Check out the Top 10 Tokyo Bike Tours to Discover This Beautiful City in a More Personal and Unique Way (2023)

Check out the Top 10 Tokyo Bike Tours to Discover This Beautiful City in a More Personal and Unique Way (2023)

Cycling during your holiday trip is an extremely innovative and productive way to enjoy your vacation. You not only get to experience the tourist destination more closely, but cycling also prevents you from adding those extra calories. If the destination is so cyclist-friendly like Tokyo then there is nothing more you could ask for. This BP Guide has curated a list of the top-10 bike tours in Tokyo for you to take your pick. Depending on your skill level and the tourist spots covered you can choose the tour which best suits your requirements and make your holiday in Tokyo extremely memorable.

Exploring Tokyo with a Biking Tour!

Tokyo, one of the most populous cities in the world, is continuously buzzing with surprise and excitement. You can enjoy so many things to do and see in this captivating city. The best way to explore the city is to get lost in it, and you can best do this with a Tokyo bike tour. On a normal bike ride through Tokyo, you will see mothers picking up their kids from kindergarten, children going to the park by themselves, retirees out playing Pokémon, teens leaving school, police officers on patrol, employees making deliveries, and tonnes of shoppers — all on bicycles. Thus, it’s even more interesting to choose among the list of curated Tokyo bike tours and get an exclusive chance to pass along the scenic routes than just observing their normal routine. With a list of historical attractions lined up, you can get a glimpse of some of the major tourist spots while also not compromising your fitness regimen.

With a local guide, ride a bicycle through the streets and take in the sights. Explore the city with one of the top 10 Tokyo bike tours we've hand-picked below to take advantage of the outdoors while avoiding the charges and wait periods associated with public transportation.

Top 10 Tokyo Bike Tours You Need to Check Now!

Welcome to Tokyo! Whether you're looking for a leisurely ride through the city's parks or a more challenging trip to take in some of Tokyo's most iconic landmarks, there's something here for all of you. So grab your helmet and let's get started!

3-Hour Tokyo Good Old Bike Tour

Cycling is a great way to avoid the prospect of getting a ramen-induced paunch in addition to being effective. It's a fantastic option to tour the city because it enables you to travel a lot of distance quickly, and let's not forget that it can be a lot of fun. To experience such fun, here’s a 3-hour Tokyo bike your by Magical Trip where you also have the chance to visit the Senso-ji temple and learn their worshipping techniques. It is a tour to explore the old towns of Tokyo through the neighbourhoods of Skytree, Asakusa and Ueno area. The total distance covered will be 12 kms. If you are a bike tour enthusiast over the age of 15 then you can actively participate in the tour. You don't need to bring anything with you on the tour because a bottle of water and bike insurance are also included in the tour cost. This Tokyo bike tour will cost you just US$ 82 (about ₹ 6,700.00) for the duration of 3 hours and its a small group tour.

5-Hour Tokyo Historical Bike Tour through Tokyo Imperial Palace

Look no further if you’re an intermediate level rider and looking forward to explore more of Tokyo’s fascinating attractions! This is a 5-hour guided tour to enjoy Tokyo’s cultural as well as its historical places. You'll get to see the Tsukiji fish market, the Sumo town, "Ryogoku," and the Imperial Palace on this bike trip. Beautiful natural areas and historical buildings can be seen across the expansive area of the royal grounds, which also includes lovely parks and gardens. Firstly, you will head to the Ryogoku city, a famous place for Sumo wrestling. Ryogoku is a neighbourhood in Tokyo's eastern Sumida Ward. Visitors to the area can run into Yukata-clad sumo wrestlers with traditional topknots in the alleys of Ryogoku, which still retains a lot of the old Edo charm. The wrestlers live and train at a variety of sumo-beya (sumo stables) in Ryogoku.

This is a super convenient tour as your guide will meet you at Asakusabashi station to proceed further after a short briefing about the Japanese traffic rules. All in all, the tour starts with learning the Sumo culture at Ryogoku, visiting the famous Tsukiji fish market, and finally cycling to the Imperial Palace. The approximate distance covered during this bike tour is 24 km at a budget-friendly cost of US$ 70 (about ₹ 5,700.00) for the duration of 5 hours. Book this tour on Magical Trip.

