A Comprehensive Guide on How to Wear Kurtis in Office and Accessorising Them for a Professional Look + Our Top 5 Picks of Kurtis for the Office (2020)!

A Comprehensive Guide on How to Wear Kurtis in Office and Accessorising Them for a Professional Look + Our Top 5 Picks of Kurtis for the Office (2020)!

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Your traditional wear is apt for office when it comes to comfort and also a professional look. Now kurti also joins the bandwagon. With a few choices in pants, leggings and dupattas, you can rock a new look every day with your kurti. Keep reading for a comprehensive guide on how to wear kurtis in office.

Choosing to Wear Kurtis to Office

Modern Indian working women are too busy to don something which will take that extra effort to get prepared every morning. They prefer to keep it simple yet smart. When you are looking for effortless power-dressing but don’t want to slip into those western wears all the time, kurti can be a great saviour. Kurtis have been through a massive revolution in past few years in terms of design, material and cut. So, they are available in every possible colour and pattern to keep your workwear style on the right track. When you decide to choose the right kurtis for your office, you will soon be a proud owner of a wardrobe that houses electric mix of colours, brands and styles to woo your colleagues.

How to Wear Kurtis to Office?

Kurtis have earned huge popularity amongst the young Indian teenagers as well as the office goers as they allow you to play with various colours, styles and materials. In the last few years, designers are giving their best to make this Indian attire a global phenomenon. They are coming with new ideas to keep your style bar up high while ensuring day-long comfort. If you love to flaunt this Indo-Western style to the workplace, then here a few tips on how to do it right.

Wear a Simple, Formal Design Only

The office is never the place to showcase your heavily embroidered dresses. In fact, try to avoid wearing anything that flashes too much of bling or glitz. The best mantra to nail the office look is to wear simple cuts. There are several kurti designs which speak for a classy and elegant style statement. Try to choose kurtis with a simple yoke design or boat neck pattern or with collars. Such designs look amazing and add plenty of gravity to your workwear without any conscious effort from your side.

Choose Formal Colours like Black, Grey, White Etc.

Choosing the right hues to your office is a very crucial factor in order to achieve that perfect look. You can’t afford to be on the wrong side when picking up kurti colours as they somehow represent a part of your personality. We will advise every working woman to choose basic and safe colours like black, grey, white and dark blue. This obviously doesn’t mean that you can not go beyond these hues. Of course, you can but with some great tips. In case, you have fallen for some bright colour, try to balance it by incorporating some earthy colours like grey, brown or khaki.

Pair With Formal Pants or Leggings (Don't Wear with Jeans)

Understand that many working women find great comfort in donning jeans. We also don’t deny that a pair of jeans is surely one of the most comfortable ways to boost the sense of style and enjoying ultimate comfort simultaneously. But you simply can’t wear your favourite pair of jeans with everything, at least not with your office kurtis. Leggings are surely the best friend to your office kurtis but if you don’t want to take the same route as every other lady in the office, you can try pencil trousers or straight pants. They instantly put your office attire ahead of others without hampering the comfort level. Buy a few straight pants or pencil trousers in basic colours like white, black and grey to have a match for every colour scheme.

Wear A-line, Straight Cut or Short Kurtis That Look Formal

Power dressing is not a child’s play. It demands you to choose the colours and style wisely so that you don’t break the corporate dressing code by any means. Nowadays, kurtis are available in multiple designs to flatter every body type. So, it is not a hassle to find various styles but the real struggle is to pick the right style for the workplace. If you have a slender to medium build, then go for A-line and straight cut designs. Women with little tummy can choose the pleated style to draw attention away from the problem area. Short women can depend on short kurtis and fitted pants as they create an illusion of more height to your stature.

Avoid Strappy or Backless Kurtis

We understand that your wardrobe is full of stylish and sexy kurtis but trust us, they are not meant to be worn at your workplace. You will have plenty of amazing opportunities to flaunt those at weddings, birthday parties or friends’ get-togethers but don’t even think of wearing them to office. Avoid wearing strappy or backless kurtis to your work as they don’t go with the corporate dressing etiquettes. If you have to attend a party after the office hour and you have decided to go backless or flaunt a bold look, you should pair your kurti with a jacket or shrug during the office hours.

How to Accessorize with Kurtis in Office?

Wearing a beautiful kurti to your office doesn’t end the process of power dressing right there. It is equally important that you add decent and classy accessories to complete the look. We are sharing a few tips on how to accessorise your office kurtis in a subtle way. These tips are simple yet ensure sophisticated outcomes.

Wear a Simple Dupatta (With no Heavy Design)

Dupatta is an inseparable part of any Indian attire. You can also pair them with your stylish office kurtis without any hesitation but surely with a little bit of attention. Kurtis typically don’t come with dupatta which means you have to think before including them additionally as your power-dressing component. Pick solid colour dupattas made of cotton or light silk. There is no harm if they come with thin jari borders on the sides or small buttas all over them. But remember not to wear heavily embroidered or printed dupattas to the workplace. Always tuck your dupattas with a brooch or safety-pin with the kurtis so that they don’t slip from your shoulder every now and then.

Choose Minimal Jewellery like Simple Stud Earrings or a Single Neck-chain

Dressing for office doesn’t bar you from flaunting those beautifully crafted earrings or neck-chains. You can always pair them with your office kurtis. Just pay attention to the bling you want to add to your office look. Too many peppy colours or glitz is not at all accepted when you are heading for the workplace. It is best to keep your selection limited to simple earrings or studs for ears. To accentuate the neck area, you can pick up a simple neck-chain with a small pendant. Oxidised and silver jewellery are great choices to enhance your office look.

