Want to Do Your Part to Buy Eco-Friendly Products(2022)? 10 Eco-Friendly Products to Make Your Life a Little Greener.

Want to Do Your Part to Buy Eco-Friendly Products(2022)? 10 Eco-Friendly Products to Make Your Life a Little Greener.

Going green is a trend and a choice of lifestyle that millions of people are now adopting. To support this, we’ve created a comprehensive list of sustainable products and tools for the home that will improve your waste-saving strategies and overall quality of life.

The Necessity of Eco-Friendly Products

All the efforts you put in during this adventure point to the same goal, saving the environment. Becoming nature-friendly and changing your place with eco-friendly products for home helps in reducing carbon emissions. You eventually are preventing pollution, waste generation, wastage of electricity, and climate change. You are doing this by upcycling the materials, following the 3 R’s, walking, and surrounding yourself with eco-friendly products.

10 Ways to Become Eco-Friendly

The 3 R's

The 3 R’s as we know are reuse, reduce, and recycle. Adapting them will significantly change the surroundings and if possible, try making others adopt the same habit. “Reduce” is to means lowering waste generation by fully utilizing the things. “Reuse” is to use things in your house or around you that still have a functioning left. Last is to recycle items like plastic, glass, paper, etc. following. This chain will have a positive impact on the environment and having or making eco-friendly products for the home will add a boost to it.


You must’ve heard that walking helps in saving the environment. Walking not only improves your health as it’s a simple exercise but also saves fuel. Try walking to a nearby grocery store instead of riding your bike or car. You can do the same for your office if it’s near your home. This will reduce harmful emissions and carbon footprint. If not possible then, try using public transport or carpooling. Such ways will promote the betterment of your health and the environment.

Think Before You Buy

We all buy things a lot more than needed and we don’t notice it. Also, if you are an impulse buyer then, you should be more cautious with what’s on your list. The list can have tonnes of things ranging from foods to household appliances, and furnishing to electronic items. So, try revisiting it, you will find certain items that you already have and aren’t that important. So, get only those things that you will be needing. Plus, try looking for the one with the least packaging. This way, the carbon footprint will be reduced and you will be taking a step ahead in greenery.

Revisit the Used Ones

We all have things that aren’t usable anymore but that doesn’t mean that you should dump them. This is the moment to use your creativity or use the internet. There are tonnes of crafting ideas you can use and make something new out of those items or at least redesign something. The items can be plastic bottles, toys or their parts, sticks, pipes, etc. this will not only help you make something useful but also reduce the emissions. The most common among the list of eco-friendly products would be to use of water bottles for plants.

Be Energy Efficient

You must have heard that you should unplug the devices when not in use but some of us just switch off. You should know that plugging allows the flow of electric current. A fun fact, drying your clothes on a clothesline will help you save a lot more energy than drying them in a machine. It’s obvious but sunlight and fresh air keep your cloth material just as good. This is an easy and a good starting step for you to become an eco-friendly person.

Reduce Meat

Good news for vegetarians as they already are following this rule. Consuming meat and harm to the environment are directly proportional. You may ask why? The reason is that you order a piece of meat but before it’s presented to you, it’s been processed under machinery and goes under process to make it's quality better. During this, methane and nitrous oxide are released which are greenhouse gases that aren’t good for the environment. You should start by reducing your meat and if you think, going green would make things better.

Recyclable Clothes

Recycling is a great method to save the environment. Currently, brands have shifted on this for clothes as well. If you look at any of your clothes you’ll find that the material is a blend of cotton and polyester. You’ll find the polyester composition to be between 20%-35%, the higher the harmful. The reason you should recycle your clothes or buy such clothes is that polyester takes around 200 years to break down or decompose. Also, when we wash these clothes, some microfibres get out of them which eventually reach the ocean and then, the animals. Recyclable clothes may not be new but they’ll provide almost the same feeling.

Grow Green

We all have watched cartoons where the main character is watering the plants or growing veggies and we wished we would do the same. Why not make it a reality? You don’t have to get a big place for it, some small plant pots will also do. Also, you have the organic compost from your kitchen so, not much to worry about. Plus, growing your veggies and cooking has a different taste actually, better. You can get a plant of tulsi which is also known for cleaning the air and removing toxins. So, you should go green by growing green.

Donate or Get Second Hand Stuff

You can save a lot of money by purchasing second-hand items. There are many websites that connect such people. You can meet the person and look at the item, like it? Get it. You may not know but it has a great positive impact on carbon footprint. The same is applicable to donations, you can give out the things that aren’t useful for you but maybe for someone else. Or you can exchange items for something useful for you and pay the difference if needed. This way everyone wins and everyone’s happy.

Join Groups

If you seriously want to help save the environment, you can join certain combat groups you can approach. The combined individual efforts can have a huge impact and with time, the group can have innovative ways to tackle the issues. Plus, gathering more people will eventually act as referrals and convert your team into a big one. These groups and participants in it will be majorly responsible for our mother Earth.

10 Eco-Friendly Products That Will Help You Save Environment

Eco-Friendly Chairs and Table

Source www.amazon.in

Picture this, a Sunday morning, the perfect time to enjoy it with your significant other over a cup of tea in the garden or porch. What’s missing is a table and 2 chairs. We’ve got it for you. This Set is perfect in size and matches the outside green environment. The material is very durable, waterproof, comfortable, and rustproof. Hence, checking all the boxes to make it the suitable one. Also, there’s low maintenance, and a simple soapy wash every 2 months will bring it back. You can add this set to your list of eco-friendly products for Rs.16,500.