Tokyo West-Side Cycling & Food Tour

Long days spent travelling and visiting spots might become tiresome for you. This tour offers for a more intimate encounter and is best for small groups of tourists. You should feel free to ask questions while riding around Tokyo's streets because this tour includes a knowledgeable local guide. Away from the tourist crowds, this small-group cycling tour takes you on an excursion via winding back alleys and riverfront bike trails. You'll stop along the way for lunch in true Japanese style along with some snacks included. This is the ideal time to get acquainted with the city at the start of your visit so that you are aware of where everything is before digging deeper. A maximum of 7 people are allowed in this group tour at a cost of US$ 96.41 (about ₹ 7,800.00) per adult on Tripadvisor and its duration is 3 hours and 30 minutes.

Tokyo Cherry Blossoms Blooming Spots E-Bike 3-Hour Tour

This is an e-bike Tokyo bike tour to experience the precious blooming season across the city. You can easily avail this tour through Tripadvisor at a cost of US$ 63.35 (about ₹ 5,100.00) per adult which allows a maximum of 2 persons in a group. You will get to experience the most delightful tour of many fantastic places in the city with some light exercise thrown in, in addition to seeing the most stunning views of cherry blossoms in both well-known and lesser-known locations. The springtime bloom is a grand display, but it lasts only for 2 weeks until they wither and fall to the ground, falling like snow with the ebb and flow of the winds. Thus, we highly recommend this 3-hour not-to-miss blossom tour worth considering this year!

Tokyo Downtown and Backstreets Bicycle Tour

A guided cycle tour is the best option if you want to cover more ground than you would on a typical walking tour. This is a Tokyo bike tour by Viator to explore Tokyo’s downtown and backstreets. You'll pedal for 4 hours to some undiscovered attractions that few tourists ever see. So, get ready for some workout while taking in the sights and learning more about the Japanese capital. Since this is a private tour at cost of US$ 72.34 (about ₹ 5,900.00) per person, you will get individual attention along the way. Itinerary can also be customised as per your needs. Check Viator now to know where you can meet the guide and proceed further!

Tokyo Great Cycling Tour

Here, Viator presents you an exclusive Tokyo Great Cycling Tour that allows up to a maximum of 12 adults. The tour will cost you US$ 105 (about ₹ 8,600.00) per 2 adults for the duration of 6 hours. Relax in stunning surroundings while taking advantage of top-notch Japanese hospitality. As you travel from the Tsukiji Jogai Market to the Zojo-ji Temple, Meiji Jingu Shrine, and the Imperial Palace in a small group of no more than 12, bike through the city streets like a native while taking in the atmosphere and discovering Japanese history and culture. On this amazing Tokyo bike tour, you are sure to have the best riding and cultural experiences available. Book it on Viator.

1-Day Rural E-Bike Tour in Hida

Hida Furukawa is a serene village with a lovely conserved building area. From the breweries, you can occasionally smell the perfume of sake. You can enjoy the "Satoyama Experience" there. Additionally, you'll come across some genuinely pleasant locals eager to share their culture. The Hida region is also well-known for its sake, which is brewed from premium rice and mountain spring water, as well as for its beef, known as Hidagyu.

To get this premium experience, you can opt for this 1-day bike tour by Tripadvisor that allows a maximum of 6 persons per group. You will also get a chance to learn about their regional rural culture. Moreover, this itinerary includes all the essentials, such as helmets, insurance, lunch, coffee or tea, and snacks. The rich traditions and culture of the Hida region have been preserved for a very long time, as is seen in the day-to-day activities of the local people. The tour costs about ₹ 14,200.00 per person.

Tokyo Central 3-Hours Bike Tour

This Tokyo Central 3-Hours Bike Tour is available on Soshi’s Tokyo Bike Tour. It is an all-in-one bike tour including some of the major highlights of Nihonbashi Bridge, Ginza, Ryogoku Sumo Stadium, Old Ningyocho Town, Imperial Palace, Akihabara, and Hibiya Park at a cost of US$ 62.41 (about ₹ 5,100.00). Let’s learn a little overview of the highlights you will get to visit during this tour!

The best time to visit Ginza is on the weekends in the afternoon when the main Chuo Dori Street is converted into a significant pedestrian area. After the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923, the Ginza developed into an exclusive shopping area. The five Gokaido routes in Japan were then connected at the Nihonbashi Bridge, allowing an ever-increasing flow of people and products into and out of the city that would become Tokyo. Two vast flower gardens in the Western style can be found at Hibiya Park, one with a lot of tulips and a sizable fountain, and the other with roses. The park is home to a number of eateries and a few shops that offer drinks. Ningyocho, which translates to "Doll Town," is a cute tiny area in Tokyo's Chuo ward's Nihonbashi district that has made an attempt to credibly preserve and reproduce a sense of Tokyo's heritage.