Pair with Formal Heels or Sandals

If you are not so happy with your short build, there is nothing to get heartbroken. Heels are here to give your height a significant lift. Smart and sleek heels do wonders when paired with kurtis. Heels not just add elegance to your overall dressing but also improve your posture to reflect a strong personality. You can wear small heels or kitten heels to the office when flaunting kurtis. Heels also help you to gain better body balance. Just like heels, sandals can be paired with office kurtis. Several impressive sandal styles can be chosen to flaunt in office. Open-toed sandal designs look more beautiful when paired with kurtis.

Wear a Watch or a Simple Pair of Bangles

Most Indian women don’t prefer to keep their hands empty. Be it their workplace or home, they like to add some hand accessories all the time. Wear a classic watch or flaunt a pair of bangles to slain your Indo-western look for the office. We will recommend you to choose a little large dialled watch to match the corporate dressing style. When it comes to bangles, it is better to choose solid colours. Golden or silver bangles looks amazing with office kurtis. Avoid bangles with heavy design or peppy colours. Simple and sleek bracelets are also good to add charm to your overall office look.

Don't Overdo Your Hair

Hairstyling is undoubtedly an important part to play with your look. You can try several types of fancy hairstyles to showcase your impeccable sense of style. But about styling at the office? The answer is “Keep it simple.” Don’t overdo your hair when heading for the office. It not just saves lots of your time and energy in the morning but also keeps your styling free of anything over the top. You must comb your hair properly before trying any hairstyle. A neat ponytail or low bun looks beautiful with office kurtis. In case, you have short hair, you can hold them in place with the help of hair clips. Never use any flashy hair accessory while dressing for the office.

Top 5 Kurtis Online That You Can Wear to Work!

When you are all set to revamp your office wardrobe with some beautiful kurtis, you should not leave any stone unturned. But what about those long hours hopping from one shop to another in search of perfect kurtis? Can you afford that? If not, then online shopping is the best way to keep shopping hassle-free. We have here made an impressive collection of beautiful kurtis which are hard to miss. Each of them is pretty affordable with amazing style and ultimate comfort.

Melange Embroidered Three-quarter Sleeves Kurta

When you can’t decide which colour to pick for office, you can trust the white. This hue never goes wrong when it comes to power dressing. This white round-neck kurti features Chikankari embroidery all over the body. A small slit in the front makes this attire even more alluring and classy. This straight and regular-fit piece comes with side slits and ¾ sleeves. Pair it with any bright coloured salwar or straight pants and get ready to flaunt a suave office look all through the day. This kurti is crafted from pure cotton which allows your skin to breath freely. You can order this kurti from Lifestyle Stores at a price of INR. 559.

Gerua Women Grey Solid Straight Kurta

This grey kurti from the house of Gerua is certainly an amazing option for working women. This three-quarter sleeved kurti comes with a straight fit design and a straight hemline. The front side of the kurti features a button open placket which makes it a good piece to fit the office environment. Rolled up sleeves of the kurti is held up with a button strap. Mandarin collar is aptly paired with long side slits and a front slit near the knee. This cotton made product is ideal for Indian summer and is available at Myntra with a price tag of just Rs. 461.

Anahat Handblock Jaipuri Print Cotton Kurta

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Hand-block printed kurtis are very much in trend and they can solve your struggle to balance colour and comfort at the workplace without violating the corporate dressing norms. This 100% cotton made piece is dotted with Jaipur hand-block prints with a hint of green, blue and indigo. Three-quarter sleeves of the kurti feature a dual-toned printed border. This round neck kurti gives a straight fit and you can pair it with straight pants or matching leggings to complete the look. Open-toe sandals or kitten heels will look great with this white kurti. This elegant piece can be ordered to your home from Ajio site with a payment of Rs. 1,100.

Rangriti A Line Cotton Kurta

Here is another unbeatable kurti design form Rangriti. This pure cotton kurta features a woven texture in a beige tone. Small geometric straight lines run all over the kurti which is very subtle but hard to miss. This full-sleeved kurti flaunts a rounded hemline and thick black piping along the neckline. You can own this piece at just Rs. 559 by placing an order at Rangriti.

Light Blue Pure Cotton Kurta

Last but not least comes a ravishing and stylish piece from Janasya. This elegant cotton-made kurti comes in a beautiful light blue tone. It features a high neck, straight fit and ¾ sleeves along with deep side slits. Monochrome tassels at the bottom make it outstanding office wear. Order it from Nykaa website for just Rs. 697.

From our editorial team

Bonus: Do's and Don'ts When Choosing Formal Kurtis

Kurti is the apparel of choice when it comes to formal wear. The comfort it offers is unparalleled to any other workwear. However, you need to keep the following in mind when you choose a kurti for work.

The neckline should be any of the classic patterns like the round neck, closed neck, v neck, and collar neck. Avoid low necklines and halter necks. The same way quarter sleeve, half sleeve, three-fourths, full sleeve and cap sleeve are acceptable. Sleeveless depends on the workplace but what's not acceptable is the spaghetti straps or anything fancy. Make sure they fit just about right. Tight dresses are uncomfortable and loose garments give a gauche look. Don't skimp on the dupatta as well. You can also go with scarves.