Vegetable Storage Bags

Source www.amazon.in

Grocery shopping happens often so, you should get a set of cotton bags or jute bags to carry them instead of getting a plastic bag every time. So, we’ve got you a set of 6 cotton bags. Cotton bags are stronger than plastic bags and can contain more weight as well. They are durable and biodegradable, hence, one of the good eco-friendly products for the home. The set of 6 Cotton Bags is yours for Rs.415.

Coconut Scrubs

Cleaning utensils are a part of our daily jobs. We get scrub pads from supermarkets but forget that they are made of toxic chemicals which can damage them. Hence, Coconut Scrub Pads come to the rescue. They are biodegradable and eco-friendly which makes them the right choice. The coconut scrubs are more durable and stronger than the plastic sponges and don’t leave any scratches behind. You can add the set of 5 scrub pads to your list of eco-friendly products for Rs.199.

Jewellery Organizer

We Indians often collect a lot of jewelry simply because we have a lot of occasions to wear them. Hence, one will be needing an organizer to manage them. So, this wooden jewelry box will help you just for that. The stylish look and design can catch anyone’s eyes and have good space. You get 3 levels of space which with a good finishing touch to it. It can be considered as one of the decent eco-friendly products for the home. The Jewelry Organizer is yours for Rs.599.

Wall Hanging Planter

Having plants in your house is a good thing. They add beauty to the house. So, why not get this wall-hanging planter? Yes, it’s made of thick bamboo which provides it with a decent look. Plus, it’s a set of 2 so, you can choose the places whether to keep them inside or outside. The cylindrical planter has a design engraved in it which enhances its looks. Furthermore, as it's made of Bamboo, you can get assured that it’s eco-friendly. You can get this eco-friendly product for your home for Rs.1,450.

Thenga Combo Set

Source wudbox.in

For the ones who don’t know, Thenga means coconut in Kerala. And as it’s a common thing to find, it can be a great item for the list of eco-friendly products. It’s made from natural coconut shells and is pure. You can wash it with soap or water to maintain its quality. Plus, it’s perfect to serve cold or room temperature food so, serving salads would look impressive in it. You get 4 bowls of 150ml, 200ml, 450ml, and 700ml. This beautiful Set of Bowls is yours for Rs.1,099.

Wooden Toothbrushes

Source wudbox.in

Brushing teeth is a part of our daily routine. Plastic brushes may be good but are harmful to the environment. So, why not get wooden ones? Right, these wooden toothbrushes are safe for the environment and are as good as the plastic ones probably better. They are naturally antibacterial, are biodegradable, and the bristles are made of the same material as well that including corn fibres, etc. the bamboo handle has a great finish which also provides a good grip. The set of 5 Eco-Friendly Products for the home is yours for Rs.383.

Eco-Friendly Pencils

Source www.amazon.in

Why have use and throw pencils when you can have use and grow ones? Exactly, if you have children at home, you should add them to your list of eco-friendly products. The use is simple, use it till gets short and then, plant them with its back inside where the seeds are. You’ll be planting a flowering plant that promotes healthy life. This can be a great way to make your children start an initiative. The Set of 50 pencils is yours for Rs.550.

Wooden Cutting Board

Source www.amazon.in

Cutting boards help in chopping or dicing veggies or fruits quickly. Having a wooden one makes things even better, how? They won’t let the liquid spill on the counter when you cut tomatoes, etc. instead it’ll absorb it. Plus, it won’t damage the sharpness of the knives you use. Furthermore, simple warm water with soap wash will make it just as new again. Also, the high-quality bamboo will resist scratches and warping. This Wooden Cutting Board will be at your doorstep for Rs.399.

Wooden Lamp Shade

Source www.amazon.in

We all have extra or backup bulbs at our home but wouldn’t it be great to use them in a better style. This Cane Lampshade will make it look like you’re at a beach house. It comes with a holder and a wire, and it’s a set of 2. If you’re looking for some décor then, you should add it to your list of eco-friendly products for the home. Have them at your ceiling for Rs.1,099.

Advantages of Being Eco-Friendly

Improves Health

Getting eco-friendly products for home tend to improve your health as you take care of your surroundings. For instance, getting plants in your house provides a better and healthier environment inside which directly affects your health positively. Also, avoiding the use of plastics improves not only your health but others around you.

Low Maintenance

When you stop depending upon artificial things and head towards eco-friendly behavior, you’ll start noticing these changes which include low maintenance. For instance, you can look at the products listed above and compare them with the ones you have, you’ll find the difference. Hence, you should start making a list of eco-friendly products and live a healthier life.

Less Energy Consumption

You must’ve looked at the selling of electric cars and bikes around you. You should know that price of electricity is very cheap as compared to fossil fuels like petrol and diesel. Plus, there are no carbon emissions and less power consumption. Furthermore, energy derived from solar panels is a source of renewable energy apart from coal or oil.

Saves Environment

All the efforts you put in during this adventure point to the same goal, saving the environment. Becoming nature-friendly and changing your place with eco-friendly products for home helps in reducing carbon emissions. You eventually are preventing pollution, waste generation, wastage of electricity, and climate change. You are doing this by upcycling the materials, following the 3 R’s, walking, and surrounding yourself with eco-friendly products.

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Eco Shops Save Your Morals

Shopping from the eco store protects your morale as such items have not been tested on animals. Such products are manufactured by local manufacturers, so you don't have to worry about unfair working conditions. Instead, you have the opportunity to support small startups. Eco-friendly products are not made under bad conditions.