Tokyo 3-Hours Private Bike Tour

At an affordable cost of US$ 374.28 (about ₹ 30,600.00) for a group of 6 persons, this is a private Tokyo bike tour you may never want to miss! However, a group of maximum 10 persons only is allowed and US$ 62.35 (about ₹ 5,100.00) is added for each additional person joining the tour. To take the tour, you have to visit their office which is located at 2-6-7, Higashi Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo. Moving further, they will let you decide among the 3 locations for where to start from, namely the central tour, riverside tour, or city tour. Thus, it’s the most customisable tour on our list where you can add visiting places. Moreover, you have the permission to stop anywhere and create beautiful memories with the pictures. So, feel good, feel Tokyo, and get a premium chance to explore their local culture from up-close! Check out more details on Soshi's Tokyo Bike Tour.

Tour of the Setouchi Sea

There are no fewer than 4 UNESCO World Heritage sites in the Setouchi region, which is rich in historical and cultural landmarks, in addition to many more fascinating but lesser known locations nearby. These locations' richness in history and culture will stimulate and awe you, but the journey itself is full of unexpected joys and discoveries that will make you want to learn even more about this enthralling region of Japan. So, without any further ado, let’s connect with this Shimanami Kaido Setouchi Tour available through Bike Tour Japan at a cost of US$ 8,080 (about ₹ 6,60,000.00) for the entire week. If you have this budget and the urge to experience historical Japan for the whole week, go no far than this tour! The itinerary of the tour begins from Onomichi Konnichiwa (200 m), Shimanami Kaido (350 m), Shimanami Kaido Part 2 (600 m), Pilgrim Paths and Forest Roads (750 m), Dogo Historical Onsen (rest day), Tobishima Kaido (500 m), Orange Fields & Turquoise Seas (450 m) and Setouchi Sayonara (200 m). This tour is available for booking on Bike Tour Japan.

Your Ultimate Checklist to Cycling in Japan

  • Learn the Rules of the Road:

    Before you start your bike tour in Japan, it’s important to learn the rules of the road. In Japan, cyclists are expected to ride on the left side of the road and must obey traffic signals and laws. Additionally, you’ll need to be aware of any signs that may indicate a bike lane or bike-only path.
  • Rent a Bike:

    Renting a bike is a great way to save money, especially if you’re planning a longer tour. There are a number of bike rental shops in Tokyo, offering various types of bicycles for rent, including mountain bikes, road bikes and city bikes. Make sure to read the rental agreement carefully before you sign it.
  • Dress for the Weather:

    Make sure you’re dressed for the weather. In the summer months, pack light, breathable clothing such as a cycling jersey and shorts. In the winter, be sure to wear warm clothing, such as a windbreaker and thermal layers.
  • Stay Hydrated:

    Make sure to bring plenty of water and snacks with you as you ride. You may also want to bring a small water bottle and a few energy bars to help keep your energy up during your bike tour.
  • Plan Your Route:

    There are a number of bike routes in Tokyo, ranging from easy, flat routes to more challenging ones. Make sure to plan your route ahead of time so you know where you’re going and how long it will take you to get there.
  • Rules for Cycling in Japan as a Tourist:

    • Obey Traffic Signals: Make sure to obey all traffic signals and laws.
    • Wear a Helmet: It is required by law that all cyclists wear a helmet.
    • Use Lights: It is illegal to ride at night without a light on the front and back of your bike.
    • Be Aware of Pedestrians: Always be aware of pedestrians when riding your bike and give them the right-of-way.
    • Use Bike Lanes: Make sure to use designated bike lanes whenever possible.
    • Follow the Direction of Traffic: Make sure to ride on the left side of the road and follow the direction of traffic.
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Cycling is a Beautiful Way of Discovering Your Holiday Destination

Once you have explored a holiday destination cycling you will realise that it is perhaps the best way to truly appreciate a tourist place. It gives you the opportunity to discover those beautiful scenic spots rarely visited by tourists or to relish the delicious food served in those small, quaint and quirky eating places tucked away in some inconsequential street or alley. We hope this BP Guide would have helped you decide which cycling tour you would like to take on your forthcoming trip to Tokyo. Share your experiences with us and stay connected for more such engaging content.