind. This set itself features a three-piece attire – a crop top, lehenga and of course, the jacket.

The Lehenga and the Blouse come in a winning combination of blue and ivory white colours, that makes it perfect for weddings and parties. While, the crop top is made from blue Bamberg featuring button stitch embroidery on its front body, the lehenga – though of the same colour – has pimp-pom balls that come in a contrast of yolk yellow.

The jacket is of floor-length and is made of pure chanderi, furthermore adding an element of uniqueness to the dress, that has tree scene printed on both the front and the back sides, and all you need is to pair it with handmade bead jewelry to complete the look.

Royal Blue Lehenga with Maroon Cape and Mat Pattern Maroon Blouse: Dabka and Zardozi on Silk

Priced at Rs. 82, 000 and can be found exclusively on ‘Shivali Arora’, this piece features a blue lehenga that is made of pure silk and is adorned with dabka, silk hand embroidery, and golden thread work.

Made painstakingly with the tools of handwork the piece gives a very sultry look. While the blouse is made of strips of silk that are woven into a mesh, the jacket comes with dabka and silk hand embroidery.

If you love contrasting pieces, then this is the one for you – plus, it also helps that the set comes in free size and made-to-order.

Black Printed Jacket Embroidered Lehenga

Priced at Rs. 59, 450, this piece can be found exclusively on ‘India’s PopUp’ and features a plain black lehenga which comes with a matching blouse.

While the lehenga though, it’s plain, is made of pure silk and has an embellished waistline, further complemented by the pure silk blouse and the floor-length jacket, which itself has heavy handmade embellishments.

Plus, it’s good news that this piece can be made-to-order or you can opt for any of the four universal sizes, based on your fit.

Olive Green Lehenga and Cape Set

Priced at Rs.59, 450, this piece can be found exclusively on ‘India’s PopUp’ and features a plain black lehenga which comes with a matching blouse.

While the lehenga though, it’s plain, is made of pure silk and has an embellished waistline, further complemented by the pure silk blouse and the floor-length jacket, which itself has heavy handmade embellishments.

Plus, it’s good news that this piece can be made-to-order or you can opt for any of the four universal sizes, based on your fit.

Grey Bird Embroidered Silk Jacket and Bustier with Leaf Mukaish Net Lehenga

Designed by Payal Singhal, this piece can be found exclusively on her official site, and features a grey net lehenga, with gold mukaish work done in between.

The lehenga is complimented with an equally stunning grey blouse – made of pure silk – and comes in gold leaves’ patterned embroidery. The entire piece comes together with a grey silk jacket, that too has gold leaves’ patterned embroidery.

This stunning piece is priced at Rs. 1, 25, 000 and is available in five universal sizes, though the size can also be customized.

Long Blue Jacket with a Copper Lehenga and Blouse

Brought to you by the renowned fashion designer Krishna Mehta, this piece can only be exclusively found on his official site.

The piece features an antique copper high-waisted lehenga, which is further accentuated by an embroidered antique copper belt. The lehenga comes with an equally gorgeous blouse in bright purple; plus the entire set is complemented by a floor-length jacket of deep navy blue colour with big floral motifs all over the jacket.

The stunning ensemble is priced at Rs. 1, 15, 295 and is available in the five universal sizes.

Tips to Remember When Going for the 'Lehenga' Look

Hah!! At last finally, you have laid your hands on the lehenga that you have been eyeing for quite a while!!

Now, that you have got yourself a lehenga, it’s time to make sure that you look your gorgeous best in a lehenga – it’s time to take a few notes on how you can rock your lehenga like never before!!

Consider Choosing the Right Lining for the Lehenga

If you are planning to buy a lehenga, it’s of utmost importance that you not only choose the right colour for your lehenga, but you should also pay attention to the fabric and the lining of the lehenga. Doing so will complement you lehenga well – since the fabric and the lining of your lehenga will be touching your skin the most, so, it makes sense that they should be of high quality, plus being well-stitched.

If the fabric is going to be prickly or the embellishments of your lehenga are poking you, then, neither will you feel comfortable plus your experience of wearing a lehenga will also go down.

Avoid Over-Accessorizing Your Look!!

Just because your lehenga is pink, it doesn’t mean that you have to match everything with the same. It is recommended that you try to keep the rest of your outfit in neutral colours – say, your clutch or heels. If possible, you can even don contrasting jewelry, say, if you are wearing a red lehenga, then, you can go for that jewelry that has emeralds as their main focus, and opt for footwear that has either beige or gold tones.

  • Wearing a lehenga pretty much means that you have to be prepared to show off a bit of skin – but that doesn’t mean that you will show off too much – the main point is to balance your look.
  • If you are planning to wear a backless choli, then, you can go for a blouse with a high neckline. If your lehenga is low waisted, then, you can keep the blouse a bit longer to balance your look.
  • Also, it’s important to take note of the techniques in your lehenga – don’t try to put many of them in your lehenga, it is best to go for one, and let that style be the focus. If the technique on your lehenga is mukaish, then, focus on that; don’t put other techniques like gota-patti, or even salma-sitara. If your lehenga has one style, then, let that be the focus.
  • And lastly, the motifs – if you have a narrow or petite frame, you can opt for a lehenga that has big motifs, but if not, it is better to go for small motifs, as it will make your frame look slim.

Taking Note of the Details of the Lehenga

If you plan to wear a lehenga that has very heavy embroidery, it’s better to wear very fewer accessories. You may get carried away when you are wearing jewelry to match your lehenga, but it is suggested that you should never over-accessorize when wearing a lehenga that’s very intricately embroidered.

Also, it’s quite important to take note of your dupatta as it completes the entire look – for best results, you can choose a contrasting colour and let it be light and transparent, no matter whether you pin it to your shoulders or drape it over your head.

What to Choose - Dark Colours or Light Colours?


Do you want to look dull and gaudy when wearing a lehenga? Then, don’t wear dark colours during the day. Instead, considering a deep bright colour and mix it along with some light and pastel colours.

Say, for example, if your lehenga is of navy blue colours, you can opt for an aquamarine blouse; a fuschia pink blouse will also work wonders.

Avoid Giving the Wrong Measurement for the Lehenga

And kindly avoid doing this to yourself – because really, it will only make you look bad…later on.

When giving measurement for the lehenga, give a new outfit of yours to reference from – giving an old outfit will only result in dissatisfaction, as you may gain or even lose weight between this time, so, it’s of utmost importance to measure yourself up properly before giving the measurements for an outfits that will flatter you well.

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Simple Hairstyle for Lehenga - Less Is More!

If your lehenga is simple, keep the hairstyle classic too. Wear a messy bun or a fishtail braid as a simple hairstyle for lehenga. Perhaps, let your locks flow with the wind like all the fashionistas. You can style your hair sleek and straight or in playful waves. Accessories are the cherry on top, so choose wisely. If you’re not confident, leave them out entirely. Now that you’re all caught up on how to work the lehenga, go out there and win this style game with confidence.